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Daily Chat: Wednesday 14th August 2013

Daily Chat: Wednesday 14th August 2013

Happy Wednesday Everybody :D

There seems to be a few gremlins about this morning and especially more so last night! Pete's magic spears didn't seem to be working that well at fending them off. I wonder why that was..... ;-) :P :D :D


Well, it is now mid week and we have another weekend fast approaching!

Whenever possible, make sure you are feeding your mind with good positive and healthy thoughts, it will help you through the day :D

Remember to be on guard for any of those pesky cravings as you know that they can strike at any moment. If you do get a craving, try and recognise where and when it happens, make a mental note of how often. If there is a pattern to its arrival. It may be the 'piggies' last attempt at trying to get back into your mind and win you over again.

Re-visit your reasons for wanting to quit smoking in the first place and remember that it is you who is in control of your decisions and the choices you make :-)

If you are feeling low in any way, let us know and we can work through it together.

If you are feeling quite happy, come and share your smiles with us :D


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Hi Emjay and everyone,

I've only just managed to get on here now, don't know if the gremlins are on here or my laptop, either way it was driving me nuts :D :D

Having positive thoughts certainly helped me in the early days, they still do, they helped me to push any cravings away, that and being daft,saw me through :D :D

The tea is out if anyone wants a cupppa


and a biccy, sorry I didn't buy choccy ones this week



Good afternoon Emjay, Sue and everyone.

Yep, gremlins this morning - they were obviously working on the site and had to take it down to do whatever it was.

So, I did my run last night but had to give up before the end due to my feet again. Never mind, I'll get there one day. Went out on my bike this morning and had a good ride. I've decided that this month I'm going to do some kind of exercise every day (think it'll be mainly running, cycling or walking as I don't want to be stuck indoors).

I think I might enjoy a day off in September. ;-) Like a few of you, I'll be away on my hols the second week. I'm off to sunny Spain with a friend to go to her friend's wedding. :)

Better go and do something in the garden, see you later. :)


Afternoon everyone,

Those gremlins have been pesky today, only just managed to get on here.

I have had a great morning. I went out with Mike one of our FagEnds advisors to support some of our Liverpool clients who are working hard to quit those piggies. It was fascinating.

Everyone has their own story of how they got to the point where they want to stop smoking and keeping focussed on that when times get tough really helps them to manage those pesky cravings.

Everyone has their own cunning plan on how to avoid those ‘automatic’ situations when they go to pick up a cigarette, and those who plan for those difficult moments are the ones who do best at beating the cravings.

The other big factor is making sure you get the best out of the NRT products you choose by understanding how they work and how often to use them.

The key thing is to work out what works best for you and staying motivated by planning for success….what do they say ‘fail to plan and you plan to fail’

The great thing about this forum is that you all help each other with useful tips and strategies and you are so ingenious in beating the piggies.

So…….BIG RESPECT to you all. Those who have quit, those starting out, those struggling a bit…..your strength is in your support of each other.

Put your right hand over your left shoulder and give yourself a big pat on the back because you deserve it.

Eye x


Hi Eye, tip for "gremlin time". Sometimes it takes a while for a post to go through and you think the screen has frozen then when you go back in your post has duplicated. :o You can then delete your excess posts by using the edit button. :)


Thanks Andi, good tip. I have deleted the same post twice but got there in the end ;)


Hi Andi, you must be superfit with all that exercise you do, I'd love to do something like that, 10 min walk is as far as i get, at least it's better than nothing, so i'll be going out for that soon.

Enjoy your gardening :)


Ha! Spent too much time on here and now it's started drizzling. (Pete will think it's just an excuse. :o ) :D :D


Good afternoon ladies, and gents if they are peeping in. I could make an excuse that the gremlins wouldn't let me on, but it wasn't them after all. This morning was dentist first thing , had filling done. That reminds me how are you with your tooth andi. Then supermarket. After that went to see my daughter who is still feeling sorry for herself. She never has been the best of patients. So after a lot of mummy and daddy hugs, we left the 8 year old in charge of her mum. :) Got back for lunch. managed to have a bowl of soup with my numb lip and mouth.

Then we went into town and bought one or two bits towards our Blackpool break. On the way home on the bus there was alady on there who had an awful cough, much worse than I had ever had. Half way through the journey she got her packet of ciggys out and a lighter and played with them all the time . When she got off the bus she had that ciggy smoking like there was no tomorrow. What an awful addiction smoking is. I felt like saying something to her but the evil look I got I had second thoughts. So I have just got in , now going to get a cuppa and prepare a salad for tea.


Hey Jillygirl, you put your flippin feet up gal, preferably with a cuppa :) :)

Loads of huggs heading to your Daughter, cos it sounds like she needs them :) :)

Its a good job she's got you and hubby eh :) :)


Hi Jillygirl, you've had a busy day, I've had a lazy one today, hope your daughter feels better soon :)

Thinking of the lady on the bus, that would probably been me at one time, only thing, i've never had a cough, smoking has such a strong hold on people, it's a terrible addiction, she shouldn't have given you a bad look though.

get your feet up with your cuppa now :)


Hi ya Sue, so you've had a lazy day today then ! nice one gal, so you flippin should toooo :)

I hope you enjoyed your walk :)

I like your new pic by the way, erm is that hubby next to you ?? ooooooh I shall have to find my specks, I've put them down somewhere :o :D :D


Hi Jilly, so you're enjoying using your bus pass now then are you? My tooth's better now thanks, I didn't eat anything til about 4 o'clock yesterday.

I think we've all been there with getting the fags and lighter out and at the ready for the off. I went out shopping this afternoon and as I was coming back down the travelator to the car park, I could smell the smoke at 20 yards wafting across to me. (I admit it did smell nice to me - don't think that's ever going to leave me. :o ) Luckily enough, I never had the cough though. Phone!


Aup Emjay, its lovely to see you again gal :) :)

As for my spears not fending them gremlins off last night, think they've gone soft like me in my old age :o :(

Well, ave been a busy little bee today, got the conservatory roof ripped off, so I could get to the guttering above, resealed the guttering, managed to re-roof most of the conservatory, then it started raining :( so I then had to go to plan B !! get a polythene sheet out with some bricks to hold it down, just hope it dosnt get too windy :o :|

I hope you've had a nice chilaxing day :) :)

Hopefully speak soon :)


Hiya Pete, what a busy bee you have been, you must be a bit knackered now. ;-) Did you have any help?


Aup Andi :) ermmmm, yes, yes and nope !!


I was just about to reply to you,

Did you get your indoor gardening done ?? as in your mind and not in body :o :D :D :D


I did water a couple of house plants. :)


:P :P :D :D :D


Hello again everyone. Just got in from childminding , so thought I would bob on and see what was happening this evening. Hi Andi, that's the first time I have heard of a travelator. see learn something new everyday. :)

Sue glad your taking it easy today. I am planning a day like that tomorrow. fingers crossed.

Well Pete you are a busy bee. hope you manage to finish the roof tomorrow. Although Friday is supposed to be a good day. :)



AAAAAAAup Jillygirl :) you flippin have a flippin lazy flippin day to flippin morrow gal :) :) can ya hear me !!

As for the pic, welllllll its not quite as bad as that, unless it gets windyyyyyyy :o :|


Hi Jilly, I didn't know you'd been round to Pete's. Can't see his outhouses - are they at the bottom of the garden then?


It gives it wet here too, tomorrow Jillygirl, so I will just have to potter at pottering wont I :o :) huh, unless her-in-doors finds some decorating for me to do :P :P


Why don't you just do what you want to do? - it is your time off. You could even try staying in bed late (I couldn't get out of mine this morning - managed it just before 9 - not normally like me :o ) then relaxing on the sofa in front of the tv with your laptop on your lap. Then after lunch, when it stops raining, you can go and have a nice walk in the countryside. :) You deserve it! ;-)


I wish gal, I flippin wish :o

Hey do you fancy being my boss !! :D :D :D


Okay. I'm a very good supervisor - and don't miss a thing! ;-)


Here is a pic of my beautiful new bike img826.imageshack.us/img826... It arrived today - along with the rain :( Oh well, gotta go to work tomorrow anyway. Had a go on it at lunch time though, it flies like the wind. Am now awaiting the arrival of my turbo trainer - for when its raining - which will probably be most days.


Hiya Sin. is that the same bike you were talking about a few weeks back? I'd really quite like a road bike but want to do a test drive first.


You'll have to see if someone will lend you one to try out, most bike shops don't seem to do test drives. I already had a road bike but with straight handlebars - didn't think I could ride one with drop handle bars but I did a 20 mile ride on my husbands bike and quite liked it. A quick ride around a car park or even just sitting on it in a shop isn't quite the same as doing a bit of distance.


Hi ya Sinfree, its good to see ya gal :)

Its got a lovely pear of erm erm handlebars Sinfree, but just one thing, who's swiped your peddles ?? :o

I can picture you riding for miles on that gal :)


It was so hot off the press, hadn't got round to putting the pedals on. It's got those annoying pedals with a toe strap that permanently twiz round so that they're always upside down and I risk crashing into something cos am so busy trying to get a foothold that I'm not looking where I'm going :o Hopefully I'll get used to them with a bit of practice.


Rite am off to get some flippin kip now, so I will see you all tomorrow, hopefully :o :)

Nite nite now, Emjay, Jillygirl, Sue, Eye, Andi, Sinfree and everybody :) and God bless you all :)

Gosh it sounds like the Waltons !! :D :D :D


:D :D night Pete. have a good day tomorrow.


Nite nite Pete and everyone else. I'm off too as I've got to get up early tomorrow. Hope you all sleep well - sweet dreams. :) :)


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