Hello everyone!

Hope you're all well and had/having a wonderful weekend. Things are really tough for me atm and I'm sorry to bring the happy smoke free vibe down. I had a great couple of days this week. I did two whole days smoke free and was feeling so good about that. Then something happened at work on Friday that turned my world upside down and I turned back to the dark side as a result. I'm still only having a couple a day and really don't want to blow it completely, but I'm not gonna lie it's hard. Today though I did something positive. I've joined the local leisure centre, as I find when I get home from work the toughest part of all. You see there's no one here to encourage me not to smoke. So I figured rather than turning to the fags at the end of the day when my boss has sent me crazy, I'd go to the gym and take my frustrations out on the treadmill instead. At least now I've cut right down, hopefully I won't wheeze and make a complete idiot of myself! Besides I can't afford the membership AND smoke so I've kinda made a bed for myself. I'm so envious of you all, your badges and your upbeat banter. I really want to be part of that too!

Can I just say a big thank you to Louby. You've been a great help to me so far and I am genuinely so proud of your progress.

Keep it going everyone. You're all amazing :) xx

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  • Hi Marchy, dont get downhearted love, we have all had our ups and downs. Sometimes it just takes a few practice runs to quit, You will do it when the time is right. I promise! :) :) xx

  • I do hope so jillygirl. I have the little book of quitting, a brief synopsis of the Alan Carr book, which I carry around with me, and he says that there IS no right time to quit. So I feel bad that I've used the excuse of Friday's events to justify my habit.

  • Hi Marchy, I feel for ya, but don't be too hard on yourself. It is hard and we all struggle on a daily basis in our own way. We are all here for ya x

  • Thanks Briarwood. I have to be honest and all the happy, happy, happy was making me feel a tad inadequate. Please believe me, I'm not dis-ing the love, I think it's wonderful and I love reading all about it, but I thought I should share my true feelings as if I didn't I probably wouldn't get the best out of being part of this community. So thank you again for your honesty. It is a true comfort. xx

  • Oh I forgot to say well done for joining the gym. X

  • Hey Marchy, dont be to hard on yourself eh :o

    It is tough gal, I tell ya :( and I'm the same as you really, although you have nobdy when you get home from work, I have Her-in-doors and her Brother who both smoke in the house, so when I get home from work, I open the back door and can smell smoke straight away, sooooooo, as soon as, I go into my garage and jump on my rower and give it hell gal :o :) :) and I tell you, I feel on top of the World when I get off it :) I know then, I can go back into the house and face mr nic eye to eye :)

    Look Marchy, I'm 58 now, and I know by your pic that you are a hell of a lot younger than me, you have got your whole life ahead of you gal, you are in your prime, so you do this Marchy :) you do what ever it takes to quit :) :)

    Marchy, exercise is one hell of a way to tell mr nic to go and, ermmmmm, go eh :o :D :D

    You have been doing soooooo well Marchy, I know you can do this gal, with a bit of exercise and the help of all these lovely people on here :) YOU WILL DO IT :) :) xx

  • Hey Pete, thanks for sharing that with me. I think I've got it bad not having anyone at home, but to be at home with two smokers and STILL be able to quit takes some courage. You have incredible willpower and in my book an absolute star for what you've achieved under such temptation. RESPECT! Oh and for the record, I'm only 10 years younger than you. xx

  • You'll get there in the end Marchy, like everyone says we all have our bad days. That is how I came to smoke those 18 ciggies this time last year, had been struggling along with Champix for 3 months then my whole world was turned upside down. It is very hard when you don't have anyone close to encourage you. I had my husband who was like the cigarette police :D But we'll all cheer you on and I know what you mean about not being able to afford the gym and smoke so looks like you're stuck with the gym :) at least you have somewhere to go now to take out your frustration.

  • Yep. Marchy the gym bunny.... here i come :D 1 year winner Sinfree! What a blinder! :) :)

  • Hi Marchy, I know just how difficult it is for you. I too am on my own and I just removed from sight anything smoking related and came on here loads. Great that you've joined a gym, maybe you can do some of the classes and make a few new friends there too. Anything you want though, just come on here and have a moan or a laugh - it really does help. See you again soon. :)

  • Hey Andi. I'm on here loads, although not been particularly active in participating as I've been struggling with a fair few emotions this last few days. I've also removed from sight anything smoking related, but could only bring myself to stash it all in a tin and put it under the sink, so still easy to access. Although that probably doesn't sound particularly committed, it still means I have to make a conscious effort to go and retrieve it in my desperate hour. Maybe next week I'll upgrade to keeping the tin in the shed..... little steps and all that :)

  • I had about 6 cartons untouched when I quit. I hid them in the shed cos it was a bit further away. ;-) I didn't touch them and eventually my friend bought them off me. :)

  • Marchy you've done really well, had a stumble, then went right on as the strong woman you are, with a plan! Brilliant, really rooting for you, I think it's a brilliant idea. Great idea joining the gym, I think it will be worth every penny, still cheaper than smoking, and just the job to get that feel good you need. And healthy too :)

    I am on a new quit, day 2 only, walked 6 miles today and still needed to mow the lawns this afternoon and evening. When I got furthest before, keeping busy and exercising helped loads, so, thinking of you, pumping at the gym, putting boss and nic behind you! Maybe there's a punchbag? hear they're really good :)

    All the best, keep the plan tomorrow, it's a gooddun :)

  • Hi Betts, new quit, new you! Way to go! Good luck with your new quit, you really can do it, with all our help on here. Andi :)

  • Thanks very much Andi :) All support very gratefully received! Using nrt, and anything I can, not proud, just want to quit :)

  • Keep going Marchy you are obviously committed or would not have come anywhere near this site to get encouragement so keep it up. And welcome to you to Betts and your fitness regime, your doing amazing.

  • Thanks Fresher, this is a great site, so welcome

  • Hi Marchy, I've just read your post and it seems to me that you are being incredibly hard on yourself. You haven't officially stopped yet, you are still in the planning stage (hence joining the leisure centre - excellent move by the way) and you are having practice days before you stop completely - and anyway, you are only having a couple a day even when you are not on a practice day which again is part of the planning and preparation to stop!

    You are actually doing brilliantly!

    The only thing I can think of suggesting to you now is perhaps think of things you could do instead of doing what you are doing when you smoke the most, then actually start doing them before you officially stop. Like I stopped putting the tv on, because tv time was my serious smoking time! I made myself do other things instead and that included coming on here and chatting just to distract me! And this was before I actually stopped. I was like you actually, I had practically stopped smoking by the time I stopped smoking! And I was ready, and so will you be and you will do this - just believe in yourself xx

  • Glad you came on here Marchy. In all honesty I wanted to come on here and scream or weep or something, I don't rightly know what, earlier. It isn't easy. I am ashamed to say I took it out on my nearest and dearest briefly, who offered to go buy me some cigs, then I said 'I have to go', and started walking....

    6 miles later..... still emotional!....Angry really, so more 'doing'.... Been calm since then, plum tuckerrd! But also using an inhalator to suck on. I am not strong enough to resist cigarettes in the house. Wish I were. I think you are all amazing being able to do that. Especially Pete!!

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