DAILY CHAT  WEDNESDAY     11/07/2012

Good morning all you super people.,

I hope you are feeling fine and ready for another smokefree day.

I have just been rubbing my eyes, as I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, it is actually blue sky and sunshine here in yorkshire. 8-) How long this will last We will have to wait and see. May go out for a ride into the dales later.

Whatever you are up to today , enjoy yourself and stay positive.

catch up later. :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    Yup, same here although the blue sky looks like it's heading east and being replaced by grey sky from the west. Have to make the most of any decent weather today cos the doom and gloom merchants are forecasting the end of the world again tomorrow! :o

    I was putting the rubbish out last night and realised that it's now 10 weeks since I stopped smoking! The sleeping's still a bit hit and miss - a couple of quite good nights then back to waking up every couple of hours or so.

    Last night I put the radio on and they were talking about giving up smoking. Not sure how much I'd missed but they were stressing at the time how the average person who gave up smoking put on 10lbs in weight during their first year. So all of us out there who know about this and have been stressing about it - I say don't, because it's much more important to be smoke-free than a few pounds oveweight. We then tackle that by being more active and stopping putting the rubbish in our mouths, as well as reducing the quantities. After all, stopping smoking is all about having a healthier lifestyle - isn't it? :)

    On that note, I'd better get out of here and go to my spinning class. :D :D

  • Ooh! that is really spooky, I too couldn`t sleep and listened to the radio about smoking. Sure we`re not related somehow. :O

    when I did manage to sleep the odd hour I was having nightmares. Been better off helping Pete on his night shift. ha ha. :D

    well love see you later after your spinning. :)

  • Back already, felt a bit dizzy so came straight home after to do my other exercises. :X I think it was cos I had a cup of coffee earlier and don't usually or I just have a mini taster.

    How spooky - was that the American slot on Radio 5 Live? :o

  • Yes it was weird.

    Looks like the pc gremlins are out again, :X taken me 2 times to reply to you.

    see you later on. x

  • Good Morning :-)

    Sorry I didn't quite make it into the daily chat yesterday, but you folks seem to be supporting each other quite well :-)

    I think the sleeping pattern is a funny thing when stopping smoking. One minute you are laying there, wide awake and thinking how 'not tired' you are, or that you just can't seem to sleep. Next minute, you wake up and feel like you have had the best sleep in the world, you look at the time and then realise that you've only been asleep for about an hour! :-/

    With regards to the average person putting on around 10lbs per quit, please remember that this is as it says, the average person. More than likely the person who hasn't factored into their quit attempt the possibility for 'picking at the wrong stuff'. If any amount of weight is gained, then this will usually even itself out over time. Before eating, think about whether or not you are just picking at snacks etc. for something to do, or are you actually hungry...?

    Hope you are feeling okay Andi, and this dizziness passes. I love the way you can measure your length of time of being smokefree by when you put your bins out :-)

    Jillygirl, both Claire and I have got into the habit of either copy and pasting our posts before posting, or typing it out onto a word document first and then pasting it... Just so we don't lose what we have posted. Not sure why we keep losing our posts in the first place though! How is your cough today? I notice that you mention it from time to time and was just wondering what type of cough it seems to be. It may be worth letting your doctor know about it as it seems to have been going on for some time now so lets get to the bottom of it :-)

    How funny that you both woke up and listened to the radio show talking about smoking :-)

  • Hi Emjay, Will muck about with the posts etc. see how I go. As for my cough its just a dry tickly cough bit like cattarh but cant cough anything up. Doc checked my chest last time and said it was clear. will mention it again on the 18th. Tried steam to clear it but all that does is bring me out in spots. :(

    Never mind it`s just annoying thats all.

    lovely your back on site. say good morning to Claire. back soon.

  • Morning all - 5 weeks and 1 day!!! I've put on a bit of weight but I don't care as I was'nt overweight to begin with and would sooner be a little bit heavier than smoking!! Have a lovely day everyone (I've got the post holiday blues)!!

    Dawn x

  • hi dawn , glad your ok altered the 7 to 5 on yesterdays post. i was having a senior moment. :D Have a great day.

  • Hey Dawn, but you have lovely memories which will hopefully encourage you to get your next little breakaway booked... ;-)

    5 weeks and 1 day, that's fantastic :-) What improvements have you noticed? :-)

  • lots - skin, breathing, energetic most importantly huge improvement on my finances...lol!

    Dawn x

  • I've just found the following article:


    It may be a bit in depth in some part but if you read the general abstract part, then you may find it quite interesting... :-)

  • Read a bit but got a bit mind-boggled by it so had to give up! :o

    Haha - give up - get it? :|

  • Have put on about 2 - 21/2 kilos so far. Keep trying to eat less - no problem during the day, it's the evenings that get me. Also blaming the weather because it's supposed to be summer and I should be out cycling, gardening and walking. The running was supposed to help but in view of my weak calf this keeps putting me back (also with some of the other activities) so I'm finding it a bit depressing cos I can't seem to move forward at the moment. :(

  • It does get you a bit like that, that's why it's best just reading the abstract :-/

    Like your pun!

  • what a good site. will carry on reading this later. thanks Emjay.

  • That was really interesting,I only read the abstract part..and the charts/graphs at the bottom..

  • Morning all

    Hope everyone is well..

    on the weight thing.. I hear people say it all the time as it being one of the reasons that makes them think twice about quitting.. At my appointment last night my adviser asked me did I think I put on weight as apparently I look healthier!!! hmmmmm!!!!

    I probably have put on weight,infact i know i have as I can feel it around my tummy..but on the flip side to that.. Ive got so much more energy to walk the dogs or just go out for a walk on my own.. I dont have to take my inhalers all the time. so if I put on more weight which I'm hoping I wont but realistically the way I have been this last week i think its inevitable I will have to make more of an effort to loose it. but I would rather be smoke free.

    Andi .. I really think your on the right track with the weather, my partner has been says the same.. hes a trainer and he always puts on weight over the cold months as hes not as active as he is during the warmer months..

  • Hi Twiggy! Oh sorry Lisa-jane. :D So glad everything is going ok with you and your advisor. Like you say better not to smoke than put a bit of weight on.

    Thats my next question for the docs when I see him, as I dont know if I am overweight or not. Last time he said I was borderline. :O

    Anyway least not smoking. :)

  • Hiya Lisa, cor, you're lucky having a trainer for OH - does he help you out? (Picture it - 'Down on the floor woman - 30 press-ups!' etc. etc.) hehehe! :D :D

    You're lucky that you have the dogs which makes you get out for a walk. :)

  • Well I'm not sure either way.. Being ex army it doesn't go well when I stand and pout in the hope he will quit his " tips" personally i see them more as nags!! But hey I'm a slacker right now..... And might I say a very proud one too haha although he does appreciate that I'm quitting..and I'm sure he will work out a really gruelling plan for me once I'm off NRT.

    But yes having the dogs does defo help.. Gets me out . However 2 of them won't walk in the rain and since most of the time it's chucking it down we are doing about a 2 miles not the 7 as I've been nagged at to do!!

    So humm lucky... I will let you know soon!!

  • Who's the ex-army? you or him? hehehe!

    Afriend of mine had a dog once that wouldn't go out in the rain - she ALWAYS amazed everybody how long she could cross her legs for! :o

  • He is!! If I was Id make him suffer!!

    Jubi will go for a wee but you literally have to coax him outside.. Missy forget it you open the back door she sees the ran looks up with a face like "really" she will go all day but as soon as it stops she's sprinting outside faster than you can say usain bolt!!

  • Afternoon everybody :-)

    Wowser, where has today gone?! The time is just flying by and I cannot believe we are midway through July already!

    Lisa-Jane, I bet you felt well chuffed when your Advisor told you how healthy you looked :-)

    I'm away home now but will pop on later :-)

  • Hi Emjay , hope your home now. done Pete another ditty. tried to put another pic on but couldnt manage it. I am sure pete knows what meringue looks like. .:D

    see you later.

  • Aup Jillygirl - ave you ad a quiet day to dream that poem up? I think it's one of your best! :D :D

  • Well after her said I looked healthy.. He did mention something very quietly that my cheeks were filling out!! ( I do hope he ment on my face hehe!!) so I think he was trying to be polite!!

    But I had lost some weight before I quit, so if I put it back on again... I can still fit into my same clothes!!

    Way I see it if I can quit smoking I can quit chocolate later!!!

  • That's the best way to look at it I know - just like everyone else I'm fed up with the weather, compounded with being alone it's sometimes very difficult to get up any enthusiasm to shift myself. :o

  • This weather is just a joke and I know it's certainly not helping me.. My get up go has got up and gone and it's making it's way to my kitchen as we speak!!


    Tried to post 3 times to Betts and first 2 crashed on me!!!!! :P

  • Andi , it took me 2 goes to post to betts. told you those gremlins are after me and you. :X

  • PETER, PETER!!! Are you in yet? Your dinner's ready!!!

  • Give him 15 mins. then will just have to ring him at work. ( How they hate that , "told you before dont ring me at work unless its urgent") :D

    Suppose will have to put the oven on low. and warm the bath up. MEN! never here when you want em.

  • I will call back in about 15 see if he`s home yet. Bet we just sound like his mother nagging on. Ha ha. :D

  • I have a feeling the time is now choc o'clock! :o :D

  • Hi all, am here now sorry for being late, flippin been busy today, we had the health and safety around at work, gosh she's got a list as long as your arm !!!!

  • It sounds like you are all having a nice smoke free day, and keeping busy yourselves :) :)

    Pete :) rite i will go and have a look what i have got for did-dins tonight

  • Glad you like your dinner. Hope your getting paid overtime for all these hours you put in. going to sign off now. Now I know your safely home. ( sound like your mom now hehe) see ya tomoz . luv ya xx

  • Hey Jillygirl, just love it gal, and you toooooooo, i hope you sleep better tonight, and thank you for everything :) good night xx

    Pete :)

  • Well Pete, over halfway through the week now, you can start looking forward to the weekend from here on. :) You can enjoy being at work tomorrow with the weather that's supposed to be being thrown at us - not sure if it's supposed to be that far north though! :P If not, enjoy your sunshine and pop out at lunchtime for an ice cream.

    I'm off soon too so I'll say nite nite to everybody and sleep well. :)

  • Andi i really do hope you have a good nights sleep tonight gal :) :)

    Good night to you tooooo gal xx

    Pete :)

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