It's going great!

Well I'm now on week 6 of not having a death stick and am feeling pretty proud of myself!

I've stopped by using the mini lozenges and it is recommended that at 6 weeks you start cutting down on them if you can.

Today, if I felt the need, I have skipped having a lozenge and just had a mint instead!

Have cut down the lozenges to 4 so far today, which I'm quite proud of.

Will try this again tomorrow and hopefully will be off the lozenges soon but will be addicted to mints instead!

Andi xx

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  • Well done Andi, Next thing the dentist will be on at you asking if you eat lots of mints. Much better than those horrid white sticks though.. I am off on thursday to the dentist. I am waiting for him to say " still smoking"? I will take great delight in telling him. You watch he wont ask me when I want him to.

    Will let you know.

    take care and keep up the good work. Jillygirl.

  • Hi Andi and congratulations on getting to week 6. It's now exactly 3 weeks since I lit my last cigarette.

    I went cold turkey and as I already had a good supply of mints (which I used to use after cigs cos I didn't want dog breath) I shove one in when I feel a bit of a craving coming on and that usually keeps it away so I don't think it'll affect my teeth.

    Stick with it and keep in touch - together we are STRONG and we can do it - correction - WE HAVE DONE IT!!! :)

  • Hey Andi, you're doing brilliant. Congratulations on entering your 7th week now of being smokefree :-)

    Just make sure you always have your lozenges on you in case you need them. How is your sleeping now? I remover you were having weird dreams a couple if weeks ago.

    Keep up the good efforts :-)

  • Thanks emjay. Had a great weekend and only one lozenge today and no cravings. As you said emjay I make sure I have the lozenges with me just in case!

    Don't know about anyone else but so much for the smooth clear skin you get from not smoking - my face has errupted with spots, I'm like a teenager again! Hope it's just the nastiness escaping from my body and will soon disappear but like I said earlier I havn't suffered any other side effects apart from the weird dreams earlier bit they seem to have stopped now!

    Good luck to everyone this week and keep up with the willpower.

    If I can do it I'm sure everyone else can!

    Andi xxxx

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