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I made it! Whoop whoop! 100 days free!

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER

I’ve been using this community for a couple of years and a serial quitter for a long time! Have been constantly on and off, but I have made it through to the other side and wanted to share my 100 days nicotine free life! ♥️

This community has helped so much! I’ve been reading people’s stories to inspire and help me through! Thank you!!! xxx

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Well done Frostytime. 👍👏👏👏✖✖


Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to jillygirl

I am so happy! It’s been a tough ride! Still have symptoms but won’t be going back to the start of withdrawals again! I have really appreciated your energy and work on this site ♥️ thank you xx


Huge congrats Frosty on your super achievement🎈🎉🎈So proud of you🚭👍👏👏xx

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Thank you so much briarwood 💙💃🏻🦩 all my failures actually did help! And this community provides great supports xx😍💃🏻


Lovely job!! Frostytime! This time it's forever!!👏

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to TheTabbyCat

I’m smiling as I type this! This time is forever!!! Thank you for my new mantra!! 👍👏😊😍


Well done Frosty, so very pleased for you 😀

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Corrina125

I’m really happy Corrina125, it’s been a long time in the making! And thank you so much for your kind words over the last couple of years xxxx

Well done and be very proud of yourself. 100 days is a wonderful achievement :)

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Suffolk_guy

Still a long way to go, but through the dark days early on, there feels some light creeping through! I always wanted to hit the 100 day mark! My next marker will be 6 months 🙏😊thank you for your encouragement 😊

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Go frosty, go frosty whooooohooooo 100 days is flippin awesome hun, am soooo delighted for ya coz you seem to have lined up all your ducks in a row 👍👏👏👏

Great example of never giving up quitting coz you do get there in the end👏👏🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to droopyJ

Soooooo many ducks droopyJ, so many! I’ve broken the nicotine curse! 36 years later! But better late than never!! 😍😍😍😍

Happybear19 Months Winner

Congratulations Frostytime. This place helps so much. We are all here together. Bless the administrators.

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Happybear

The administrators are amazing! They have supported and helped me in ways they don’t even know!

People sharing their stories have been incredible too!

It’s such a brilliant support network!

Thanks happybear! All the best with your quit too! ♥️👍😍


Well done frosty time! 🌟🤩🥳💃🏻🥇🏆

Definitely a celebration time! I’m also a serial quitter, but no more! I’m not having it! 😉

Sounds like you’re feeling positive and chuffed too and I think this has got to be a good sign. I’m loving being a quitter! Hope you are too!

This is a fantastic site. It’s my first time quitting with this support and it’s made all the difference for me.

Keep going! Keep posting and keeping celebrating! I’ll race you to 4months 😂

Good for you! Well done! Whoop whoop 🤩🌟🥳🥇🏆💃🏻😉☺️

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Cloe

Thank you so much Cloe! I’ve been a serial quitter for years! I know the pitfalls now so well and can manage them ♥️ even my tears! Which I’m sure I managed every emotion with a cigarette! There’s a purity with emotions now!

I am so happy for you too! The feeling is wonderful and your words of encouragement are so lovely!

Sending you loads of positive energy with your quit! I’m soooo looking forward to the 6 month mark! You’ll be there before me!!!

Enjoy your new smoke free life and be proud of what you’ve done! I am! Big love Lisa ♥️💃🏻🥳😍🦩

Cloe4 MONTH WINNER in reply to Frostytime

Wow! That’s beautiful, I love the way you say you have purity in your emotions, and I agree, everything was managed with a cigarette, from beginning, middle and end. And when we sucked in all those harmful chemicals we also sucked in, ignored and swept under the carpet our own selves. Feel so much more free’ing just being 🥰☺️

And there’s not much in our 6month mark, must be only one or two days, so will be there together. 🥰☺️😉

Love the flamingos 🦩 I have to start using those now 😁

My partner bought me a flamingo (Salix) tree the other day, one of my favourites.

And wishing you enjoyment and love for yourself too, every little moment you give yourself a smoke free life 🥰☺️🤩😉

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Cloe

Bring on 6 months! We’ll definitely be celebrating 🥳🦩💃🏻 xx

oldmoney3 Months Winner

Hahaha congratulations we have a very the same situation about on and off and celebrated 100 days too. When did u quit?

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to oldmoney

The on and off is frustrating but can teach us lots! Congratulations on you 100 days and your success! 👏👏👏👏👏 it’s a great number to reach! No going back now, we are well on our way 😊 I quit for my last time on April 15 this year! What was you quit date? And once again congrats 🥳 and enjoy no longer having to be at the mercy of cigarettes 👍🥳😊👏👏

Boops1Planning to quit

So so well done !

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Boops1

Thanks Boops! Great name that make you smile! Thank you for your encouraging words! Very much appreciated 😊

Realllly19 Months Winner

Woohoo Frostytime— waitago keep it up!

Frostytime6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Realllly

Awwww thank you so much!

I reaalllly appreciate that!🥳🙏sitting at day 116 now! It’s been a tough couple of days! So great timing with your message! 👍👌😊

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