Still going strong!

That's me at four months now and feeling very proud of myself. Starting to believe I can do this. Still getting some urges but manage to work my way through them and feels great when i realise I have got through another one. Also realised that I now go long periods without thinking about it which for me is amazing. I have never managed to get this far before. I feel so much better for stopping, my very ugly cough has finally gone. Wish I had done this years ago. For all you people out there struggling to quit, just believe....YOU CAN DO IT.

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  • Hello, I've just reached 2 months with no smoking it is getting easier by the day but i wanted to say congrats to you and hope you are feeling the benefits , I'm finding that certain foods i don't like anymore as the taste buds have come back to normal, i had a big mac meal the other day and it was disgusting i found it far to salty, wont eat them ever again lol anyway keep it up your doing great :-)

  • Kizwiz 4 months is awesome and you should be very proud of yourself,you seem to be managing really well.I'll be at 6 months in a week or so and the cravings have all but gone now,I get the odd one but nothing that isn't manageable.I'm sure it'll be the same for you.Karyn,I went off Marmite and Branston Pickle,it's just really odd that stuff you really loved is now awful.Well done on your 2 months, a real achievement.You're doing great as well so just keep going one day at a time.

  • Hi I have now reached 2 using the e cigarette and not finding my taste buds have come back as also having trouble sleeping....maybe linked to stopping im not sure....but whatever im feeling so much better, healthier and smelling fresher....and saving so much money as I was 20a day....

    so good luck to everyone and keep it up....

  • I also use the ecig maybe that is why I don't notice the change in my taste buds?

  • Also meant to say Juliann that I have found that using the ecig too much late at night can disturb my sleep so I try to limit it which has worked for me x

  • Hi thanks for the advice...I may have to try and not use the e cigarette in the evenings as im still having trouble sleeping...x

  • Well done Kizwiz 4 months is brilliant. Well done to julieann and Karyn on reaching 2 months. You are all fantastic NON SMOKERS. :) :)

  • fanblimintastic. !!!!! 4 months thats forever in smoking terms. i use the ecig and have also done 4 months. if u feel like me its so liberating! its freedom from fags. can go anywhere do anything be anything. its great isnt it? well done you your a winner :-) :-) :-)

  • Kizwiz, a massive Yippy flippin Dippy flippin Doooooooooooooo :) :)

    I'm so so happy for you gal, and flippin YEAHHHHHH you feel proud of yourself, now go buy something nice for yourself :)

    Thank you sooooo much for letting us all know of your success and FREEDOM from mr nic :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • my first month of not smoking I used the money to pay for my flight and deposit for my holiday in I have got a goal to reach....I don't often think of fags second month of money I have put away towards having my house painted...none of this I would have been able to do if I was on the expensive to smoke and the horrible come on everyone we can all do it..

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