I was like that!!!

Last night and another night shift. Two of my team are smokers and kept asking me to leave the unit for a smoke. I got a bit fed up with them and found myself saying "can't you wait until your break?" Seeing the agitated state they were in and the snappy replies I let them go. And then it hit me.... all the years I had been smoking and how agitated and snappy I got when I couldn't have a cigarette.  Yes i was like that. So be nice to your mates that are still smoking coz they haven't escaped yet.... oh alright and be a little smug because we have!!!!

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  • When I smoked none of my team did, every time I went out for a smoke I took 10 mins off my lunch. To me it wasn't fair that I got to get time out from work when the non smokers didnt😊 It's interesting that we have turned from poacher to game keeper🙀😊

  • He he yeah know that feeling lol :) all my mates are smokers at work. I now go out with them for fresh air, and they now accept I no longer smoke. But hey that took time , as use to give me agro ( you know o yeah you not smoking heard that before)  don't blame them as usually only lasted a week usually not smoking. But hey I showed them and they leave me alone now. I go out with them as I miss the gossip , nosy I am. Stay strong and proud of you xx

  • I used to start work 30 minutes earlier so that if i ducked out for a quick smoke, i didnt feel quite so guilty..shortened lunch breaks..I gotta say..i love going for a walk during my lunch break :) :) ..clears the head..and can have the full hour :) :) guilt free 

  • Wow what a lovely considerate lady you are and how lucky your team are too👍 think I wouldn't have been quite as nice as that at 2 weeks quit😳 or now for that matter😂 you most definitely are a winner, well done😊

  • I get it totally--weird to be on other end isn't it??  xxx MmeT

  • ...and the smell when they come back inside! That was us once.

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