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DAILY CHAT/   SATURDAY/ 14/07/2012

Morning all,

Well its nice and sunny at the moment, how long it will last is anybodys guess.

Hope you all slept well and are ready for a smokefree weekend.

I myself had a restless night and kept waking up. When I did get up at 6.00am Found that the water supply wasn`t on. Flippin eck. Just enough water in the kettle to make a drink , couldnt get washed or brush teeth. :X Had to wait until 7.15 before it came back on. Just so glad I wasn`t


Anyway anybody doing anything exciting let us all know. I am off for a ride to York if it stays fine.

See you all soon.

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Morning Jilly and everyone else, lucky you had your bath last night (in you jim jams :D )

You are so lucky to be having a ride out to York today.


Morning andi, yeah very trendy jim jams in the bath. :D

Hope you are ok and have a good day. will see you later.

P.S. Gremlins at my computer again. 3rd time of trying to send you a message. :O


Morning Andi, Jillygirl and everybody :)

Yes Andi i've never had a bath in my jim jams hmmmmm may try that tonight :D :D Jillygirl you just may have started something off here!!!! :o

Done the shop, all put away, just thinking what to do next??


Good Morning Pete, Bet your Jim jams aren`t as trendy as mine ! Especially when they are wet. :D

Setting off in 10 mins. so will catch up later and see what mischieve you have been up to . :D


Anybody help andi1965. with query.


Happy Saturday Everyone,

I've had trouble trying to post on here this morning :-(

Was lovely and sunny this morning and now it's dancing down, so much for a nice stroll in the park with the dog. Housework it is then and then I'm on Grandparent duties tonight :D

Another weekend already, time is properly flying by. However, the positive side of it is that the more smoke free weeks under our belts, the more successful we are likely to stay :-)

I wonder what kind of nutty day we'll have on here today then :-/

Have a lovely drive Jillygirl, catch up with you later to hear all about it :-)

Whatever are you up to today Andi? I'm about for most of the afternoon in between housework :-)

Pete, you decided what your plans are mister? :-)

Any information or help needed, let me know and I'll see what we have :-)

Today is a good day for positive decision making :-)


Hi Emjay, in answer to your question - nothing! :(


Hey Andi, dont be like that gal, there is always something to do, i dont like it when you are like this :( :( you should be happy :D that you have finally quit smoking.

I tell you one thing Andi, I dont half admire you!!!! not just for quitting, but for living on your own, ha ha i could never do that gal, i would go out of my mind, i know i would :o :o

I luv ya Andi, and if i can help you in ANY way you know that i would try my hardest too help, all you have to do is ask !!!! that is all gal :) :)

Pete :)


Hi Everyone, Had a lovely day out. bit of shopping then stopped at pub for lunch.

Feet hurt now. cant have everything though. Got to go and child mind tonight so wont be in later.

Emjay think your going to have to put your saturdays weekend game on to the daily blogs. at least it got me thinking.

Hope everybody is ok.


Okay everyone, got to go and child mind now. Put some songs on weekend game, I think theres only me playing. :O

All have a lovely evening . see you tomorrow. xx :)


Jillygirl, i have flippin missed you gal, i have :( :( but i said i would pamper you this weekend, so i have got a 4 course meal ready for you!! :) i shall let you have it in the morning, and the meal :D :D


Andi, dont know where you are today, but i hope that your ok gal, i really doooooo.

I said that i would pamper you as well, well i am going to, cus you will have a 4 course meal as well, a roast by the way:) orrrrrrrr if you dont want that, then i will take you on a mystery tour to Skeggy for the day, bugger :X you know where we are going now, :o :o sorryyyyyy


silly sod!


carnt help it :o


sh.. day. bedtime - nite.


Good night everybody, and i hope you all sleep well, and thank you for helping me through this time, xxxx

Pete :)


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