Daily Chat: Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Daily Chat: Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Happy Wednesday Everybody, wherever in the world you are :-)

We have that beautiful round orangey thing in the sky again today which is extra nice, although I expect it will be quite the opposite for Glolin Down Under in Australia where it'll probably be a bit more of a moonshine rather than sunshine :o :D I'm working from home today and sooo wish I could take the laptop into the back and enjoy the sun... Can't see the screen though :-( Anywhose, at least it is a lot cooler in doors - always looking for the positive eh?! :o

Droopy, thanks for catching Pete's badge for me - However, there seems to be a problem with getting it to stick to him :o I shall ring Health Unlocked to find out what the problem is! With regards to your lovely self and being nicotine free for almost 7 weeks now - Boo hiss to workplace stress, try not to let it win you over. I would suggest just using the lozenges as and when you need them now - rather than using the patches. This way - you will only get an emergency nicotine fix as and when you need it - rather than all round the clock when using the patch. You've gone for so long now, it's time you recognised that you deserve to move on up to the next well deserved level ;-)

Pete, I can't believe I missed your 2 months!! Consider my wrists slapped :o Fingers crossed your badge will be with you as soon as :-) I hope that there ear infection is starting to leave you be today and allows you to enjoy your time off work :D

Glolin, well done to you on reaching your 4 week mark :-) This is quite an exciting milestone in the stopping smoking journey. Keep smiling :D :D

Katelisci, I hope the sun is shining for you wherever you are and that the cravings are as far away as possible ;-)

What's all this talk about green T-shirts then? I don't seem to have had mine yet, I bet it'll come today whilst I'm not at the office - shall have to wait until tomorrow.

Briarwood - big waves to you :-)

Hey, hey, hey to anyone else having a nosie about, let us know if we can help in anyway :-)

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  • Thanks EmJay!!! Today's going to be a lovely day over here in the Midwest. High 70's and sunshine! Lots better than the mid 90's we encountered yesterday. Them cravings were taking a nasty peck at me all last week... but I think I have finally scared them off ;) Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Aup Kate :)

    Soooooo, you got it hot over their tooooo then gal :) 8-) :D

    Hey Kate, if you want to borough my spear any time to get rid of them flippin pesky cravings, just give us a shout gal and I will throw it, ermmmm, no best not, cos last time I threw my spear to a Lady, ermmm, she was bending over seeeee :o She was not a happy bunny ;) :D I will post it to you, much safer :)

  • LOL Monky!!! Thanks for the thought :) I luv the idea of you *posting* me a spear! Sounds like a plan as long as like you said you don't go and *throw* it over my way. Don't want it getting caught in places that it shouldn't be ;)

  • You can say that again Kate.... he's a rubbish shot :)

  • :D LOL :D

  • That's hot, hot, hot katelisci 8-) 8-)

    The temperature shows 33 in the car here which translates to 91 in English language :D :D

    Remember to see any cravings as a positive sign that your body is recognising that you are no longer feeding it with those 4,000 plus poisons :-) The more you learn to overcome, then the stronger you will be ;-)

    You can do this!

  • HEYYYYYYYYY, look at my new shiny badge :) :) :) :)

    Thank you ever soooooo much Emjay :) :) and of course thank you to our DroopyJ for catching it for me :) :) Hmmmm, I bet you made Emjay shine it up for me though :P :P :D :D

    Emjay, you forgot to put the - in between the 8 and ) to make the 8-)

  • Whatcha talking about Mister? :o :-/ ;-)

  • OYYYYYY, thats flippin cheeeeeeeeetting, you flippin Woman youuuuuu :P :P :D :D :D

    Emjay, if there's one thing that I have learnt from this site, apart from quitting smoking :) :) that is how you Women, ermmmm, Ladies :) manipulate us pooooooor old boys on here and TRY to pull the wool over our eyes :o

    Just flippin looooooove it gal, just love it :) :) :) :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha LMAO :D :D :D

  • Hey Monky, looking good in your new green tshirt

    but could you PLEASE put your pants on coz you might get in trouble with Emjay :D :D x


  • Man you is one hairy monky......... :D

  • Hi Droopy, how was your day and I need a bit of help here with the streaker :D x

  • OooooooKkkkkkkk if I must tut tut :|

  • Well it's either that or your nitey :D x

  • Yeahhhhh, but my ed sticks out of my nity :o :D :D xx

  • Ok I've told you before about your Ed :D

    Keep Ed covered up Man :D x

  • LMAO....... :D :D :D

  • I was just going to say tha droopys gone running for cover at the mention of your Ed :D

    You a brave woman droopy :D x

  • I is only a youngster & don't really understand ;)

  • You and me both gal :D :D :D

  • Well you just keep it that way young lady :D x

  • Really? I always thought monky was a bloke........ :D :D :D :D :D

  • That just goes to show ya then doesn't it you youngsters don't know everything ha ha :D x

  • LMAO :D :D

  • Me toooo gal, me toooo :D :D :D

  • Ok Ok :o if I must :P

  • mmmmm isn't it supposed to you nitty ???? x

  • Well it depends where your Ed is :O :D x

  • Well !! Where is it ?? its flippin gone :o and its not cold tonight seeeee :| :D :D

  • I'll love ya and leave ya droopy and nitty :D :D my eyes are drooping :D x

  • Nite nite, hope you can find Ed :D x

  • nighty nite Briar, have a good nites sleep and hope you are bright eyed and bushey tailed tomorrow and enjoy a warm smoke free day :D

  • Thanks sooo much but I ain't been bright eyed and bushy tailed for a long time :D x

  • maybe monky can catch you one.... ;)

  • Yeahhhh, I can catch a bush :) :) if it stands still eh :D :D

  • Briar will be delighted..... you will be wearing your pants though wont you ... :O ;)

  • Course a will, what do you take me for :o a monky or something ;) :D :D

  • Nitey nite Briarwood, you make me laugh soooo much gal :D :D Am sending you loads of cuddly sweet dream huggs :) :) erm, just hope hubby dont get em instead eh :o :D :D

    Have a lovely sleep Briar :) :) xx


  • Er yep and???????????

  • I think I did a great job on catching and spitting on that there lopvely shiny shiny new badge ;)

    Way to go monkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy looking good ;) :D

  • Ooooooooo thank you sooooo much DroopyJ :) :) I wont call you Droopydraws again, Droopydraws ;) :D :D

  • HAHAHAHAHA Ear, hows your inner ear???? also I aint the one with droopy draws, I think thats your title now.....!!!!

  • Thanks for the support EmJay ;) For some odd reason the cravings were especially strong this week. The stress at work probably didn't help ;) But you are right.... with each day I pass up those cravings - I do feel stronger inside :)

  • Good afternoon Emjay, Kate and everybody :) :)

    Emjay, did you mention my ear infection, cos I didnt quite get what you said gal :o :D :D ermmmm, about the green HealthUnlocked T-Shirts, I would soak them before you put them in the washer with your other clothes, unless you want everything to be green :| :D :D

    Hey Emjay, did you say you got some more little chooooooooockies now gal ? :)

  • Pete, you are funny :D :D Yep, we now have another 3 little chucks - not 100% sure yet but think they might be an Esther, Nora and Tootsie - but will come back to you on that one, waiting for the Grandbabies to decide! They are 3 different ages and 2 of them look like they are wearing a pair of feathery trousers each! Gertie isn't too pleased with them moving in at the moment and so we are having to put up with the whole 'pecking order' process :o :-/

    Yaye! I see your badge is sticking now!! ;-)

  • Yeahhhhh, its there shining bright gal :) :) thank you very much :) :) xx

    I suspect Girtie will soon have the pecking order sorted out :) Ermmm, dont want to alarm you, but some eagles have look-a-like feathery trousers on :o :D :D :D

  • Evening all you lovely quitters :)

    Emjay I hope Gertie is keeping your new little chucks in order :)

    Monky you look soooh good in your new badge, hope you feeling good too :)

    I'm just so PROUD of ya and all you newbies as well :)

    Kate you just peck those pesky cravings right back :X

    If monkys spear doesn't work, you'll have to get some little chucks like Emjay :D

    Been busy playing nurse to my daughter today as she's on crutches :(

    Lots of fun with the little ones though, so had a lovely day :)

    Enjoy your smoke free evening everyone :) x

  • Good evening Briarwood :) and thank you soooo much for feeling proud of me, and liking my new badge :) :) Cos it does mean a lot to me gal and thank you again :) xx

    I hope your Daughter gets better soon :) and so glad you enjoyed playing with the littleies :D :D

  • How's the ear today Monky? Hope you been taking it easy :) x

  • A :o

  • Thx Briarwood... Another day down and one added to my calendar of days that gone by and I haven't had that Mr. Nic ;) I am sure I read somewhere that this wasn't going to be easy, but you always hope that maybe just maybe you would be the one that it would be a piece of cake for :) Keeping strong thx to you guys ;)

  • Yeah - it's strange, isn't it? None of the effects of nicotine withdrawal are that serious but it niggles away and is always in the front of our minds. If only we could forget it, it would be much easier to cope. But how do you deliberately forget something?

    However, I like the (mis-)quote I saw recently:

    "That which doesn't kill me, makes me stranger!"

  • Ha Ha I've not hear this before but it seems very true to me, I like it :D

  • Glolin, wow wow wow, 4 weeks today, that's sooooo fantastic, I hope you are feeling very proud of yourself because we are all sooooo proud of you :)

    Well done to you and what a brilliant job you are doing, AMAZING :) x

  • Hear hear Briar :) :)

  • Glolin, am off out in my pants now gal chasing around after your new 4 weeks badge seeeeee :o erm, not a pretty site, but its the way I do things seeeeee :P :D :D

    A massive big well done to you for reaching erm, erm, 4 weeks quit :) :) Wayyyyy Hayyyyyy gal, thats the way to goooooo :) :) I bow down to you Glolin :) :) even if you are from down under see ;) :D :D :D xx

  • Awesome...Thanks monky..Great to see you with your 2months badge :D

  • Hey DroopyJ, are you going for an opp then ? cos seem to have seen something about it :o

  • I am on 5th Aug (unless it gets cancelled...) am having my gallbladder taken out.... apparently I don't need it :o

  • Hmmmm, does that mean you wont talk sooooo much then :o :D :D :D

    Any way, who needs a flippin gallbladder this time of the Year eh :o :D :D

  • I know its just weighing me down..... although I was hoping it was gonna weigh 2 stone... ;) apparently Ill be lucky if it weighs half an ounce :( ;)

  • Well, get rid of something bigger then eh :o :D :D

  • what me ed????? :D D :D

  • As long as its your's :D :D :D

  • don't think Id benefit weight wise if I took your ed now would I... although it would be funny and I could laugh me own ed off :O

  • Ha ha ha ha oy, you saying I got note in my ed then :o :D :D

  • Well If the cap fits...... :D :D

  • DroopyJ, got to go now gal, so I will say nitey nite to you and if you want em, I will send you some sweet dreaming, bush catching, cuddling, coooooooling and nice sleep well huggs :) :) alllllll with pants on seee :D :D

    Good night gal, sleep well :) xx

  • And you too hun.... v glad about the pants :D :D

  • Yeah, thought you would be :D :D

  • thanks Emjay, wise words re the patch..... your such a good QS Advisor :)

  • Thanks EmJay!! would kill for some warm weather. we at opposites Day/night and also winter/summer.

    My sister is holidaying in the UK at the moment and see all her facebook posts in tee-shirts and shorts while I am in my winter woollies :( Roll on summer downunder :)

    Have a great day/evening everyone

  • Ill swap with you Glolin Im a real winter girl, I really hate the heat coz there's only sooo much clothing I can remove without getting arrested :O :)

  • :D :D :D

  • To Be honest, I too prefer the cold over the heat. Our summers can be unbearable with days on end over 40degrees Celsius. Being in the middle of winter I would just like some sunshine :)

  • Sorry Glolin I missed this one..... wow that is just toooo schorchio for me, I hate it when its 21degrees....... :(

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