Today sort of crept up on me! After the 1st month, the next 3 flew by. No longer am I chained to addiction. I am free! I feel great, I look amazing, I can go out and not be tempted! Looking back it all seems so easy but I know it wasn't. It took commitment and patience but even more than that it took working on how I viewed smoking in my life. I had to be brutally honest with myself and it paid off. Smoking was killing me, it was determining how I lived my life and even who I would spend time with. It did all this while I felt sick and smelly and ultimately HATED the way it tasted and made me feel. I was brainwashed by addiction to believe smoking was the answer to stress but I have come to find out it was actually a MAJOR cause of it. After that first month, my stress and anxiety levels were at the lowest I could ever remember them being. I was sleeping better, handling work better and ultimately much more joyful and bright. In fact, everything seemed brighter as time kept going by.

I quit smoking because my husband and I were ready to start a family and once I felt confident that I wouldn't fall back into the addiction, we started trying! I am beyond happy to announce that we are expecting a healthy little one at the end of August! My life as a smoker is over and I couldn't be more thankful!

I encourage you all to stick with it, read posts on here and even read Allen Carr's Easyway. It is what made this attempt a success when I failed so many times before.

Good luck!

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  • Congratulations hope you have a happy and carefree pregnancy. Well done on your quit and you now have the biggest incentive ever to remain a non smoker. You have so much to look forward too.

  • That is absolutely brilliant!

    Congratulations on your beautiful news and thank you for bobbing on and letting us know how you are doing :-)

  • Congratulations Griffy on your 4 month quit and wonderful happy baby news :) :)

    I hope you will come back and tell us all about your beautiful baby as it's sooo nice to hear such a happy story. Wishing you all the very best :) :) x


  • Congratulations Griffy, your determination has been incredible and has given you an awesome quit.

    Now you have a baby to look forward to. Things are going well in your life and that is great :)

  • Oh Griffy, what fantastic news :) such a perfect reward for all your efforts!! Huge congratulations both on your quit and the upcoming new arrival :D

  • Aup Griffy :) Thank you soooo much for coming and letting us know how well your doing on your quit and of course the fantastic news that you are now eating for two :) :) just flippin love it, love it, love it gal :) :)


    You and hubby must be over the moon with your news :) and I cant fault you 1 little bit :) Please keep us posted on how you and littley are getting on :)

    We dont mind if you put a little weight on now gal, cos its understandable now seee and your allowed to put your feet up toooooo :o :D :D

    Wishing you and littley the very best and if you need any help, ermmmm :o I'm sure the Girls will help you cos I aint going there :o although saying that, in my farming days I have calved cows and lambed sheep, but perhaps there a bit different eh :o :D :D :D

    Take care now Griffy and you and hubby enjoy gal :) :) x

  • Thank you All! We are thrilled and the support in this community is beautiful!

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