MONDAY - DAILY CHAT - 09/06/2014


Well it's back to work for me today with a great deal of trepidation. Having said that, if there's one thing I've learnt from this journey it's to face the fear and do it anyway :)

Today I'm heading to work with pretty much no nicotine in my system, it's going to be very interesting and I'll admit it's a bit scary BUT buried somewhere deeply in my handbag is a pack of mini lozenges for emergencies, and I have to do this at some point so why not today :)

Actually it's quite exciting, like a little adventure - this could be fun!!! I am now feeling positive and looking forward to the challenge -

What ever challenges you face today, stay positive and be happy and remember NOPE - you can do this! :) :) :) xx

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  • Morning all,

    Good luck Chrissie on your no nicotine day, hopefully it will be a breeze, you seem pretty positive :)

    I am shattered today, didnt get back until late after the wedding yesterday, It was a brilliant day, and the sun shone all day.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend x

  • See Pinkie - we told you to have fun and you did :D Glad it went well for you hun :) -x-

  • Al, just flippin magic gal, just magic, am soooo glad you had a lovely weekend :) :)

  • Oh I do love a good wedding, such great social occasions and you get to dance and everything! So it sounds like all went very well and you had a great time, now knowing me, I would have booked to day off to recover!!! How was your day? xx :) :)

  • Good luck with that today :) xxx

  • When is our 3 months ?!? Is that next Monday?!?!

  • Its next Monday Mummykins :) :)

  • Whooo hooooooo ;)

  • OOOH its nearly party time :D

  • Hey, yeahhhhhhhhhh :D :D :D

  • Toooooooooo flippin rite galllllllllllll

    Yippppyyyy flippinnnnnnn dipppyyyyyyy doooooooooooooooo :D :D :D

    I just cant wait to see your new shiny badges :) :)

    You stay strong and focused Mummykins and you shell have a new shiny badge :) :)

  • Morning all, good luck today Chrissie, you can do it :)

    So glad you enjoyed the wedding Pinkie :)

    Mindermummy only 1wk to go before you get a new badge, well done, nearly there :)

    To everyone else on this difficult journey, stay strong, we can do it :) x

  • Good Morning One and All :-)

    I've only been lurking behind the scenes over the weekend as I had way too much see through milk on Friday evening - resulting in a whole day lost on Saturday :o :o I had a whole 'never-again' day!

    However, I went out again last night to Liverpool Echo Arena and 'got on down' with Dolly Parton :D :D She was absolutely fantastic and I would well recommend that if anybody gets the chance to see this lady, then do it :-)

    Chrissie: I hope you are having fun with the lovely Danielle :-) You were up and about really early before work today - If you need your lozenges, then don't be shy on using them :-) Stay strong, you can do this ;-)

    Al: glad to hear you had a lovely day yesterday at the wedding, I hope your heads not too bad today in work though as an after effect :o

    Mindermummy: you are now fast heading towards completion of your first smokefree quarter of a year, you and Chrissie :D :D Really am proud of you both - The time seems to have flown by - I hope you feel that way too :-)

    Briarwood: seems like there were all kinds of almost nakedness talk and antics going on here yesterday - A bit of sunshine and we have most bits and pieces of ourselves out for show, I was as amused reading as you :-) :-)

    Kaprin: how is little Sophie Esme doing? Grab as many baby snuggles as possible :-)

    DroopyJ: Congratulations on your new shiny badge of 3 months! I bet you are well made up :-) Well done to you :-) We're eally proud of your achievement :D :D Sending lots of stress free vibes for a carefree week in that there workplace ;-)

    Smokefreeandme: I hope you are feeling more positive today towards how well you are doing and how far you have come. Using whatever aid to help you to quit is the best way for you and means that you are smokefree :-)

    Kronoskeylock: Martin, thank you for posting your thoughts through pictures, this is what works for you and I'm sure there are many others in a similar place :-)

    Sue930: Now past your 8 week mark and settling in very nicely to your 9th week :-)

    Mrssunnyside: Congratulations on achieving your Race for Life 5k yesterday :-)

    Pete, as always - loving your fun side - you really do keep us entertained - Lets just make sure your support doesn't get lost throughout it - You are as much as a member needing help as the next person. I have my beady eye on you and will always be lurking over your shoulder - in a positive way ;-)

    Surrendertowin: Ray, just wanted to send hope and prayers along your way for you, Kate and her family xx

    gibbers: Now that you had that 'curiosity' puff - remember the NOPE rule - Not One Puff Ever! Glad it didn't taste that nice for you :-)

    Andi: Well done to you on your 15 miles yesterday - Although I reckon you probably found it to be really easy! Don't forget - it's your de-hairing day today ;-)

    Veekatz: Big waves to you :-)

    Pspurs: Having read your post about using your e-cig more to just have something in your hand.. How about you try carrying a pen around with you too? You may be able to slowly but surely make the swap then? Just a thought :-)

    TerryOR: Keep marching forward - you are doing brilliantly. Please also continue to share some more of your fantastic paintings with us :-)

    Anyone heard from Sin lately? :o :o

    Big waves to everyone else looking in :-)

    Wow, it was the morning when I first started typing all of the above!!

    Latest news on our lovely JillyGirl is that she is now at home and not too happy that she has to rest up - She is under the watchful eye of Nurse Sarah and so I'm sure she'll have to do just as she is told :D :D

    Right, best I get the kettle on!

  • Good evening Emjay, nice to see you gal :) and I dooooooo hope your head is better now :o :D :D

    Yes, Emjay, thank you for spelling it out to me gal, I promise you I will come shouting if I need help and its lovely to have you ermmmmm, lurking on my shoulder :) so I will have to be on my best behaviour from now on then :o :D :D

    Had a good day today, I didnt need a lozenge until I left work, I needed 1 driving home again though :P

    Giving my e-cig some snogging now, but all is good on the Monky front :) :)

  • Don't worry monky we are all keeping a beady on you ;) :) :D

  • Hmmmm, might have know you would have been keeping a beady eye on me eh :P :D :D ermmm, is that your droooooopy one or your good one :o :D :D :D

  • What I've got two????? hehehehehehehe just my droppy one :D

  • Errrrr I think I have monkyitis..... I meant Droopy.... DOH!

  • :D :D :D your a one gal, but loves ya ta bits :) :)

  • :D

  • Whoohoo Chrissie..... nic free day eh? Hope it went really well for you hun, you soooo deserve it :D

  • ha Ha Ha - well I got through it without going into meltdown or shouting at anyone!!! It's a miracle!!! :)

    So how was your day dearest??? :) :) xx

  • Mine was good, I just growled at everyone and they left me alone.... :D Actually I even left a bit early and managed to get out about 5pm whoohoooooooooo :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Chrissie, I hope you have achieved what you wanted to do today :) cos your one hell of a Lady and you grasp the bull by his horns, so to say :) :)

    Oyyyyy, whats the flippin idea using big fancy words on a Monday morning toooo :o cos my one brain cell dosnt wake up until Tuesday, if am lucky seeee :o :D :D :D

    Speak soon I hope :) xx

  • Wot like 'fun'...... hehehehehehehehe you up to 2 weeks today mister monky.. :D

  • Good evening Droopydraws :)

    2 weeks tomorrow to be precise young Lady :) :)

  • That has come around soooooo quickly, v proud of ya mister monky :D

  • Thank you soooooo much Julie :) :)

  • I'm sorry if I am replying late, just trying to catch up on the posts gal :) :)

  • Well done on your nearly 2 weeks Monky and you just keep a snogging that e cig as often as you like :) :) :D :D

  • Fresher, will dooooo gal, erm, I have decided that they need female names, cos snogging Fred, just dosnt sound good eh :o :D :D :D

  • Hahaha whatever rocks ya boat :P haha

  • :D :D :D

  • Ok Bertha & Gertha ..........

  • Hahaha very strong feminine names, makes me picture Les Dawson haha :D


    Yep see what you mean...... :D

  • fresher you took the words right out of my mouth........ :D

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