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Good morning, Friday at last ,nearly the weekend and another week of non- smoking.

Autumn is upon us, as we find we don`t go out as much ,with the weather changing,

Make sure you have plenty of healthy nibbles around the house. When you get a craving

you will have something else at hand. Remember Quit support is always here to help.

Looks like its a rainy day today , so do my shopping then watch hubby finish decorating .

I will be chief tea maker today. :) whatever you are doing today enjoy! :) :)

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Morning Jillygirl,

Love your pic today, best thing about autumn is the colour of the leaves :)

It's raining heavily here, has been all night, expect to see ducks soon :D :D

not doing much today, housework as usual, great :D : D

spoke to samantha last night, she gets her first scan soon, can't wait to see it :)

Hope you have a great day :) x


Hi Sue , glad all ok. its taken me an hour to reply to you. Slow or what. will report it again.

see you later. have a good day. :) xx


Hi Jillygirl,

I know it's as slow as anything today, i thought i was the only tortoise today :D :D

hope the decorating goes ok, no grizzly bears about :D :D

chat later :) x


Good Morning Everybody,

Friday again, already! The weeks are flying past so much faster than this site seems to be allowing me to post on here this morning :-/

Sue, the excitement really begins once you get a copy of your Grandchild and it really will reinforce your reasons for staying stopped :-)

Jillygirl, you'll not be wanting to sell up once you've finished decorating, you'll be thinking "hmmm this is a nice house, I might want to stay here" You'll have removed all traces of any smoker that ever used to live there too. :D

Wrap up nice and warm today and be careful not to get blown away. For those of you with any health conditions such as COPD make sure you remember to take your medication and take care when going out as the weather really is cold and not good for those with respiratory problems. Remembering also, that by stopping smoking you will be helping your condition from worsening and will be able to live a more healthier lifestyle :-)

Remembering also that as long as you have a positive outlook on your stopping smoking journey so far then you will find this a whole lot easier.


Hi Emjay

I'm getting so excited now i can hardly contain myself :)

this will get me staying stopped, i'm sure, no ciggie smoke is going anywhere near my grandchild, anybody does they'll hear from me :D :D

have a great day, don't work too hard :) :) xx


As promised Pete:- Fridays evening treat , celebrate the start of the weekend you and your other half. Enjoy!







Hi Jillygirl that looks great, bet Pete and his missus will love it :)


hi peeps,another week done :) ,off out for a stroll around the lake then home via a pint in the local then finnish off the laundry task later,all's well here but not complacent ,every day is a new day :)


Hi Ken, sounds like a good day, couldn't do that here we've had a monsoon :D :D

It's great you've got another week under your belt :)

enjoy the rest of your day :)


Hi Ken, another week under your belt thats brill! enjoy your stroll and your pint .

Have a lovely weekend. :)


Thats great news to hear Ken. You sound ever so positive too :-) Enjoy the rest of your day, enjoy your pint and have a lovely weekend :-)

Jillygirl, your so thoughtful, I'm sure Pete and the Missus will enjoy their Friday night treat :-)

Sue, I remember when my first Granddaughter was born, I wouldn't let my sister hold her until she had not smoked for at least an hour before. Much to her dismay at the time, she now fully understands the dangers of passive smoking and even though she continues to smoke, she no longer smokes around her own kids, my niece and nephew. I think it really opened her eyes once she knew how strongly I felt about her smoking around the little ones :-/


Hi Jillygirl, you don't look old enough to be a grandmother, what's your secret :) :)

It's so important that people don't smoke round kids and babies, thankfully my daughter has never smoked, and neither has her partner,i think out of both the families there's only one who does, i think of myself as a non smoker now, it helps to keep my mind focused as like Ken said you can't be complacent :)


soooo sorry i meant to say Emjay don't know what happened there :(


Hi ya everybody,

It sounds as if you are all super fit and enjoying the day :)

Jillygirl, you trying to put me on my back gal with all that stella :o ;) gosh thats strong stuff, but thank you so much, its just lovely gal it really is, luv ya xxxx


Hi Pete,

You sound in a good mood today :) glad your happy :)

enjoy your party with the missus :) xx


Aup Sue, i didnt recognise you to start with :o is that a new dress you've got on ??

Yep am happy, cus its the weekend gal :D :D


:D :D yes i bought it yesterday when i went running with hubby's wallet :D :D :D

weekends are the best,long lies, and lazy sundays :) xx


Ha ha cant fault ya gal, i bet hubby dosnt even know you had it :D :D you keep him decorating gal :) :)

It gives it quit nice this weekend, weather wise that is :) :)


By the way, have got my spear at the ready if needed, but so far so good :) :)


you got good weather this weekend, we're probably getting more rain, cause we didn't get flooded enough today :D :D

hope it's nice for you :). then you could get out in your garden :) x


Yes i like gardening Sue, its erm therapeutic and your in the fresh air while your doing it :) :)

I bet you cant wait for the pic of your Grandchild can you :) :D i would be the same gal, if not worse than you :D :D


yeh it can't come soon enough, 26th this month she gets it, sooooo excited :)

I loved gardening, don't have one now, would struggle to do it now though


Hi Pete, glad your back to your happy self. you enjoy your weekend. ;D ;D


hopefully you won't need your spear, i'll keep my fingers crossed :)


Hey Pete , you been throwing that spear at the gremlins. Slow all day but now your here it seems back to normal. :O


Aup Jillygirl, nope i aint thrown it yet, but i think they know i've got one, and its armed and ready for em :D :D


Jillygirl, your hubby done that decorating yet gal, just wonering whether you've put something in his cuppa tea or not :D :D


I'm signing off now, getting tired,

nite nite sweet dreams, have a nice evening both of you :)

luv yas :) xx


Yes he`s finished it thanks. Well I am signing off for today. See you all tomorrow nite nite loves ya all. :)


I hope you both have the loveliest nights sleep ever tonight, cus have i ever told you two that i luvs ya :) :) sweet dreams and God bless you both xxxxx

See you tomorrow :) :)


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