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DAILY CHAT / THURSDAY / 26/07/2012

DAILY CHAT /  THURSDAY / 26/07/2012

Good morning . :)

I hope everyone slept well and feeling fine today.

The weather is overcast today and humid here in yorkshire. However it is`nt raining. :)

The piccy today is to remind everyone about secondhand smoke and the effects it has.

It was when I mentioned about pet sitting yesterday that I thought it must effect them too.

Poor little things they are helpless from us smokers,(now ex smokers) I am sure there are plenty of other reasons to stop, but this is one I never thought of.

Hope you all enjoy today. will see you soon. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl, yeah same here gal, :( overcast, but quit fresh and dry at the moment :) just luv the pic gal - yeah mannnn - groovy

Emjay wrote a blog about pets and second hand smoke, been searching for it, and i have put it on the questions bit :) so if you want a look Jillygirl, i tell you it opens your eyes, cus you dont think about your pets and second hand smoke do you !!!! :(

I hope that you are feeling alright today Jillygirl, dont know where that flippin Andi is again, bet she's overlaid again, will have to have a word with her i see!!!! :D :D

See you in a bit, just going to write a blog

Pete :)


Morning Pete, Will have a look at the post about pets. not seen that one before. thank you. Years ago We used to have a dog, and all of the family smoked poor thing it must have been awful. Makes you feel guilty doesnt it.

Anyway you take care of yourself, and be careful what you say to andi, she will get her revenge he he. Prob out this morning pt on thursdays isnt it?

See you later. luv ya. xx :)


Good morning everyone, the weather is the same here, at least no rain today :) I remember that blog about pets, it really opened my eyes, I'd never thought of that either.

How you doin Jillygirl, getting a rest from the pets today, I still have my daughters cat till she moves into her new flat, the sooner the better :D Have a great day :)

Pete are you feeling better today, I hope things are a bit easier for you today on the non smoking front, I get days like that as well sometimes but I know if i stick it out it will pass, i just go and punch something :D :D hope you have a great day :) i'm going to get breakfast now will chat later Susan :)


Morning Sue, Got budgie until the 10th . They call him Bertie, I keep calling him bertie bassett. It will Probably start saying that soon. How much longer is it before your daughter gets her flat. Bet yoou still end up looking after her cat. Thats what mums do . :)

Talking of punching something when you get a craving etc., I usually take it out on my ironing. Actually got a bit of a pile of ironing at the moment so must be doing pretty well this week. :O

Have a lovely day. Catch up later. xx :)


Good orning everybody on this beautiful, sunny morning! 8-) Who needs the med in the summer when we get this weather?

Pete, wondering what I'm doing when I get 'overlaid'? :o

Sue, did you finish emptying the bedroom yesterday? Have you got a spare room you've moved into as that sure makes life a lot easier. :)

Jilly, hope you're not checking your oven every 5 minutes. :D If you're a bit short of ironing, please feel free to come down and do mine if you want. I got the ironing board out at the weekend and it's still there! :o Must do it soon as I'm running out of tshirts again. :D


Hi Andi, your right cooker alarm driving me mad. He`s very clever at it , but does get on your nerves.

When I get really frustrated yeah i will do everyones ironing.

Yes I wondered what Pete meant by over. laid :O

Still waiting for the sun to appear here

See you soon..


Hi Jillygirl I'm glad you have a big pile of ironing, shows your great, you can come do mine after you've dome Andi's, i hate ironing :D :D gonna make sure my daughter takes the cat, i'll take it down to her :D i love cats but he is so annoying at times, he doesn't leave me alone, you'd think i had a fish in my pockets :D need to go feed him now, will chat later :) xx

Hi Andi the weather is getting better here, the sun is coming out now :) love it, everyone feels so much better when the its sunny and warm, unfortunately i don't have a spare room i can use, it's still full of my daughters stuff that she still has to go through, not too bad though, as long as i have a bed to sleep in i'm happy :) need to go know, have a lovely day :)


Good Morning :-)

It has been absolutely teaming it down here all night, but I can now see the sun popping it's lovely head out from behind the clouds :-) It must have felt like a bit of a lie in this morning :-)

All this talking about ironing, I tend to iron as I go along :-) as soon as I've washed my clothes I either fold them and put them away or hang them up (Obviously after they've dried :-/ )

Jillygirl, you'd be surprised how much smoking affects pets, especially budgies too. If you think about how many pensioners may live in a small flat and the only pet that they have room for may be a budgie. Lung cancer can be quite common in birds. I found a great article once about the effects of smoking on birds, it was mainly about parrots and budgies. Really interesting though :-) I've just checked your quit date and you are fast approaching another month :-) How exciting is that then? :-)

Andi, glad to hear you are having another day of enjoying the sunshine. Completely smokefree too, you are doing fantastic :-)

Pete, how are things for you today then? Hope work didn't grind you down too much. Today is a brand new fresh day :-) lets see if we can help it pass as smoothly and as smokefree as possible. You also have another milestone coming up to celebrate so lets get you home and dry :-)

Sue, I love how you have stayed completely smokefree and remained as positive as possible after losing your lovely Pops. I really admire you and as I said the other day, it really is good to have you back :-)

Big hello's out there to everybody else. I hope you are all doing okay. If anybody has any questions, worries or concerns about setting a quit date or staying stopped, please let us know and we'll do all we can to help you. If you want to share how your stopping smoking journey is going, please feel free to blog about it :-)

Have a lovely day everybody. Speak soon :-)


Hi Emjay hope your having a great day, I knew i could have a problem with staying off the piggies so i wrote down a list of everything i'd miss if i died prematurely, a death in the family focuses your mind that way, it does seem a bit bad maybe but it helped to keep me on track, if i felt a craving coming on i got out my list and looked it over, it's just not worth missing out on all your life for a white stick, still have the list just don't need to use it just now :)


Just put a challenge on for everyone. However if Pete wins he will have to have a cuddle from Nora Batty. he he. :D


Sue your in the lead . :D

going out after tea so will check in later.. :)


Sue just thought dont post your answers until sunday or you will get copy cats. :P


Never thought of that Jillygirl :D x


Shall I save them, delete them from here and keep them safe (and a secret then?)



Yes please . now your clever. :P


All done :-)

I'm away from work now, collecting my lovely niece and nephew to take them to karate. I'll pop on a bit later and see how everyone is :-)


just had a lovely walk round the local tarn. but my heel is hurting now so going sit with a cuppa and work on the challenge. Cant wait for andi and Pete to start. :D

call back later. :)


Good evening all. Had a bit of a busy time the last couple of days as had to cram in as much time as possible on the beach! 8-) (I don't even wear sunglasses :D )

Yesterday was incredible! It was like all the world and his wife headed for the beach to soak in the sun. There were traffic jams all over and trying to park was very - er - trying! I had a foreign student with me who stayed last year and by the time we got to a beach I was on plan K! :o :D Leaving was almost as bad then in the evening planned fish and chips overlooking the sea was the same plan as everyone else. All the chip shops had queues outside and this was at 8 o'clock! Got some in the end and found a bench with an amazing view! Good time had by all. :) Today was back to my normal beach with a couple of mates - the only place to be on days like these with being able to cool off in the sea. Bliss!! :D :D Tan starting to build nicely but weather set to change tomorrow - nice while it lasted. :)

ps both mates smoking today (roll-ups) but I wasn't bothered or tempted in the least - I just don't do it any more. We were having discussions about it and I am just so amazed at myself that I do not feel tempted and they enjoy their smoking and at the moment have no inclination to even think about giving up. :|


Hi Andi glad you've had such a good couple of days :) and it's brilliant that you weren't bothered by your friends smoking, way to go :), so happy for you, you must feel amazing, and so proud of yourself :), i know we are all proud of you :), have a great night :) xx


HI ANDI, sounds like you have enjoyed yourself, well done with your willpower. You surely are a NON smoker now. :) I remember when I smoked feeling like your friends did not interested in quitting. I think you have to decide for yourself dont you. Have a lovely night. see you tomoz. Oh I hope you have sent the sun up here. not really tried to shine here. :(

P.s have a look at our challenge. Sue is winning. :D


Well everyone going to sign off now. computer on a go slow. So am I. see you all tomorrow. Night Night. :)


Thanks for all your kind messages and support as always - you all know that there's no way I'd have managed to get this far without all of you and I'll be eternally grateful and hopefully give you my support back (especially in my inimitable way with regard to Pete! :o hehe ) Hugs to all of you. :)


I'm going to sign off now too and wish you all nite, nite. :) By the way, I'm not setting my alarm tonight so we'll see what time I get up! :D :D


Evening all :0)

Night night Jillygirl, thanks for the challenge, you've definitely got cogs turning :-) thanks for everything today :-)

Andi, sounds like you've had a cracking day, really am pleased for you :-) well done for staying strong :-) I have to say, all this beach talk makes it sound as though you live in Australia :-)

Sue, that list of yours sounds like a fab idea. It's nice that you've kept it and can look at it from time to time. I wonder if, as time goes by that you'll notice that you feel much stronger in your determination to stay stopped? You've come so far :-)

Wonder where Pete got to today, went off to write a blog and didn't come back... Hmmmm.. A bit like the hubby nipping out for a loaf eh?! Hope he's had a fun day :-)


Good night and God Blessingtons Andi :-) Sleep well :-)


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