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Good morning everyone, Woke up to very fine drizzle rain this morning , however the sun has decided to appear now. A little cooler now. Hope everyone is fine, Jonathan I read your post , you can still open up the daily chat with what you have posted. All your doing extra is putting on the date and day. Anyway well done on reaching the 2 weeks of being smoke free. :)


I hope everyone enjoys today whatever your plans are like pottering in the garden , sunbathing, shopping, or just chillaxing. catch up later. xx

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Good afternoon Jilly,

Hope all is going well with you in your new home.

I have to say that I am still not used to this new version of the site and really don't like it but I am still here and still not smoking so that is the main thing. I just don't think that things flow very well but it could be worse.

Anyway, yesterday my younger son and I spent the whole afternoon and evening tidying up the garden and then putting together one of those table and benches that are combined. I have only had it for 2 years...lol. Anyway I was well impressed with my son. It's the first time I've seen him use an electric drill. He was well cheeky though. Telling me that my drill was old school. Old school it may well be but it did the job and if he wants to continue with home improvements he is very welcome to...lol. Interestingly, it was the first time I have done any gardening as a non-smoker since I was a child.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Sally... :)


You've extended your shiny sink to the garden then :) Not much left of our garden now, dry weather, sunshine, and 3 dogs have just about turned every blade of grass brown. Never mind if there's one sure thing, grass always recovers. haha, whats an old school drill? Tell him the rechargeable ones are useless anyway.


Hi Sin.

He just means old. Like old school music from the 70s and 80s. I don't think it is that old but I am sure I used some cigarette coupons to get it. Wow, do you remember them and Green Shield stamps.


Don't really remember cigarette coupons, least I never got any anyway, though when we cleared out the loft in December last year I found an envelope containing some vouchers for silk cut, I think there were 10 vouchers to get a free pack or something. God can't believe I used to smoke silk cut all those years ago, worse than smoking an e-cig :D

I do remember greenshield stamps. Argos took over their shops where you could exchange your stamp books and that was the end of green shield stamps.


After getting on the scales this morning I have now joined nutracheck. I should say re-joined as I've been there before. Am not impressed, still putting on weight so its time to put a stop to that. Anyone fancy joining me on a diet? Nutracheck is an online dieting website, complete with support and a food diary. I now weigh over a stone more than I did this time 3 years ago, maybe that's why the cycling seems to be getting harder and harder. Mind you I don't think that pound bakery helps matters, so easy to nip in there and buy lots of naughtiness when out and about shopping.


Oh and good afternoon Jilly and Sally, sorry I was so wrapped up in my diet I forgot to say hello. Hope the rains gone for you now Jilly. It's very cloudy and overcast here and the wind is distinctly chilly. Hope things improve tomorrow, it doesn't take long for us to take the sunshine for granted does it. Sorry I didn't reply to Pete last night. I actually went to bed early last night and am going to have early nights all week in preparation for next Saturday night and my grandma duties.


Good afternoon ladies, well sinfree are you going to show us all up now by becoming twiggy. :) diets and cycling wow.


Sally its nice to hear from you and glad your still smoke free. :)

So do it yourself now. At least you had an electric drill not the very old fashioned hand one. :D


Don't tell Pete your gardening he will be after your perenialls. :D :D


enjoy your the rest of the day. :)


Good evening

Rather quiet on the postings this evening ..... thanks everyone for saying well done for getting to TWO weeks, these two weeks have taken their time huh ... and I thought I had got to two weeks at least 48 hrs ago but now I have at 12 noon today it definitely was TWO weeks, collecting my GOLD medal but where do I go to collect it ??

It has been a good weekend and positive support from my brother and his wife who stayed with us last night. Feeling quite good and batting the cravings off quite successfully at the moment, they are still coming every few hours but okay ... yes okay, looks like I am a winner at the moment and devil off my back !!

Have a good evening & stay smoke free .... from Jonathan (NOT ONE PUFF EVER... AGAIN) NOPE


Aup Jon, thats just great news pal, 2 whole weeks quit :) :) and I've just found your gold medal :)


I think you have got through the hardest bit now, '' but '' dont you let your guard down Jon, cos I tell ya, them flippin cravings, come when you least expect them :o so you be ready for them eh :)

Am off up that wooden hill now to get some kip, so I will say nite nite to you and everybody, sweet dreams and sleep well, a luvs ya all :) :) xxx


Hi everybody :) :)

Sorry am late on here, but bin a busy busy bee again today, am flippin creamcrackered now, I tell ya :o

Jillygirl, as if '' I '' would pinch Sally's perenials :P ;) maybe pinch something else though :o :D :D :D

Sally, it sounds like you've bought up you'r Son on the right note gal :) and I luv him, cos he's helpin his mam :) although, he may be right about the old school drill :o cos if you bought it with green shield stamps, that is goin back a bit gal, cos I bet its a black & decker, 2 speed, with hammer with a key chuck, that you could never find the key too :o :P :| your sons right, old school or what !!

I 've got the norm drill, 24 volt rechargeable,, ever-ready, multi speed, hammer action, keyless chuck, turbo charged, multi functioning, lightweight, fantabioso grip, exelento torke settings, exquisite design, simple to use, and it drills holes :) :D :D

I tell ya what, am getting cheeeeeeesed offfffffff with havin to keep signin in every time I reply to somebody !!!!


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