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I like to write

So I like to write and now and then you will see something from me... it may not have specific things to do with smoking... yet a lot of my pieces have to do with negativity, and what does negativity have to do with smoking EVERYTHING.

The Goblet of Life

When life was filled with magic, secrecy you would find

Folklore spoke through these tales, a world lost in time

So behold the Goblet of Knowledge from ancient days of old

A vessel full of promise with an endless liquid untold

Earth gems molten from the fire of the dragon king

Blown into shape with an Angel’s breath upon her ring,

While enchanted wisdom entwines through solid strands of oak

Felled from the Sacred Forest beyond the mountains cloak

Through this veil of majesty you’ll find a legends path

Listen for the song of chimes, a memory to capture and grasp

For no map will show its temple, no voyage will find its source

To seek the truth within the goblet belief should be your course

Search your inner strength flowing through your spirit

As words of enchantment are thoughts you will inherit

Find the one of honor with a blessing to behold

Whisper in the wind for which it awaits to be told

When the word is spoken the heavens will shine down

A shroud of misty magic will illuminate the temple grounds

Inside this sacred space the goblet will appear

The knowledge you wish to seek is ever so clear

Take hold the stem of wisdom placing the bowl upon your lips

Sweet nectar of understanding will flourish from one small sip

Return the goblet to its shrine its only rightful place and

Truth of our splendid Universe will fill your heart with grace

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