2 days with no cigges and still going strong

Hi there, thank you for allowing me to join your forum.

I've been a smoker from the age of around 14 and I'm 50 now.

I've often thought about quitting for good but have only managed it for very short periods of time.

I've now decided that the time is right for a number of reasons. I've begun to realise that smokers really are in the minority these days and it's becoming more and more anti social. I was recently in the company of 25 people and was the only smoker.

I've also been considering the cost and how much it's damaging my health.

I would also like to quit for my 12 year old son who hates me smoking.

I've decided to go cold turkey but if need be, I'll get the support of my GP and any necessary medication available.

I'm going to have a look through other posts about people's journeys to give some encouragement. I know it's early days but I'm remaining positive :-)

Sue :-)

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  • Aww cheers Pete, I actually had my last cig on Friday about noon. I'm just keeping myself busy every time I fancy one meaning that my house has never been so clean :-) I'll let you know how I'm getting on and thank you for your support :-)

  • Hi Sue and welcome. I too chose to quit cold turkey and managed to succeed. It involved an awful lot of sitting on my hands in the early days but saved me from having to quit a second time, i.e. getting off the nrt. Great that you've got through those first 2 days already so that means that the nicotine is already out of your body. Good luck and keep coming on the chat for ongoing help and support. Andi :)

  • Thank you Andi, it's nice to hear that you succeeded going cold turkey. I'm really going to try it this way but if it proves too difficult, I will consider patches or champax or whatever it's called. My sister took them but they gave her really bad dreams. How long have you been stopped? It's very encouraging for me to have this support.

  • I've actually been stopped for 20 months now. It still seems like only yesterday since quitting though, as I did smoke for over 40 years. :)

  • Wow! That's fantastic, well done. Have you any tips incase I feel really tempted? I've heard that a craving only lasts for 3 minutes. I have been thinking about it but so far just managed to distract myself. When do you kind of not really think about it anymore or does that never actually leave you but just get rarer? Sorry for all the questions :-)

  • That's okay - what we're here for. I often feel tempted but know that I won't have that puff cos that would be the slippery slope and I don't really want to smoke ever again. I stuffed mints all the time when I quit and really got the munchies. Great distraction and puts the weight on but hey-ho, you can deal with that later. The breathing exercises are very good and I did quite a bit of shouting to tell the cravings to go away. (check there's no-one around first though! :o ) :)

  • Hi Naburn well done! I'm 49 years old smoked at least 20 a day. I quit July 28th last year cold turkey. It's not easy but just take one day at a time. I also saved the £8 a day I was spending on cigs I can afford a holiday this year! can't believe how much I've saved. Good luck Tracy

  • Thank you Tracy and very well done to you too, that's great that you've managed to do it. Well so far so good for me, it's still early days but I'm surprised that I'm not actually tearing my hair out, I'm so calm, I just keep thinking about all the bad things related to smoking and the stale tobacco stench, that's keeping me going as well as thinking about the cost :-) I'll keep you posted xx

  • Hi Tracy, welcome to Quit Support. I'll pop your name onto our Wall of Winners too and award you your 5 month winners badge. Well done to you :-)

  • Thank you

  • Hi Sue, welcome aboard and well done on making it into Day 3 :-)

    You sound as though you are quite organised and have everything at the ready (mentally wise) to crack on with your stopping smoking journey. All you need to do now is enjoy it :-)

    Was it Saturday 4th January as your quit date? If you just confirm it with me I'll add you onto our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner :-)

    Stay positive and remember that you can do this :-)

  • It was around noon on Friday the 3rd when I last had a cigarette :-)

  • All update :-) Now you are a recognised true winner even more so :D

  • Welcome to the Forum Naburn. I'm round about your age and smoked between 15-20 a day from the age of 16. I've been quit since beginning of september and use an Ecig for the cigs I most miss first thing in the morning. i truly think that if you can manage then cold turkey is the way to go. I'm trying Nicotine free cartridges but even after 3 months I'm finding it hard.If you feel the need to smoke come on here and there's usualy someone about to talk you thru your craving.Get through your first week and that's truly the hardest bit i think. GOOD LUCK on your journey :)


  • Thank you for your support yellowshowdrop. I've been thinking of giving up for a while and on Friday (maybe because I had a cold) I just wasn't enjoying smoking Infact half the time recently it's just been down to habit rather than enjoyment. I have tried e cigs before for a short period of time but never really took to them. I think if you're managing with them then that's great! So much cheaper and not putting toxins in to your body. I'm sure it'll get easier with time, everyone tells me that it does.

    Sue :-)

  • Sue, I absolutely promise 100% that it will get better and easier and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I went to my practice for some NRT (I got an inhilator) which I just couldn't manage with despite the fact it had more nicotine than my ECig however which ever way you do it you're doing yourself a BIG favour. If I can help in ANY way then just shout or as I've said there's absolutely LOADS of support on here. Hugs Helen

  • Aww thank you Helen :-) I've not been too bad today, I'm just hungry all the time though so I'm going to have to be careful with my weight. I already go to Slimming World. I lost 3 stone a couple of years ago and have managed to keep most of it off, I don't want to put it all back on. Is this normal when you first give up?

  • Please keep going - I went cold turkey around mid October and like you ha been a heavy smoker for years - my job also allowed me to smoke in between visits so I noticed in the last two yrs, I had gradually been smoking more and more. What prompted me to do it (and I didn't tell anyone) - was my sister was very ill with pneumonia and a collapsed lung, and we didn't think she would make it. Thankfully she pulled through. I did find that I was beginning to go by lift rather than the stairs and silly things like that...that gradually creep up on you. I did have to have a couple of courses of antibiotics just after quitting for chest infections, but kept saying to myself - think of how I would have felt if I were still smoking. I found Nicorette patches the best thing for me - GP will prescribe for a couple of months. I also went into my bank and set up a direct debit of £200 per month to go into a savings account which continues to give me the incentive to stop for good. So don't give up you are doing really well - just keep saying 'One day at a time" then that one day will be a week and so on.

  • Scottie25, I seemed to have missed saying hello to you! Welcome to Quit Support, it sounds as though you have it all worked out and have a fantastic and effective plan put in place. Well done to you! Let me know what your quit date was and I'll see that you are recognised on our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner :-)

  • Well done :-) great idea about the direct debit:-) I'm doing the 52 week challenge again this year, I did it last year but as time went on, it got harder, this year should be a breeze with not having to buy cigs. It works by saving £1 the first week of January, £2 in week 2 £3 in week 3 e,t.c when it gets in the 30's 40's and 50's it gets harder but at Christmas you have nearly £1.400

  • By the way, I never liked the taste of ordinary peppermint chewing gum and a ciggie at the same time, so now when I fancy a cig I just chew a gum instead. Find them much nicer than the nicotine ones.......just a thought. bfn keep up the good work - Scottie25

  • Hey Sue, sounds like you are doing great. This might sound childish but have you thought if having some sugar free lollipops to hand? They keep the hand and mouth busy

  • Great idea Rainbowlillybet, I'll buy some today :-) day 5 now :-)

  • You need to remember to syn your lollies,I lost nearly 4st with SW 6 yrs ago but sadly have gained some of it back.Yep,I've been hungry for the last 4 months since I quit(can't believe it's been that long) but the weight gain is something I can deal with later I'm now nicotine free having moved on to mix free cartridges at the weekend,I'm strangely proud of myself,4 days Inc free and not suffering at the moment.Naburn, you CAN so do this, just stay focused and shout when you need help.Hugs Helen

  • Predictive text again !!! It's nic free cartridges & 4 days nic free Sorry !!!

  • Thank you, I'm pretty proud of myself tonight as I've been out with my 19 year old daughter who's at Uni and has a job too so I rarely see her these days. I've had alcohol which I thought would be my weakness regarding ciggies and I've not been tempted at all. Still going strong 5 days on, it's a record :-)

  • Well done naburn you will get there x

  • Thank you Kaprin, I see you have your 4 week winner badge, have you found that it's got easier as times gone on?

  • Hi, yes I am now at 10 weeks and it does get easier first two weeks def the worse although Mr Nic regularly pops in your head when you least expect him. I have been on the 16 hour patches which finish in 2 weeks, but I forget to put them on a lot of the time and then wonder why I have a sudden craving! chew sugar free gum a lot too. good luck you will get there x

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