Looks like another sunny day.

Well done Andi 1965 pretty impressive run. must be proud of yourself.

keep up the good work. :)

Big welcome to Dawlol, and Kazzachoc. Its nice to meet you both. :)

Andi 22 what is it with your name? Seems andi goes with fitness. (as you and andi1965 are brill with running etc.) Anyway hope your coffee morning does well.

Pete . hope you slept ok and woke up with a determined head on your shoulders. but most of all a HAPPY :) one. Take it steady with the painting.

LTP. Hope your ok love keep positive and have a lovely day.

Lenne, hope you are still ok and not tempted with the piggies.

Anyone heard from garry ? hope the bike race went well for him.

Okay everyone I am off for my brekky now. Going to be in and out today.

got shopping, foot nurse , view a house, out with friends for a meal.

plus the usual housework etc, Ok being retired but i think sometimes it was easier working. :O So will leave you to chat to Claire and the gang.

Take care everybody stay positive and enjoy a smokefree day. :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everybody else.

    Yes it's a lovely sunny morning here in Bournemouth too! 8-)

    A lovely day to get out in the fresh air (if possible) and stay smokefree and be happy. :)

  • Morning all

    beautiful day here as well - still feeling positive and smokefree - fab!

    Hope everyone is okay


  • Hi Ltp. Hope you are ok. so pleased you are still a NON - SMOKER :)

    i know it makes you feel really good.

    Keep positive. see you later. xx

  • Hi Jillygirl - still okay but a bit wobbly this afternoon - but kept busy - did a bit in the garden and did some breathing exercises! that helped a lot as does looking at blogs throughout the day to see where everyone is up to and of course have a laugh!

    speak tomorrow


  • hi girls glad your ok. i am putting an amendment in my blog. The weather here in Yorkshire has just decided to go grey and cloudy , look like might need brolly. :(

    never mind used to it up here. :)

  • No - they'll go away. Have got to go and make my cake now - hope it comes out ok as it's a new recipe for me. ;-)

  • Hi People and Good Morning to you all now smoke free 9 weeks Completed my bike ride London To Brighton in just under 6 hours (54 Miles in total) How are you Pete Hope alls good

  • Hi Garry, just to say well done with your bike ride brill! :) and well done being a non smoker for 9 weeks must be chuffed. :)

    See you later.

  • Hurray, you've surfaced! :o Hope you had more breath at the end than last year. Well done you, that sounds like a fun thing to do. :)

  • Morning all,

    Lovely day walked to work and feeling great...2 whole weeks smoke free! Feel great!

    Gotta get some work done now - will post at lunchtime. Have a lovely morning!! x

  • Good morning all, lovely and sunny here too 8-) huh stuck inside, will have to do a bit of gardening in between decorating, i think :)

    Flippin strippin nearly all day yesterday, well thats done now, painting next :(

    I hope you are all keepin them piggies away, cus i'm just going to eat some :D as in bacon & egg butties :P :P yum yum

    I would like to welcome Kazz & Dawlol to our daily chat, it is a fantastic site to be on, loads of help and support, plus a few laughs on the way. :D

    Garry '' Well done'' pal, sounds like you had a great race, just wondered though whether you did take your stabilizers off or not !! :D :D

    I would like to thank you Girlies once again for the lovely comments that you gave me yesterday :) :) speak in a bit.

    Pete :)

  • Good morning everyone 8-) The sun is finally out here!

    A big well done to Garry on completing the bike ride, what an amazing achievement and also for being smokefree for 9 weeks. You've done brilliantly ;-D . Its good to see you back on here.

    Hey Jillygirl, hope you're well, i love how positive and supportive you are to everyone on here, thank you.

    Pete, i remember family members having to decorate every year just before Christmas to get rid of the yellow ceilings. Once its all done it will feel lovely and fresh in yours. Well done. I will also comment on last nights blog in a few mins. ;-)

    LTP - keep smiling, your doing brilliantly. Well done.

  • Hi Claire, hope its sill sunny for you. Managed to get washing dry. :)

    But not as glorious as i thought it would be.

    Been to my foot nurse (podiatrist) can never pronounce that. got some more inserts for my trainers. but that is to get the tendons in the foot right.. Still got swollen ankles (oedema) but thats the docs department.

    I think quitting smoking was pretty easy, compared to this getting old lark. :P

    See you later.

  • Know just what you mean about the getting old lark gal :o

  • Hey Pete, we are like derby and Joan.

    No! not compo and nora. :D :D :)

  • Suepagal where you got toooooo then, i hope your ok gal and still kicking them piggies outa that door !! :)

    You havnt been jumping up and down on your phone again have you?? :D

    Andi what sort of cake you baking gal, hope its not a ROCK cake :D :D mind you i've heard that they make good door stops!! :D :D

    Think i had best get out of here :o

    Pete :)

  • My cake came out just DIVINE!!! :) Everyone loved it and they all want the recipe. :) Promised PT if any left over I'd take him a piece and I think he might be in luck. ;-) (that's unless I start feeling desperate before Thursday :o - shouldn't do though now I've got those other fresh supplies! :D :D )

  • Hi everyone. Well done to all who are staying piggie free and welcome to new members of the community - this is a great place to be :D I managed to do the appointment I failed to get to this week - still a stressful journey but I didn't want a fag once - yaay - day 50 smoke free for me and I'm soooo glad. Will catch up later, gonna do some more work now xx

  • Wow, have just checked my diary and it's my day 50 tomorrow! Woohoo! :) (and the start of week 8 :) )

  • ps Congratulations to both of us! :D :D

  • terrific Andi, well done and a pat on the back to us both :D :D

  • Hi Andi and Finley just like to say Well done! :) on your 50th. Lost count with mine from 5th april so reckon about 70s . I think we should all have a treat for sticking at it. what do you think?

  • Yaaay, three cheers for us three!!! I really fancied a fag earlier, after I'd got back from my stressful drive/appointment without wanting one. Funny how a crave can catch you unawares, isn't it? But it's passed now and I'd no intention of actually having one - not when I got the BIG ZERO on the carbon monoxide machine yesterday for the first time ever. I do think we deserve a treat, what do you both fancy? xx

  • Hi Pete , careful with those girlies dont want any rock cakes throwing lol. :D

    hope you managed to get a break from the decorating. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl just done a quick calc in my ed, 75 gal yipeeee gal, nice one, and yes you have a treat, and you get hubby to cook tea for you tonight gal, cus you deserve to be pampered, and tell him that i said so!!!! :) if he isnt bigger than me that is!! :D :D

    Andi and Finley, just Ace gals, you are all a lot stronger than i am, and i do really bow down to you all, you stick with it!! :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks for the calc. pete. i was surprised.

    My treat is out for a meal with a couple of friends. Hubby paying. :)

    enjoy the sun! :) ;-8

  • Ta Pete - you are strong, you know, just keep on keeping on mate :D

  • Andi- I luv cooking when i get the time, i'm hopeless at pastry, but have never tried baking a cake before, so you will have to blog the recipe and i will let you know how i get on :D :D

    I'm finding it a bit hard today, maybe down to the exiting painting eh!! :( but Jillygirl, i am taking your advise!! :) i have just doned my shorts-shirt off, goin in the garden for a bit, cus i've got to wait for the first coat of paint to dry havnt i !! :D :D well thats my excuse anyway, and i'm stickin to it, so there :P

    See you in a bit

    Pete :)

  • Hi everyone .... glad to see everyone still feeling positive .... ive had a busy week ive got my daughter and grandson here so havent had time to sit and chill and post here but just to let you know I am on day 9 and still smoke free and everything is going according to plan .... I have cut right down on my caffeine intake too ..... I found drinking coffee just made me want to smoke so now I dont have either :/ .... energy levels are rising and the cough has gone .... so i can report so far so good :) ..... well done to everyone you are all an inspiration to me and if you guys can do it so can I :)

  • Aup Zoe, it's lovely to see you again gal, i'm so glad that the cough has gone, because i think that it makes you wonder, erm didnt cough this much before i quit!! but its just part of your body cleaning itself out, of that cruddddd, that we all had inside us :)

    Day 9 :) magic gal, cus i think that the first week is the worst of them all!! but you have mastered that :) Well done Zoe, luv ya to bits gal :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Zoe, nice to see you again. 9 days wow! you are doing really well.

    It does get easier as you go along. Know what you mean about grandchildren, they certainly keep you busy. Had a break from mine this weekend. I felt the same as you about drinking coffee in my case it was tea, I find I drink lots more water now.

    anyway love keep up the good work. :)

  • Claire, just read your post on yesterdays blog, and thank you so much for your comments, and i will take heed, if thats how you spell it, because you must know by now that i am usless at spelling!!

    As for Emjay being on my shoulder, i wish she was, cus i would have given her a flippin paint roller, to slap the paint on the walls :D :D

    I'm sure you have had a busy day gal, so i will let you enjoy the rest of it. :)

    Pete :)

  • well everyone , hope youv`e enjoyed another smoke free day. another day to celebrate. :D

    I am signing off now so be good . Nite nite . xx :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, ha ha you've beat me again, i was just about to say that i am Kn----- erm worn out, and ready for bed, so i say nite nite to you tooooooooo, gal, and luv ya loads. :) i hope you enjoyed your meal gal, and didnt fancy a piggie afterwards :D :D good night everybody, and erm, well just keep your eye's shut and go to sleep, simps eh!!

    ANDI'' where are you???? :o i hope you didnt put anythink in that cake of yours, that should'nt be there!! :D :D nite nite gal, andluv ya loads :)

    Pete :)

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