Day 4!

Morning everyone!

Not been on for a couple of days - have been very busy! Well day 4 is here and still going strong. Went for my CO reading last night and after it being a whopping 33 last week it is now I was so happy! I know I'm going to do it this time because my mind set is completely different. I really do not want to smoke anymore I HAVE HAD!

Anyway have a great day everyone. Dawn xxx

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  • Dawn thats fantastic. This time your a winner. keep on being positive. :)

  • Good on you Dawn, you can do it this time - you've had a lot of practise. :o :D :D

  • Thank you guys! You are right Andi, I've had more than enough But this is the final quit! xxx

  • Your first week almost done and dusted Dawn :D

    Well done to you!

  • Congratulations well done. :)

  • Nearly a whole week over, Well done. Next week will be better and after that the skies the limit

    : )

  • Hello again Dawn, we started on the last quit on the same day in March, I managed nearly three months then bump back on the cigs with vengeance. I am also now on day 5 decided to try to Stopoctober. Difference for me this time is that hubby is also trying so no cigs in the house to tempt me. Sue c x

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