DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 17/09/2012

DAILY CHAT/  MONDAY/  17/09/2012

Good morning,

I hope everyone is fine. Monday again,start of another week.

Wether you are just starting to quit, or have been quit for a while , stay positive, focused,and whatever

you do dont worry about it. You may have yours bad days, but stay with it and you will get more good days .

If you need help or just want to chat this is the place to come. Emjay and Claire, are here to help.

Enjoy your smoke-free day. :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    I see we're pretty early again. :o Thought the sleeping thing was licked but I have one or two 'catch up' nights then it's all back to normal. :( Hey ho I guess that's just the way it is.

    Nice morning, sunny and blue sky but now cooling down a bit. :)

  • Morning Andi sorry you have trouble sleeping, i know what that's like, hope you get it sorted soon :)

    the sky is a bit funny here, don't know what the weather is gonna do

    away to have breakfast, will chat later :) x

  • Good morning Jillygirl i'm hoping to have a quieter day to day, was at my daughters longer than i thought i would be yesterday, just got back on here when visitors arrived, my in laws from Glasgow, they stayed for ages, it was nice to see them but i'm exhausted now :D

    hope you have a great day :) x

  • morning girls, Yeah may be we are`nt meant to sleep in. Never mind at least we dont miss anything when we are up. Perhaps we can all nap this aft, leave Pete in charge eh! :D

    Have a lovely day and will catch up later. :)

  • Good idea Jillygirl :D he he

  • Morning girls, hope you've all had a good weekend and still going strong. Things going fine for me - went to a 40th party on Sat eve - decided to drive, as some folks there who smoke so had one beer, felt OK so survived that. So start of week 6...

    Andi, sorry to hear re sleeping - I seem to have the opposite problem and can't get out of bed - maybe thats got more to do with the thought of going to work though. Just gotta win the lottery. Hope you get all your holidat stuff done

    Have a good day out there

  • Morning Chris, start of week 6, now how amazing is that? Glad you survived the party - only problem when you drive is cos you can't drink everyone thinks you're a bit of a party pooper. Probably even more so now you don't smoke! :o Gotta go through it though. Hope work's not too bad for you. :)

  • Hi Chris, Bet you felt good not smoking at the party. 6th week thats fantastic. :)

    Have a good day. :)

  • So, I'm getting myself a bit stressed now as the old computer's playing up again. Just had another go at getting the printer to work - 4 new ink cartridges! - and it still won't print black! Grrrrr!!! :X Have to keep talking to myself and shoving in the mints ............... it's soooo tempting!................. but I won't! :o Will have to get back on my bike!!

  • Good morning everybody, i hope all is well :) :)

    Andi just wondered have you tried uninstalling your printer, and then install it again !! just a thought :) :o

    Lovely and sunny here at the moment 8-) :)

    Speak soon

  • Ah ! It`s you thats pinched the sun :( should have know.

    Have a good day. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, sorry for pinching the sun, abit windy here though too :( so its not a shorts day :( :(

  • Are you sure your not wearing yer shorts :D


  • morning peeps all well here,another weekend come and gone and i think this is week 11 it seems longer :) so that's about it for now,you all have a good day :)

  • Hey Ken 11 weeks is great, I think after 12 wks It seemed to fly by then for me.

    Keep at it you must be so proud of yourself. :)

  • Aup Ken, 11 weeks eh thats great pal :) :) dont let your guard down though Ken because i relapsed on my 11 week on my last quit attempt, but am sure you wont :)

    Speak again pal

    Pete :)

  • Andi, I know the feeling re the printer - I have to keep fixing our one at home, its even crankier than me without cigs. Yes was weird at the party, not usually that sociable without a drink, so put in a very wooden appearance on the dance floor, other half was suitably drunk, so made up for it.

    I'm sure you'll not let printer beat you - you can't - all you folks ahead of me are my inspiration

  • Hi Chris, nice to see you again glad you got through the party alright :)

    Start of week 6 thats super pal, think you've probably got through the hardest times now :) :) you'll get there :)

    Pete :)

  • I've got a right stinker of a cold at the moment so am having a slob out day. It still nice to be free from the smoke though. Think I got the cold from going on a too longer bike ride with no scarf on. Oh I am getting an old crock. Hope the day goes well for you all ;)

  • Aup Wonder, long time no see :( as they say, sorry to hear about your cold, but like you say now your smoke free :) i bet your not coughing and spluttering like you would be if you were smoking eh :) :)

    So you'r biking as well then :o nice one gal, keep saying that i will get on my bike again and give it another try :o ;) but sticking to my rowing machine at the moment :) and your far from an old crock yet gal, I tell ya :) :) speak soon.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Wonder, Nice to hear from you, read your post about the alan carr book sounds interesting. Hopefully I wont need it now. coming up to five and half months now.

    Worse than counting the months when your pregnant.

    Hope your cold soon goes. as for old your only a young un. :) take care. x

  • Good afternoon everyone

    You’ve all been busy!

    Is so cold today, no sun and it looks like it’s about to pour down ?

    Chris2 – Well done 6 weeks is brilliant and you managed a night out too. That can be a big barrier for some and you’ve overcome it. I’m usually the designated driver but it doesn’t bother me. I still have a dance and enjoy my ickle self! You can keep up with all the conversations instead of sneaking out in the wind, rain and snow for a cigarette ;-) .

    Andi and Jillygirl - how do you cope with hardly any sleep. I’m like a dragon if I don’t sleep! You two are stars. Always up early and getting the Daily Chat going, thank you. ;-)

    Hey Pete – How are things going? Did you get your van?

    Super Star Ken – 11 weeks. How are you feeling now? Are you noticing the benefits to quitting smoking?

    I hope you’re feeling better soon Wonder. A bike ride, well done its freezing. We went for a little walk to The Dream yesterday and got absolutely soaked ? .

    Well done everyone. Its fab seeing how supportive you all are to each other.

    Check in soon 8-) google.co.uk/imgres?num=10&...

  • Hi Claire, sorry for the weather your having gal, its not too bad here at the moment 8-) :) i had a bad day yesterday, but not too bad today sofar :) :) and yep got my van Friday 'Snowy' im a white van man now :) :)

    Erm whats the Dream then ?? :o

    Pete :)

  • Pete I think we are getting our senile moments, there is a group called the dream, dont know if thats what claire meant. :O

  • Aup Jillygirl, as for senile moments ?! :( i think i get senior moments, cus am old and get mixed up sometimes :o :o am sure were not senile yet gal :) :)

    Just wondered if you woke up this morning with a headache with the rollers :D :D

  • lots of small dents in my head now. Hope the brain cell doesnt leak out. :D


  • Hello Jarvo, Did you manage to enjoy your couple of days off. Know I`m thick and old but where and whats the dream ? Sounds good. :) like the pic.

  • Afternoon Everybody,

    lovely to pop on and see how busy it's been on here. Also to see how well you are all doing to, and at different stages :D

    The Dream (that Claire is talking about) is a huge sculpture on in St Helen's on Merseyside



    It's a nice walk, but I suppose it might be a bit of a far walk for some of you living further afield... Saying that, it would keep you occupied getting there.. Fit too! :D

    Hope you are all okay.

    As Jillygirl said in her fab opening this morning, stay positive, focused,and whatever

    you do dont worry about it. Everything will calm down in the long run. So just try and make the most of this roller-coaster ride of stopping smoking - The fairground ride that has it's ups and downs :-)

  • Oh wow! I wouldn`t mind seeing that. Is it easy to get to from liverpool or is it a long way (time wise) as I am staying in St annes next week its about 2 and half hour bus ride to liverpool. May be make it a special day out some other time if its too far. :)

  • I think it would be two buses to The Dream, there's a direct bus from Liverpool to St Helens and then another bus to there. It is a nice easy little walk, so the kids enjoy it. dreamsthelens.com/

  • Thanks Claire . looks really good. May do it as a day trip from home instead of st annes. dont fancy all those buses. Would rather go in the car. :)

  • Its straight forward from the M62 to the Dream.

  • cheers love.

  • Huh just like a flippin Woman, make the old Hubby do the work, as in driving you to it :P :D

  • could hire a white van man, to take me instead.

    there again they are always hiding in the garage so thats no good. :P

  • Hellooooo

    Oh no Pete a white van man!! Enjoy your happy driving days!

    Is there a group called the Dream? :o

    Thanks Emjay for filling everyone in.

  • Hi Claire, erm cant remember a group called the Dream, but i can remember a group called - Freddie and the Dreamers :)

    They were out in the 60's they had a few hits like --

    I'm telling you now !!

    You were made for me !!

    I was about 7 then, but i think my 2 elder Sisters got me into music, and if i remember right, they were hits about 1963 - 4

    I know that you are far far toooooooo young to remember them, so dont worry :o ;)

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • if you got to make a fool of somebody, I thought you`d remember that one pete. :D

  • Ooooooooh you,ve woke up then :D :D

  • It was a long time ago Jillygirl, bet you were rockin an a rollin to them :o

  • Too flippin true, wish I could now. :D

  • I bet you could if i was their, cus you wouldnt have to do much, cus i would fling you about, as in over my head and up and around my back, between my legs, talk about showing your knicks gal, :) :) no probs :D :o

  • Oy Jarvo, Claire, what ever your name is, ''Whats up with a white van man then''

    Anyway i'm not a white van man, cus av called her Snowy :) :) so have classed myself as a '' snowy van man '' :D :D

    So there :P :P

    Think i'd best scarper, while i can still walk :o

  • Ah ha! spotted you.


  • Love it gal, your just impossible Woman :o ;) but God do i luv ya :) :)

  • Have just fell offfffffffffff my chair cus of you Jillygirl, i would'nt mind a Tshirt like that one, you got any links to buy one ?? :D :)

  • zazzle.com/a_mans_castle_is......

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    24 Hour Shipping on most orders. A man's CASTLE is his GARAGE Tees created by Theholidayshoppe. This design is available on many sizes, styles, and ...

    Tin Signs for a Garage, Gas Station Signs

  • Think thats an american site. but ebay sell them just type in a mans castle is his garage and it brings up similar ones. :)

  • Yes Jillygirl, i see what you mean, cant you knit me one :D :D

  • No prob. what size chest are you ?

    dont be telling porkys either or it wont fit over the beer belly. :D :D

  • You cheeky flippin whippersnaper you, i tell you flippin Woman my flippin chest size is flippin 48'' calm, but when i'm going for it its 54'' so put that in your pipe and smoke it, :D :D flippin Woman you

  • oooooooooooooooo! stroppy man. :P

    Cant do that gave up smoking over five months ago . so there nah nah nah! :D

  • Terius Youngdell Nash, better known by his stage name The-Dream, is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. Wikipedia

  • Never heard of him myself :O

  • Oh right, thanks Jillgirl!!! ;-)

  • Good evening all - I see you two are looking a bit bored ................ or not! :D :D

  • Whats up with you then, come on out with it gal :o ;)

  • Hey and what do you mean us two, huh cant flippin speak to anybody :( :) :o :P :P :P :P :P take that, Andi flippin pandy :D :D i definitely think its time i went, zoooooooooooppppp

  • And dont think i'm hiding in Jillys cafe either :P :P

  • Garage comes to mind. :D

  • yeah, too dark in t' greenhouse now. ;-)

  • Nope your both wrong, cus i was in snowy, getting her to how i wanted her to be, if that sounds ok, and i will tell you now that Monkey my cat has been everywhere in it talk about female :o she's been under the seats, over the seats, on the dash board, checking me as i was tuning the radio in, i opened one of the side doors, and i tell you she came from nowhere, she just strutted about in it, as though she owned it :) :) i went back into my garage for some tools, went back to my van, and she was curded up in a corner, so that tells me, she likes it :)

  • I don't think I know what you mean, old man. :o

  • Huh not bothered about you calling me an old man, could think of a few things to call you, but cus i'm a nice man, hmmmm erm :o :o

  • Well, now I come on for a chat and you all disappear - I can't help it if the phone rings! :(

  • Unplug it :D :D

  • All right for you - you've got other people to speak to at home. :P

  • Andi Andi, so sorry gal, come on now, you know we all luv ya gal, :)

    Please please dont you do anything stupid, cus you've come all this way gal, please please dont :)

    ANDI you are a lot stronger than i am, and you know that gal, just calm down a bit gal :) :)

    I,m here if you want to talk :) :)

  • Andi , you chose to be on your own, at one time or another.

    I admire you for that, Lady :) cus i know that you are a Lady, whit out seeing you :) just by talking to you :) :)

  • So first I dozed off while waiting for a reply :o then when I was about to start typing, my computer did it's dying thing. :( It usually needs a rest before it will spark up again and happens so often at this time of night, especially when I'm about to sign off, then when I get going again (like a couple of nights ago) everyone's gone.

  • Andi dont worry about it gal, we all love you, I love you, personally, i do gal, you keep in there gal, you will get through this hard time :) :)

    You are a gorgeous Lady, i have never seen your face, but i know you are a beauty :) :) far too beautiful for me, so you see us blokes can also see into the future :) :o So you got that Woman , cus if not I WILL COME DOWN THERE AND SORT YOU, you got that Woman :) :)

  • I'm still here so you can keep going if you like! hehehe ;-)

  • Hmmmmmmm you taking the p---- Woman no no your not, but i meant what i said :) :)

    Rite going to bed now - Sweet dreams all :) :)

  • Going for my bath now. back later. You 2 behave, second thoughts , dont its much more interesting and funny.

    see ya soon. :P

  • Honestly! You all properly crack me up! There's more drama on here in a couple of minutes than in an hour episode of the new Dallas :D

  • Hiya, have you come to talk to me? :)

  • Hi Emjay, like to keep you amused. :D

    I`m signing off now as mi mates aren`t playing out. and besides those flippin gremlins are back . taken me the last 20 minutes to get back on here and stay on. Nite nite Emjay, sleep tight.

    Nite nite everyone else. see you tomorrow. sweet dreams. :)

  • Hey nite nite Jillygirl, god be with you, and you just try to enjoy your sleep, You got me gal :) :)

    Good night everybody, and love you all

    Pete :)

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