Day 4 off the cigs

Well here I am on day 4 without the cigs. I had a drink on Friday night and never once wanted one even though I was with someone who was smoking, so I'm feeling extremely proud of myself. Today though I could be tempted to buy a packet of cigarettes but I'm gonna take Loki my 10 month old puppy to training instead. Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday xxx

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  • Wow.... great going W33fee 👍 that's one hurdle over, great stuff xx Go..... take Loki training... I hope he's not as naughty as his namesake.

    Karen xxx

  • He's worse than his name sake lol but a big softy. He's a German shepherd and has selective hearing at the moment. I've already had a warning from the council about him barking out the back door at people walking past but the reason for this is because my neighbour doesn't like shepherds lol. Xxx

  • Ahhh love him ❤️❤️ My dogs love older people because they walk slower and they can bark for longer when they walk past 😂😂

    Have a good day, give him a big hug from me xxx

  • I will do Karen. He will probably misbehave at training as usual but that's the fun of having a puppy lol xxxx

  • Well done, Fee, you have every right to feel proud of yourself, keep it up and take that puppy training, a better use of time and energy. Have a fab day xxxxx

  • Thanks Corona. Hope you have a fab Sunday xxxx

  • Well done fee for getting through last night smokefree, you can be very proud of that👏🏼 Enjoy your puppy training👍🏼🚭😊

  • Thanks xx

  • Your doing great W33, just think even Loki is going to be better without all the smoke around him.

    Stay strong your a winner. :) xx

  • It seems harder this time round and I don't know why but I'm not giving up as I know I can do this again xxx

  • Well done fee, you know you can do this as we know you can do it too......Loki will appreciate it in his own way. xxx 🌸

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