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Day 4!

Day 4 - not long and we'll have 1 week under our belts Jan! Hope your'e feeling a bit better today

and you managed to cope without your patches...well done to you if you did...don't think I could manage it...lol! Anyway I'm feeling good and positive, still struggling a bit in the evening but at least

hubby's feet are happy lol! Going to the smoking group tonight to see what my reading is!

I'd cut down on the cigs before I started my quit so my reading last week was only 11 so not bad

at all. Tonight it had better be a 1 (never get 0 living in London)! Will keep you posted.

Anyway have a great smoke free day everyone - let me know how your'e doing Jan!

Dawn xxx

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Hi Dawn,well done flower and Im glad you're feeling positive..I agree evenings are the worst part of the day.I have a confession I cracked in the wee small hours of the morning :( I couldnt sleep,havent slept..my pain was unbearable and wouldnt let me sleep,I went out to 24hour garage and got some tobacco . No Im not happy but im not giving up, i will do this. I have quit meet tonight so will restart tomorrow..I have to keep at it,I want it. Yeah maybe timing was off,maybe this maybe that ..but im not giving in..its just been a bugger of a time. Anyway my original quit was no smoke day this year..I have gone 15 days without since 14th of feb..so i know i can..some times i just take on too much and set myself up for a fall..I am not failiure,Im just struggling but will wriggle through and get there .

Have a great day Dawn xx


Never mind love, you had no patches so it's understandable you caved in! Go to your group

tonight and start all over again...just a blip! My best friend who quit the same time as us

also gave in yesterday but she only had one and I've told her to forget it...blip blip blip...lol!

Anyway hope you have a good day...onwards and upwards! Speak later!

Dawn xxx


Hi Dawn, well done on reaching day 4, not long now till your first week :) I know the evenings can be hard, i've found this as well sometimes, but you'll get there, just stay positive and strong :)

You just had a blip Jan, i've had more of them than i can count, you'll get there, you know you can do this :) we'll all help you :)

hope you both have a great day :)


Hey Dawn, well done to you :-) You are doing fab. I reckon your reading will probably be around 3. As long as it is under 10 (although here in Liverpool & Knowsley - under 6), then this is the reading of a non-smoker :-)

Jan, as everyone says, see it as a blip, think of all the ones that you haven't had and get back on it as soon as you can. If you're not focused to do this today or tomorrow, then I would suggest that you sit down, think about it and then plan towards a quit date with everything ready to go. The important thing is to think about where it went wrong for you (e.g not having patches) and make sure that you are ready should anything similar happen again, or better still put plans in place for it not to happen. You really have done well so far and can get back on track providing you want to. Don't give yourself too much of the down the banks, relapsing isn't inevitable, but it does happen :-)


my reading was 3! i was surprised but the group leader said as long as it's under 6 it's fine!

when I gave up last time my readings were always 1 or 2 JohnUK !


That's really good Dawn. I think you're going to go all the way this time. :) Good luck while I'm away, Andi :) xxx


Thanks Andi! Have a great holiday. Dawn xxx


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