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Feeling low

Feelingfresh17 Month Winner

Hi all..how have u all been dear friends...ya I know its been quite a while I've been out with no any communication n participation from my side...I'm sorry to all ...but actually I've been very busy with my business problems...things r not going well since past one month...just trying to work towards n fix my problems...very difficult n feeling low...lets see wat happens..

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Hiya feelingfresh, lovely to see you😊 Sorry to hear you've been having a tough time lately. Hope you can manage to get things sorted out and try to not worry too much. Be very proud that you're a 5 month winner and staying smoke free. Try to stay positive and see all the good things in your life and hopefully this will lift your spirits during a difficult time. Thankyou for sharing this with us and sending good wishes to you that things will get better💐😊


Hello Feelingfresh,

January seems to be a low time for people...........I know it is for me............I`m struggling to stay off cigarettes............I came so close the other day...........if it wasn`t for the people on this site, I would have lit up but I got home late and came on site and LeeLee had left a video on Allen Carr and it straightened my thinking out about smoking.........Bad times always pass although they seem forever...............hang in there and I know your life will fall in to place again.




Hi feelingfresh, sorry to hear things aren't going to well with your business 😩😩

Your doing very well with your quit😀👍. I do hope things pick up for you 😀😀

dunn15 Month Winner

Hi there & good to hear from you again! I'm at five months plus and feeling so much better -- but my worldly affairs are really in the pits (hope yours work out!). However, we know that smoking again certainly won't help anything at all -- so let us "press on"!!! All the best, Dunn.

Hi feelingfresh missed you on the forum. Sorry you've been having struggles in life. I am the same and it is shit. Hope you find a way through things. Well done on 5 months that is something to proud of. 😎

Feelingfresh17 Month Winner

Thanx to all u lovely dear friends...definitely when u guys inspire me I do feel very much uplifted....will definitely overcome my business troubles...its just the matter of time...this is my bad phase n will pass through with time...i know I need to be patient...but as for now I feel I'm very lonely with my problems...its very sick...my financial status is at stake...hope God listens to me...thanx to everyone out here

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