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Still going strong! (Cold and flu feelings :( )

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jejj11 Month Winner
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So I quit cold turkey halfway through Monday, It's friday now and I'm still going great! I'm not longer getting quite so emotional or fidgety, and in fact things feel great! I took a cd out of the cd player and realised I could smell the heat of the cd and the player, and I was like "Woah!", then I ran around the house for an hour smelling everything!!!

Unfortunately, the next day I woke up with a sore throat, which evolved into a runny, nose, and before I knew I had the whole flu shebang! By the end of the night I was coughing up blood!! D:

I feel a bit better today, no more fever, the flu medication and anti-col throat lozenges seem to work wonders!

Anyone else have this side effect? How long did it last for you?

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And the moral of the story.....don't go around sticking your nose in where it's not needed:-)

Actually, it's not uncommon to experience flu like symptoms during the nicotine withdrawal stage. That's not to say you don't have a dose of the real thing. Next time you get the urge to go around sniffing stuff, wear a surgical mask. Lol

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Good morning,

Congratulations. You should by now be over the hardest part of Nicotine withdrawal. Although you might get a couple of occasions when it comes back with a vengeance (during week two of my nicotine quit I had an evening where I was angry and enraged screaming at the poor chinchilla!).

Cold/flue symptoms are common.

Once you are over the cold (take a few days off to "enjoy" being ill if you like) that should be the hardest part of the battle won!

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deb979511 Month Winner

Sorry that you are so under the weather it seems that your body is getting rid of everything at once. Soon you will be a whole new you and feeling and looking fab. Stay strong and take care xx

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It's very common jejj, I think most of us have experienced flu/cold like symptoms... they don't tend to last too long it does mean your body is healing though 😀😀

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Hiya jejj, hope your feeling a bit better now💐

Yep the sense of smell is great as I can smell the beautiful flowers in my garden but I can also smell stale smoke which is disgusting and is guaranteed to put me off smoking for ever, so it's a win win situation😊x

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jejj11 Month Winner

Ahh, not fixed yet :(

Still hacking up blood today, basically every problem you could Imagine I am feeling, woke up at night 5am shaking from cold coughing incessantly and with the absolute worst earache in one ear, my poor partner having to put up with my feverish whining. It seems to be the best in the morning, and then I slowly decline into a fever and worse illness later in the day. Hopefully it clears up soon because the blood is grossing me out!

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deb979511 Month Winner

Stay strong pet you are going to start to feel better soon. Just make sure that you are getting plenty of fluids. I'm feeling for you and I'm also very very proud of you. Take care and hope that things start to ease for you soon x

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