Daily Chat: Tuesday 10th July 2012

Good Morning everybody. :)

Well it looks like Jilly's having a well-deserved lie-in this morning so I thought I'd kick it off for you all today.

So glad Pete enjoyed his dinner last night. ;-)

Amazingly enough it's still not started raining down here yet but I don't think it will take long before it starts. All they keep talking about on the radio for the last three days is the floods everywhere so they'll probably just clear those up before it starts all over again. :o

Hope you all have a good smoke-free day. :)

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  • Good morning andi, thanks for opening up. I wish it had been a sleep in , ;( but phone line dodgy not working this morning so that effected the pc. anyway all back to normal now.

    They never tell you what it is do they.

    Well the rain is here in yorkshire, lets hope it stays away from you today.

    Have a lovely day see you soon. xx :)

  • Morning Jilly - yes, what a pain when the phone's out of action. :( (You sure it's got nothing todo with all those pictures of yours? :D ) When I came back from my last trip in April my phone was out of action for a week! (Glad I hadn't taken the plunge then cos I wouldn't have stuck that out!! :o )

    It's started raining now - wonder when it'll stop this time - hehe.

    Just done my exercises for my calf - glad no-one can see me - look right daft jogging and skipping backwards and forwards round the house. Got me warmed up a bit though. :X

    Off to Southampton with my mate today for a bit of retail therapy (probably only window shopping) and a change of scene.

  • Pressed wrong button then. :P

    Anyway, have a good day, see you later. :)

  • Enjoy your day out andi. at least treat yourself to something. after all you would have spent your money on some of those white sticks. :O have a lovely day. xx :)

  • Good morning everyone

    Another smokefree day, you’re all stars ?

    I peeped through the curtain this morning and it looked a lovely morning but by the time I was ready and opened the curtains it was pouring down. Always on time for the school run!! google.co.uk/imgres?q=duckl...

    Thank you Andi for starting today’s Daily Chat, I hope you have a lovely day shopping and buying yourself lots of well earned treats google.co.uk/imgres?q=shopp...

    Helloooo Jillygirl, have you got anything planned today?

    Hi Pete, hope you enjoyed your cyber meal and tinnies last night :o

    Speak soon

  • Oh no they didn't work :-(

    School run pic - google.co.uk/imgres?q=duckl...

    Lets try again Andi this was for you - (Finger crossed) google.co.uk/imgres?q=shopp...

  • Morning Claire. Hope you are okay today. Got nothing planned for today , see if the rain stops , then may go for a walk around the tarn. Yeadon tarn is pretty good for walking etc, as it is 1 mile round it. So get lots of people like andi going round training. I usually just walk round a couple of times thats enough. Mind you I`m an old codger now. he he. :D

    Been thinking about some healthy meals but not inspired yet. any ideas?

    I cant put pics in the comment box like you and Emjay. so be patient with me.


    P.S. Still can`t clear this tickly cough . Cant cough anything up is this normal.

    Dont know if its just a cough or me and my quitting.

  • The coughing thing really sucks doesn't it, especially when there's nothing coming up!

  • hi lenne, I am so glad you know what i am on about. I thought three months would see the end of the cough, or at least cough something up. still suppose its better than those piggies, they made me cough. :)

  • I hear ya! :D xx

  • Hey didn`t realise I coughed that loudly :D :D

  • Haha :D If I could hear you coughing, you can bet I'd be making you a nice cuppa tea to soothe your throat *hugs* :)


  • Hiya Claire

    Just spoken to my friend and she's got a bad foot so we've put the trip on hold for now. :( That would have looked funny - two old ladies hobbling along in the rain! :D Thanks for the piccie but as I may have mentioned before I have a low boredom threshold, especially when it comes to shopping and about 2 hours is my max then I start flagging and get fed up. :P

    Better catch up on some paperwork instead. ;-)

  • Hi Jillygirl

    Walking in the rain is nice so long as your wrapped up. I just hate walking in the wind and rain, now that is horrible :o

    You’re probably asking the wrong person about recipies, I’m hopeless at cooking! Emjay is our little chef in here and may have some suggestions. Try looking at quitsupport.healthunlocked....

    In relation to your cough, it is normal to have a cough when stopping smoking. This can usually last a couple of weeks and are all signs of recovery. If you are concerned maybe get a quick MOT at your Dr’s.

    Let me know how you get on ;-)

    Oh no Andi, I hope your friends foot is better soon. I hate paperwork days, I’m sure if you get stuck in it’ll be done soon.

    Speak soon.

  • Morning all - back from holiday and guess what - I'm still smoke free!!!!!! 35 Days now I think, Jilllygirl? Anyway had a lovely time and am so depressed coming back to this awful weather.

    Hope everyone is going strong. Have'nt had a chance to go through the site as am back and work and soooo busy.

    Dawn x

  • Hi Dawn, lovely to have you back. So glad you had a good holiday. and stayed smoke free. Wow very well done. Yeah I reckon its 7 weeks today since you stopped. You must be so proud. Emjay should have a record of when you stopped.

    Seeing we have all been a bit barmy this last few days :P and youve been away, I have sent you a cyber cake enjoy. xxx :)

  • Thank you jilly! It's five weeks but soon will 7 lol!

    Dawn x

  • oops sorry! sound good though dont it. :)

  • Hiya Dawn, glad you had a lovely holiday - you sure picked a good week to be away (as I'm sure everyone you've spoken to has told you!) :o

    Soooo, 5 whole weeks now, you can be really proud of yourself. :)

    I've noticed that the weeks are just rolling along so quickly now that I'm finding it difficult to keep up with the numbers. :D

  • Thanks andi, I will start counting in weeks now and not days - soon it will be months lol!

  • Morning all 9 days 15 hours free !! yeh

    I am eating grapes better than mints, I have had lots of fruit has anyone tried donut peaches? not donuts with peach sauce but donut shaped peaches very juicy yum.

  • Hi sure2 , think I may have found some peaches I shall post them to you soon.

    Well done 9days and 16 hours now. :D

    will talk soon. :)

  • Hiya sure2, I'm a bit of a mint shoveller - tictacs are best for me - they just seem to get me through those 'moments'. I keep buying lots of fruit then it's too much and can't eat it all, it goes off and I have to chuck it out! :( How annoying is that? :o

    Glad you're nearly at 10 days and enjoying those donut peaches. :)

  • Hey Sure2, you're doing awesome! Grapes are really yummy just out of the fridge om nom nom :)

  • Hi Dawn

    Welcome back and a BIG WELL DONE to you. google.co.uk/imgres?q=well+... Glad you enjoyed your holiday, the weather here has been awful.

    Don’t work too hard at work ;-)

  • Hi sure2

    Well done, your doing amazing. Eating fruit will help deal with cravings and also some of the 'signs of recovery' we can experience too.

    Going to go and google these donut peaches....

    You're a google.co.uk/imgres?q=well+...

  • Good Evening Pete, Hope your not too tired.. Bit quiet on here today. At least dawn is back. Lenne and I are having a coughing competition ha ha :D :P . Think andi is either shopping or at her friends house, or even asleep in front of the tv. :D

    Nothing much happening otherwise. Now you get one of those tinnies out of the fridge and chill out. will call back later. xx :)

  • Hiya, nearly woke me up - just been having my dinner - not sure Pete would appreciate what I ate tonight though! One of those 'what have I got left in the freezer?' sort of dinners! :o :D

  • I know what you mean, we had one of those sort of dinners on saturday.

    shall we give Pete roast chicken or salad?

  • H i Jillygirl, just cracked a cannie open, :P :P i had salad Sunday, so if its ok with you can i have some chick please, pretty pretty please :) :)

  • Andi I`ve decided to give him both. :)

  • Nodded off again - better have an early night - not quite yet though. :o

    Not sure if he'd appreciate salad, being a bloke! ;-) Especially with this cold weather we're having - hardly summer is it? :D :D

  • Andi i dont mind clearin the fridge/freezer out and cookin somethink up, even sometimes it tastes nice as well !! :D :D

  • You nodded offfffffff again, i'l come and tickle your flippin feet in a min :D :D

  • Oh Pete, dont you like salad. tell you what I will send some chips round to have with the chicken. Always have the salad as a side dish. (act posh). :D

    anyway still luv ya. xx :)

  • Yep, but had it on Sunday, and like Andi said i like it in the hot weather.

    Dont worry about the chips gal, just doin some luuuuuuumpy gravy :D :D

  • Pete lumpy gravy coming up ! :D

  • Snappppp :D :D

  • Yours tastes better than mine so i will have yours please Jillygirl :P :P

  • great minds think alike. :D

    signing off now see you all tomoz. luv ya!

  • Luv you tooooooo gal, nite nite and sleep well, speak tomoz xxxx

  • ANDI WAKEY WAKEY, cus you will get a stiff neck, sleepin in that position :D :D nite nite gal, luv ya, and nite nite everybody else, sweet dreams xx

    Pete :)

  • Ta, you woke me up - time for byebyes!

    Nite nite all, sleep well. xx :)

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