Felt back at day 3 yesterday

Not sure what happened yesterday but after thinking it through maybe I need to increase my nrt? I felt agitated all day for no real reason and it was my day off, I kept myself busy, going into town, bought a new coat and boots in preparation for taking my dog for lots of walks but all I could think about the whole day is how nice it would be to smoke a cigarette and I pulled up into garage to put petrol in and has to have a mental fight with mr nic not to buy a packet of fags? Wth???? Then my ecig needed charging and when I got home so went to bed early cos I felt so annoyed with everyone and everything? I'm on 16mg, do u think this is too low for me? I was feeling brilliant before I dropped down? X

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  • Hi Sharon, Good on you for not buying a pkt of ciggies. you are doing a awesome job with you quit especially considering some of the things you have had to endure along the way.

    I cant help you out at all on the ecig as my quit is cold turkey but if you felt good while you were on 16 mg, i would certainly go back to it.

    stay strong, we all believe in you :) :)


  • Thank you glolin, I'm sticking with you guys and my ecig in my fight against that horrible nasty mr nic xxx

  • Good Girl :) :)... Some days it is harder than other, and you sure have proved you can do it....and as you know, where are all here for ya xxx

  • Hey Shaz, I don't think a higher dose in your e-cig would have averted yesterday's angst. I think Forrest Gump said it eloquently. ..it happens! According to John Denver "some days are diamonds, some days are stone". The BIG issue here is that you were tempted & overcame that temptation.....CHAMPION! That situation could have been your justification for dropping the ball. You didn't & I for one am proud of you & proud to be associated with you.

  • Oh Sharon, I know how you feel! I am feeling depressed and miserable too today. I am going to buy a Nicorette spray tomorrow. I have been at this point, nearly 2 months, before and I CANT go back this time. Yes, early to bed for me tonight too.

    I wish ecigs were legal here :(

  • Hey NgaireM, I'm sending you a shed load of positive vibes and huge hugs that will hopefully help you to feel much better :-)

    You are doing absolutely amazing, believe it or not - feeling depressed and miserable is a positive sign of recovery :o :D

    Are you able to access your local stop smoking service for a top up of products to help you? Even if you could use the lozenges on an 'as and when you need them' basis, then I think this would see you through some trying moments. If you would like me to find out abut your local service and their availability, just send me a private message and I'll see what I can do ;-)

    I hope you get a good nghts kip in and wake up all refreshed for another day towards your next milestone :-)

  • Hiya ngaire, nearly 2 months and I think it's this point where the mountain seems difficult to climb but every step in the right direction is a victory. Hope the spray will help you, I know someone who used it and thought it a great help. Can you get nicotine free ecigs over there, just a thought. Sending good wishes to stay strong and help you feel better coz you're doing a really great job :) x

  • hi Sharon my quit has been with the ecig, and when ever i tried to low my nic intake i have had to mix the higher and lower together and slowly ween myself of the higher level. No point in making it harder for yourself hun. But well done for fighting Mr Nic and winning. x

  • hi Sharon my quit has been with the ecig, and when ever i tried to low my nic intake i have had to mix the higher and lower together and slowly ween myself of the higher level. No point in making it harder for yourself hun. But well done for fighting Mr Nic and winning. x

  • Hi Sharon, well done to you for not succumbing to the pressure :-)

    Quite often many people try to push the temptation and thoughts of smoking to the back of their mind, I would suggest that it is worth having a sit down and confront those thoughts. If you feel strong enough (make sure you don't have any cigarettes handy!) and take yourself through the process of smoking - Imagine opening the pack, taking the cigarette out and going through the motions of smoking - quite often the thought of it is far better than the act! Remember that those nicotine receptors within your brain are jsut doing their utmost to keep you as a smoker - However, we know that you will not be beaten and are a much stronger person than those pesky cravings realise ;-)

    You can do this. In fact - you are doing this! :D :D

  • Hiya Sharon, you've got loads of good advice already but if you like mint or menthol flavour, it gives it a bit of a kick and ya don't notice so much that you're dropping down. You're doing fantastic and some days it's harder than others, dig those heels in and well done coz I know you can do it :) x

  • bkhemphill.files.wordpress....

    Hey Sharon, you are a bright and brilliant star, and a real fighter! Kick that ash gal!

    So proud of you.

    I think about this stage you do get some wobblers, but hang on in, it gets better, and you'll have done the best thing you ever can for your health and your confidence. Brilliant job :) Huge well done!

  • Thank you all for your support and kind words, I'm a lot better for talking to you all and I broke the thoughts up I had yesterday into pieces and realised it was the habit of just buying a packet that I miss but no way was it the taste or the way it smelt or the way it made me feel and I no I would have felt so ill if I'd smoked, I'm just gonna be careful that not to think mr nic has disappeared cos he definately hasn't xx

  • Evening Sharon & Ngaire, well done to both of you for keeping going and especially Sharon for not giving in to the temptation :) I found I had a couple of major wobbles, around 3 weeks and approaching 3 months. I fell into a depression around 4 months then suddenly pinged out of it all.

    it may not be much consolation but I can hand on heart promise you that in the not too distant future you will suddenly realise that you haven't even thought of smoking and even better you really don't miss it.

    You are both amazing so be very very proud of your achievement so far and take courage from that to pull you through thenlast few tricky bits because you are almost there :)

  • Thank you lily, suppose it's a bit like when you split up with a partner, everyday you think about them but then time goes past and you realise you only thought about then once that day then once that week and you actually haven't thought about them for ages, I'm glad you said u experience this sudden downturn also around the same time and I'm really looking forward to not being consumed with quitting, I want to be at that stage already lol, but patience has never been a quality of mine in anything I do lmao!!! Thank u again for supporting me thru all these stages xxx

  • That is a perfect analogy, even more so when you realise that the 'partner' you thought was perfect for you was actually really horrible and dragging you down! :) xx

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