Week 1 of smokefree for me !!

Well it's 7 days today for me, ermmmm quitting the smokes that is :) :)

I'm using an e-cig and the lozenges at work :) I have used the lozenges before, the 2 mg ones that is :) cos I find the 4mg lozenges seem to burn the back of my throat eh :o The e-cig, am getting used to it now and I must say, yeah, its helping a hell of a lot on my journey :) :)

Well, although I've been snacking on peanuts & raisins all week, I have just weighed myself, annnnnnnnd, I'm flippin still 11st 2lb which I am very happy with :) :) cos I thought that I would have put some on, nuts beeing nuts and all eh :o :D :D

Am keeping focused and positive on my quit and yep, am going to do it this time :) :) yay flippin hayyyyyyyyy :) :)

Thank you all for helping me soooooo much :) :) xxxxxx

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  • Woohoo well done monky Pete xx

  • Thankyou ever so much Beth :) :) xx

  • Fantastic mr Monky your doing amazing as you are amazing, well done to you and your new friend the e cig (I still name Eric) haha, xx

  • Ha ha, cheers Fresher :) :) erm, I'm not actually sure what name we came up with in the end :o :D :D xx

  • Jed & Wood on account you have two of em (am assuming they are twins????)

  • Eric and Ernie :D :D

  • Fanny & Johnny :D

  • It was Fred or Freddie or Frederic or Frederica :o :D :D

  • Yeah but when you said you had two of em.... jedwood was posted..... :D

  • Yeah, they look a like toooo :o :D :D

  • mmmmm identical twins generally doooooo -x-

  • they, do look alike :o :D :D

  • Well done monkey proud of you

  • Awwww Smokefreeandme, thankyou ever so much and I'm very proud of you tooo gal :) :) xx

  • Dear Mr Monky Motivator Pete - what can I say?

    YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! Sorry, I didn't mean to shout :)

    To turn it around in such a short time and to have achieved a week already is just amazing. I am really really hoping that you are feeling proud of yourself tonight, because I am feeling so proud of you, in a totally non patronising way!

    Be strong my friend, I know you can do this, I want you to do this, not for me, but for you. You have been so motivational, so caring and so loving to so many people on this site, we wouldn't have got to where we are without the undying care and support from you - it's your turn now. No more blips, no more Mr TWIT, this is it and you have 1000 people who want you to succeed in this battle. Do you want to do this? YES YOU DO!

    So tell me, have I nagged you enough now? :) :) :) xxx

  • Its ok Chrissie, cos got my ear muffs on gal :P :D :D :D

    Thankyou too, for being a brill friend to me and helping me as you have done and i lovs ya ta bits for that gal :) :) :) but am still a twit eh :o :D :D :D

    PS, just love being nagged at :) :) :) xxx

  • Brilliant...well done....keep going with the e cig...it's a lifesaver. :)

  • Thankyou sooo much Mummykins pipp xx

  • Ha ha ha ha Briarwood, that flippin pic as got me laughing my flippin ed off see :D :D :D

    Thankyou :) :) xx

  • Sooooooh glad Mr Ed is happy :D

  • You just crack me up gal :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Well done Pete, you sound so possative again, you won't fail with the e-cig, it's doing it for me !! :-D only thing is I'm back up 18 strength at the moment, but know I will reduce down again soon. But still not losing any of my weight gain :-( have relaxed on the exercising, so only got myself to blame eh !!

    Have persuaded hubby to try the e-cig, but he's not really trying hard enough as he only uses it at night, about 3 or 4 times !! What flavour do you vape Pete ?

    Hope today being kind to you, Have a good one. :-)

  • Hey, Sunny thankyou gal :) :) yes, I think exercise does help when quitting the smokes, cos I myself eat more when I quit, sooooo just have to do a bit more exercise eh :) even a brisk walk dont half burn some cals off gal :) Oy, if you aint got a dog, then chuck a bit of rope around hubby and cart him off for a walk eh :D :D :D

    Sunny, I'm on 1.8 mg strawberry erm, vape gal :) :) xx

  • Hey Pete, week one... Done! Well done to you :-)

    You are now safely into week two, we just need to carry on marching forward and keep you on track :-)

    I love your picture Briarwood :D :D

  • Thankyou Emjay :) :)

    And yes, I am definitely marching forwards with of course you on my right shoulder to guide me in the right direction :) :) :) xx

  • Yo! Well done you! Glad you didn't just disappear and say nowt. :) Keep at it my lovely, you are still a beacon to us all! The first puff does the damage - think that's what has kept me off em, not particularly the lung cancer. I have nursed many a patient with lung cancer and carried on doing it myself!! This time - like any addiction one shot of heroin - alcohol - ciggs whatever your drug of choice - the addiction takes over along with the "stuff it syndrome"! Keep going you little hero and enjoy your nuts :) ;) :0

  • Aup Vera, its great to see you gal it really is :) :) :)

    Thankyou for your words of wisdom too, young Lady and I will keep going and I WILL reach my goal :) :)

    Yep, snacking on nuts rite now gal :D :D xx

  • YAY !! WELL done on an awesome first week Pete.Glad the Ecig is helping,keep going my friend,you can do this.Hugs H x

  • Hi ya Hellon, its great to see you too gal :) :)

    Yep, ave got used to the e-cig now H, thankyou, but it has took a bit of getting used to :o :) :)

    Loads a huggs heading your way H :) :) xx

  • Well done Pete on a scrumdilliumpticious job reaching a weeeeeek, really proud of you hun :D

  • Awwww, thankyou ever so much Julie, hmmm, that scrumdi-------- ermmmm well, I could just eat it eh :P :D :D :D xx

  • you done a week - you can eat what you wants... even if its words :P :D

  • Well done Pete, and for the none weight gain too :) good skills hun, pleased the ecig is helping you on your way too, they are good. Stay strong honey xx

  • Thank you sooooo much Al :) :)

    Erm, not sure of the good skills though gal :o :D :D but I will try my hardest to stay strong and focused on my quit, thank you again Al :) xx

  • Fantastic Pete you are going to do it this time I can feel it in my water. X x x

  • Hey kaprin, its lovely to see you gal :) and thank you sooo much for the feeling you have in your water, ermmm, well I think so anyway, cos its different and it might just work eh :) :) xx

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