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Hello fellow quitters hope everyone is well.well here goes still off the fags this is now the longest ever in 35 years ,feel like rubbish thou but reading your posts I know this is normal ,how long does it last feel like crying wishing I never started the habit .i suffer with chronic pain syrdrome so where fingers crossed my nerves are coming back to life it's really painful for me ,but the doc did say it's a good thing for this condition won't cure it but flare ups won't be as bad and it wasn't caused by smoking thank god .is it normal to feel emional ?

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  • I did a lot of crying too.  Think it's a part of recovery that a lot of folk experience.  Mo x

  • I emailed an admin about an hour ago asking the same question, I'm only 4 days quit but  saying the word cigarette, or telling people I have quit smoking cigarettes will lead to me just crying and crying and crying, I thought I was alone in my widthdrawl symptoms, so I guess I would say yes this is all part of the normal withdrawal process.  each time I feel like crying I blame the cigarette for being so mean as to bring me to tears.  Best of luck!  One breath at a time!!! And as I've been reading since Monday...N.O.P.E. 😊

  • It's part of our bodies healing plus our minds are grieving I guess ,it's something that's been there all them years and now it's gone ,we will get there slowly but surely ,one breath at a time x

  • Hi Clarissa and a warm welcome to quit support. Congratulations on your 4 day quit 👍😀

    Quitting smoking is not easy - but it is very doable 😀😀

    No two people quit the same, but there sure are many common symptoms of recovery that our bodies go through - both physical and psychological. Being tearful and even mild depression is quite common. 

    I believe that knowing that what you are experiencing is quite normal and that it does pass, truly makes it easier. If you haven't already done so, do take a read of the pinned posts as there in info on what you can occur. Most of us went through 3 or 4 different symptoms, but we will all tell you it is so worth it when you get through the other side and have taken back the control 😀😀

    Does this make your quit date the 27th March? 

  • Thank you very much, I quit 3 years ago but only for 9 months, same thing then, couldn't stop the tears from flowing and then would get angry, my last cig was on 3/28

  • Welcome Carissa💐

    I need to keep reminding myself why I cannot smoke..

    1. Avoid a smoking related illness



    Those 2 smoking related illnesses scared me into quitting...

    I thought smoking helped me cope... It took 5 months into my quit to finally lose interest in smoking!!  I thought my dependence on cigarettes would never go away ..

    I always have an eye out for Mr Nic.... Addiction is powerful, cunning and waits patiently for us to stumble 

    Not Even One Puff... Ever

    I really hope you have a successful quit journey👍🏻


  • How do I find the pinned posts on my cell phone? My brain seems to be in a fog the past few days..

  • Hi Carrisa, welcome to our lovely community 😊 if you scroll down from here, you will come to the Pinned Posts and Also the Topics. 😊😊

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Carissa and welcome to quit support😊

    Well done for 4 days quit👍🏼and you're definitely not alone in your withdrawals. It's great to know that this is a very common side effect. One day at a time and stay close to this site. NOPE not one puff ever🚭 Here's to a healthier and wealthier future, good luck🍀

  • I wish I could say there was a timeframe - but there isn't - we all quit differently..each new day we get a little stronger and better at staying smoke free.

    We need to be patient as our bodies recover not only from nicotine, but all those Nast chemicals found in cigarettes.

    Keep believing in yourself and knowing you are doing the best thing you can for your future health.. You are doing brilliantly Bevie 😀😀🌷🌷

  • Hi Bevie, you're doing great so be very proud of yourself. Every day smokefree is a victory. Emotional?????? heck yes😊 Definitely worth it though👍🏼 

  • Hi Bev. Ur doing really well on five weeks. Be proud of urself. Yes emotional is normal angry crying tired snappy furious. U mention it it all goes on but u get over it hang in there 😀

  • I've cried,screamed and even thrown people out of my home lol ..the ones who understood came back I'm so glad I hung in there and joined this group ,,the help you all gave me just from reading your posts made me keep going..I'm a different person now ,happy and laid back ..keep going it gets easier xxxxx

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