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Quit Support Stop Smoking Community Guidelines


Dear All,

I would like to bring your attention to the following points when posting a blog, question or commenting on /replying to another member’s post;

Please do this:

Be true and correct to the best of your knowledge and experience

Be in the spirit of the site: to share, inform and support

Please don't do this:

Name and shame identifiable individuals

Be abusive, malicious or deliberately misleading

Be threatening, abuse or invade another's privacy, or cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety

Be likely to harass, upset, embarrass alarm or annoy any other person

If a person chooses to blog about their experiences of quitting smoking, whether it helps themselves or other people, then this is their choice. Likewise, it is also the choice of other members as to whether they decide to read these posts or not.

Blogs, questions and comments needn’t always be positive as stopping smoking isn’t always a positive experience; however there is no need to be negative towards each other. If you cannot reply in a supportive manner to another member’s comment, then please do not comment at all.

Quit Support is a stop smoking community where members seek support to do exactly that, stop smoking. It may take some people a while but it is hoped that we will help all members to reach their goal - No matter how they get there or how long it takes.

Any negativity relating to the above will not be tolerated.

Once again, I shall be going through all posts and deleting any that relate to other members negative behaviour. Please do not take offence if this means that any of your posts have been deleted in the process.

Please be kind to and have the respect for each other.

13 Replies

Hear hear, I totally agree with you Emjay.

dawlol18 Months Winner

Double hear hear, well said Emjay!


Triple that, totally agree Emjay.

quadruple here here ,Thank you Emjay for helping keep this site safe


Flippin heck . I quinth that. that cant be right . ok I fifth that . don't know what 5 is in fancy words. :P

And I sixth it !

Can I do that?? Well I am doing anyway ;)

simba19618 Months Winner

Number 7 signing in suec xx


Nice to know you can actually remove Posts EmJay. I must admit it was putting me off. It's very selfish and self centred to use a public site, simply for personal indulgence.

It's such a lovely happy site usually, and really does help me.

So thanks for keeping it conflict free.

Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

I hope all comments are now fun and happy posts.

I may feel like contributing a little more now ;)



You know I am with you 100% gal and i will back you up when ever you need it :) :)

Erm I think that makes me 10th :) :)


I am not a number :-) but EmJay's post is a good start to restore what once was a nice, suuportive and friendly forum to visit.


I ain`t got a number, but, yes it`s nice to be nice and if you can help just one person on their journey, then it`s been worth the effort.

Happy journey friends.


nixy27 Months Winner

It might be a long journey this non smoking, it certainly feels like it at times.....We will be here for each other, thats the main thing. I might not blog very often but I am here each day reading the posts and keeping my fingers crossed for each and everyone of you. I hope that we have all had a good and happy smoke free day x

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