Day 4

Hi all!

Ahhhh i am absolutely buzzing :) i am on day 4 now of no smoking, and i am so frigging PROUD OF MYSELF!

On day 1 i felt absolutely fine, managed to find a lot of stuff to keep me busy which was good. I cooked a shepherds pie for dinner and read a book and generally kept busy, and before i knew it the day was up and i was snuggled down in bed.

Day 2 was a little difficult, i just felt a little down. I'm normally a pretty chirpy person and everyone at work kept asking what was up, which was sweet of them, and by talking about why i felt crap (giving up smoking) i had a lot of encouragement which helped me through a crappy day.

Day 3 was fine, i ended up binge watching some TV last night and although i wasnt 'busy' the cravings were minimal.

And here we are on Day 4. I am currently reading 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr) after being recommended it by a work colleague. and it is really changing my mental thought process. The first couple of days i almost felt like i was missing out, but now i can believe i ever put those dirty things in my mouth. Gross.

Thank you everyone for your support :) NOPE :D

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  • Love your attitude👍🏻

    I'd like to read that book

    All the best xx

  • Thank you! I have a PDF copy of the book that i can send you if you like? :) xx

  • Oh it's okay Jess😊

    I'll get it here..... You're so thoughtful ..

    Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Hugs from the UK right back :D xx

  • HI! Another UK quitter here...about 26 days for me now (I think?!) using an e-cig. Well done to you, especially if you've gone cold turkey. I posted a few days ago about feeling a bit of a fraud for quitting but still inhaling nicotine. I'd love to read the Alan Carr book if you could send it to me? My email address is

    Thank you!! Hope today has gone well for you xxx

  • Hi Kerry it is on my work computer but I will be more than happy to send it on Monday for you :) and I haven't gone cold turkey, I'm still on patches and gum but I will wean myself Off them eventually 😊

  • Great thinking Jesse, well done on day 4👍🏼 you're doing great😊

  • Thank you :) xxxx

  • Well done Jess, you non smoker. :)

    badge for you

  • Aww thank you :D xxxxx

  • You are doing fantastic!

  • Thanks dunn :) xx

  • Your finding the actions Jess. Reading Allen Carr, posting here, sharing thoughts/feeling. Open for support. For me that all takes the power out of the addiction, especially early days in. Thanks for mentioning book, may have a little read myself over the weekend. Wasn't enough on it's own for me, when I first read. But I really responded to a lot of the text..Cutting through the mis-information and lies we can tell ourselves. Powerful. Go well your doing great :O)

  • Thank you! :) and yeah the book is really powerful and really gets down to the nitty gritty! It's brilliant :) xx

  • Well done on day 5 Jess you're doing fab. I read Alan Carr book it is really good for reframing ur thoughts 😀👀🚭

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