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Right that’s it, cigs & lighter are in the dustbin....i have had a very emotional morning, went to the cinema...49yrs old & had to have my ventolin on hand.

Enough Mr Nic, i am so done being one of your bloody slaves 😡

I want to breathe & i want to LIVE

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Hi Vee👋

That’s the fighting spirit you need👍 Well done, this is going to be the very best thing you can do for your health🚭✅

Just remember how important this is and if you’re tempted, keep saying this to yourself........I want to breathe and I can do this. You are stronger than a little white stick💪

We’re all here for so shout out whe ya need to coz lots of lovely people here to help.

Good luck, we look forward to supporting you on your quit journey🚭🚭💕🌻xx

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Thankyou so much, don’t know why i’m so tearful today, i guess it’s the realisation i need to do this to have any quality of life & be able to look after my 10yr old darling son x

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to Vee70

Your son is the best motivator there is, luv the pic of you both looking so happy❤️xx

Good2share3 YEAR WINNER

Hey Vee70

I don’t often come on here now as I gave up nearly two years ago but just wanted to tell you that your doing great and keep going. I don’t use my inhaler anymore so keep going and stay occupied 👍 your doing fab.

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to Good2share

Thankyou, i hope to be the same & help support others in time x


Well done Vee,you're stronger than the addiction. 💪

Enjoy breathing better and living a healthier life.😘

Remember if you need a shoulder to lean on, there's always someone here.XX🌼🌷🌹

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thankyou x

Corrina1254 YEAR WINNER

Well done Vee, best decision you could ever make for you and your son. Keep strong and remember you are not alone on this journey, so come keep us company.

We are always up for a chat, laugh, rant or vent.

You're in good company girly and we'll support you all the way!

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to Corrina125

Thankyou Corrina125, i will be checking in regularly, think i will need some help! X

ChavivLeon in reply to Vee70

The picture is beautiful. I had some problems with throat. Resisted going to ENT. Was afraid because I used to smoke. Thank goodness, went to see ENT. . no throat cancer....says it's reflux. Think of me when wanting that smoke stick.


Congrats - stay strong.

Im right behind u vee. Giving up the vape for me tomorrow. U can do it. Xx

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to Monkeypants

Hiya, good luck to you, i’ve done 7hrs so far...onwards & upwards 😀x

coat2003A Friend

GOOD FOR YOU Vee70! It's gonna be hard,, challenging at times, testing times...But stick with us and if you have any questions, just ask...You've decided well! Too young to be affected!

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to coat2003

Thankyou very much 🙂

Good luck Vee70. Luckily smoking never had a hold on me. Could pack up easily. Just smoked socially at 1st. Completly gave up Dec 21 1990. When my Mom died of Smoking related disease at 62. Within 2 days of feeling ill she was gone. Bad old Woodbines. Tip i used to do. If i had a craving for a fag. I used to chew gum. Found it helped. Good luck BRIAN

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to Bingo88

Oh goodness, so sad. Good for you, i have gum at the ready, thankyou 😀

Was sad. My Mom knew she was ill. But kept it to herself. Not wanting to worry us. Xmas has never been the same since. But good opportunity to have holidays every year since

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to Bingo88

Xmas is so difficult for many, i guess a holiday makes it slightly more bearable.

I see you are in hosp, from another post. Wishing you a speedy recovery 😊

Lol. No had a pacemaker fitted 3 weeks today. All was going well, until my complete arm on the op side started swelling up. Had a long day at hospital yesterday. Found i have a blood clot in my Shoulder. So on a self injecting 2 weeks of Warfarin

Vee706 MONTH WINNER in reply to Bingo88

Get plenty of rest, hope you’ll be fighting fit soon x

Bingo88 in reply to Vee70

Thank You

Good job. Be done with it...it will be liberating. You are still young and quitting will add years to be with your family.


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