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It's been a good day!

Hi Everybody

Well today was a good day at work, in fact it was a great day. I had the chance to sit down and chat with the rest of the team without the bosses present and explained to them basically what had been going on and that my upset (which they understood) in no way reflected on my willingness to help and support the girl who will be left after the others leave the team, and I would really appreciate their help in learning the new tasks. Their response was amazing and we had a really productive and fun day. Without sounding patronising, I was so proud of the girls and I think my enthusiasm motivated them. .So I am feeling so much better tonight than I have since the beginning of the week and thanks to their support I think I'm going to enjoy (to a certain extent) my new role! :)

So it's all good and it is truly a Funday Friday! :) :) :)

Happy days are here again!!!!

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So what's the new role Chrissy?


It's more a dramatic change of role Kaprin. Due to 2 of the team leaving over the next 7 weeks, I have to take on a lot of their duties as well as trying to maintain my original role as secretary to the Prof at a time when we have new clinical trials starting and one massive one ending (so much work!!!) - he knows he cannot have the level of support he has been used to but I just don't know how I'm going to cut that back and still manage it all. But my biggest fear this week has been that I actually don't know how to do most of the things that will be expected of me because they were never part of my role before, but today has been lovely so I'm feeling that by the time the 2nd girl leaves I will be capable of doing the job knowledge wise, I just need to work out how to fit it all in - although I did offer to do a night shift!!! :) :) :)


"The sun is shining here again" 8-)

So glad that you are feeling heaps better Chrissie :-) It can be so hard when there's changes in the worklace and you have to kind of step up to the mark and hope everything falls into place :-/ it sounds like you have a good team around you to support this move.

Keep you chin up Missus, keep smiling and all your cyber buddies are with you all the way too ;-)


Ah thank you EmJay (miss superstar no less!!! :) :) :) )

It's going to be fine, and if it isn't, it won't be because of any lack of effort on my part! It makes me laugh how much planning and preparing for this reminds me of stopping smoking, I've certainly learnt a lot from this site!!!

Enjoy your glass of wine. I need to fetch some milk so I might accidentally slip a nice bottle of red into my shopping basket whilst I'm at it :D :D :D xx


Good for you Chrissie, even planning the shopping trip now... Love it! Remember the 6 P's in life.... Planning and preparation prevents a piddle poor performance ;-)


Hey Chrissie, its great to see you back to your happy self again gal :) :) You brighten my day up gal :) :)

Erm, perhaps you will have to do 12 hour shifts like me then :P :D :D :D xx


Ha Ha Ha - I was just reading EmJays 6P thing and I immediately thought that Planning and preparation prevents a poor piddle performance - that's not very promising is it? :D :D :D

Yes I'm back and feeling so so much better than I have been and I'm sorry for being a bit overwhelmed by it all, but hey, these things happen eh? :)

12 hour shifts, it's possible but not if I can help it - actually no that won't do at all - I'm too old for that marlarky.

So how are you? :) :) :) xx


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