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DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 10/09/2012

DAILY CHAT/  MONDAY/ 10/09/2012

Good Morning,

Hope your all feeling well and had a good nights sleep. Start of another week and another week to stay a non smoker. Still trying to catch up with last weeks blogs seeing if anything exciting happened whilst I was away.

Have a lovely day and stay positive and most of all stay happy.

Catch up later. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

Went back to bed at 5. Was thinking about getting up again at 6 when I heard rain hammering down outside then promptly dropped off finally and didn't get up til 9! :o Will have to try and catch up with a few chores and washing today and get back to some kind of normality for a short time before my holiday.

See you later. :)


Hi andi, hope your ok . Normality whats that? :O

When do you go on your hols. ? isn`t long now is it. :)


Good Morning Jillygirl :D

Lovely to have you back, I hope you are well rested, and had a lovely time. Thank you for our rock. Pete has been on his best behaviour whilst you've been away ;-) How did your viewing go yesterday? At least your house smells nice and smokefree now :-)

Lisa-Jane, hope you have managed to get into contact with the pharmacy regarding your NRT and CO reading. Let us know how you get on :-)

Andi, you must be getting excited about your jollies now. How many more sleeps?! :D Just think about all the exploring you can do whilst away, without getting breathless. The amount of exercise that you take now and having given up smoking will have such a big impact on your travels, I'm sure :-)

Pete, another fresh week already and you'll be 2 weeks quit tomorrow. How do you feel it's going for you today? I think you change your shift pattern today don't you? Hope it's back to the one you don't mind and makes your whole stopping smoking experience easier :-)

Welcome to Frankcannon, quit since December now which is fantastic. What has been your biggest motivator to stay stopped? :-)

Lenne, Sue, Weemikec, Nessmac, Andi1965, Finley, Wonder, it's been a while since we've heard from you. Hope all is well and that you are staying strong.

Big waves and positive vibes being sent to everybody else :-)


Good morning Emjay, i'm working nights again this week :( :(

Speak in a bit :) :)


Morning Emjay, Had a good holiday thank you. legs ache but what do you expect when your in blackpool. We actually stay at St annes in a flat, so a bit more peaceful at night time. Not used my inhalator except for once from going on hol. so hope that I can do without now. The viewing went pretty well thank you. will have to wait and see. Glad Pete was ok silly how you get concerned about people isnt it. Bless him he`s doing ok.

I hope you and the rest of the team are ok and not working too hard. :)


Good morning Jillygirl, Andi and everybody :)

Gosh Andi you lazy so & so you :o ;) your Sister must have worn you out the last couple of weeks !! :D

Sorry havnt been on much, bin sorting some wheels out, fingers crossed i pick it up on Friday :) :)

Speak later and have a good day :) :)


Hi Pete want to borrow my scooter to put you on. I can show how to scoooooooot! :D

Have a good day , and dont you work too hard tonight. :)


Hi Jarvo, Had a good hol thank you. missed you too. Illuminations were super as usual.

We were lucky as we have old codgers bus passes which lets us use the trams and buses for nothing. So we saw the illuminations nearly every night. You will have to dress up as a senior citizen. :D lend you my wrinkly stockings if you like. :D

Seriously they are well worth a trip but you do need to be patient if you go in your own car about 2 to 3 hours to get from one end to another.

See you soon. :)


Hi Jillygirl

Thanks for this. We usually try and walk along a lot of the lights, i'm the one who gets bored in the car!!! I might be good and take them in a few weeks, the fresh air will do us good.

Did you feel the difference being smokefree?

Glad you had a good time



hi Jarvo, Hope you manage to see the lights. Yes I did notice what a difference it made being a non smoker. No sneaking out of the flat for a quick fag or getting snooty looks of other residents. I did notice how many people were smoking though.

Suppose Blackpool is the place drinking smoking and eating. Couldnt believe the size of some of the people and their children. One lady in one of the flats near us said to me I`m just off for a craftyt cig before we go out. I thought to myself I used to be like that. It is so much enjoyable now. like the piccy. brill!


Afternoon Jillygirl and everyone.

Mixed bag of emmotions this weekend for me no stopped using my patches on Thursday then this weekend has been a busy one of trying to get my son packed. He's going to Australia in January and has never really been away from me for more than a few weeks. So in order to "man up" he's moved down to my parents and will be working for my brother in his chain of restaurants in Southampton, Poole and I can't remember where else. He will be there till December then off to Australia..

He left this morning and I'm feeling quite emotional!! Not sure if it's no nicotine or that my

Bubboo has left!! Possibly a bit of both!! Or the fact ive been left stranded in the rain either way for someone who doesn't cry .. My tissues r on standby


Hiya Lisa, I guess that must be really hard for you. :( Who's going to walk the dogs for you now, especially when you get another job like your last one when you're hardly at home? I hope that picture's not of him cos if he knew he'd be SOOOO embarrassed!!! :o :D :D


Hiya Andi

Well this is the thing to be honest I'm not sure how I'm going to cope.i have already shipped the snake out to his friend . I did speak to a dog walker about walkin them when I'm at work and I'm clearly in the wrong profession!! And to be fair they didn't feel comfy walking my biggest!! So I'm literally going to have to walk them before work then after work. I have left pee matts down for the tiny one and had to separate him in the hallway!! The bigger ones ate in the kitchen.

I start another job on Wednesday which I can alternate between taking a different dog with me each day!!

Im either going to have to start delegating work or Failing that I just quit work and be a dog walker!!



As Jillygirl says you flippin moan, cry, shout, scream at us :o cus we dont mind :) :) loads of huggs gal :) :)

Just put my ear muffs on, soooo shout away gal :o :|


Hi Lisa , I think it suddenly hits home when your children move out. I felt very emotional when my girls left home. Like you say prob the quitting aswell doesn`t help. But your strong and you`ve got us all on here so moan cry grumble scream we dont mind. :) big hugs and cuddles. :)


Hi Lisa-Jane

You’ve got so much going on at the minute, keep strong.

What an adventure your son is going on, sounds like he’ll be fine it’s just the parents who are left worrying :-(

You’re doing really well staying quit with these extra stresses going on in your life right not, give yourself a big pat on the back. Like jillygirl said have a good moan to us, I’m sure some on here will make you smile ;-) . If you do need help advise please remember you can message Emjay or myself and we’ll try and help.

Keep smiling Lisa-Jane


hi peeps,all good here,got to miss a day off the patches this week next appointment to see the nurse is 2 days to late.done Saturday without patch and might do this wednessday,think its easier to do than thinking about it,hopefully no snags will occur :)


Aup Ken,

It sounds as if your doing just great pal, you keep at it :) :) just magic !!

Pete :)


Morning Pete, off to work in a mo I guess. Hope it's a good one and you don't get dumped on too much tonight. Hopefully you're new wheels won't have come from a smoker :o so they'll be sweet-smelling from the beginning and not need time for the smell to fade away.

See you tomorrow. :)


Hiya Ken, not spoken to you before. Sounds like you're doing really well. Over 2 months now. :) Is that your system (a bit like that diet after the Horizon programme) with your patches 5:2? :D :D


Hi Ken, You are doing brill , Sure there will be no snags . well done. :)


Ok everyone, I am signing off now , have a good evening and sleep well. see you tomorrow.

Nite nite. :)


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