One day at a time!

Although I convince others (and myself) that I'm not really a heavy smoker, since I only smoke a couple of cigarettes a day, recently I've been feeling very frustrated with my health.

I've been feeling shortness of breath very frequently and get tired easily. I attribute all this to my smoking, and I need to get fitter, healthier and fresher. Any help would be appreciated! :)

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  • Hi Proxymoronic, cool name how did you think of that? My advice would be to read Alan Carr easy way to give up smoking. He talks specifically about people smoking one or two cigarettes a day and how that can be worse than smoking all day because you spend all your time waiting for and building up these cigarettes in your mind so they become more important. He explains it much better and it's well worth a read.

    Def worth giving up even one or two a day especially if you're noticing health concerns like shortness of breath. Not sure about physical addiction or if you need a low dose of nrt for one or two habit you could get advice from smoking cessation person I know they can put you on a later stage (or lower dose) of nicotine replacement if you feel you need something to help you thru. Or you could read Alan Carr and never smoke again! 😀

  • Hi , are you thinking about stopping smoking, or have you . The best thing you can ever do for your health is stop. Not easy I know :) have a read of the pinned posts on your right, they very helpful and lots of information to help you. Lots of supportative people here to help you :) welcome x

  • Try to give up. I was a heavy smoker and stopped 2 years ago and wish it could have been sooner. I had been diagnosed with COPD due to smoking, a long time before, i still carried on smoking. My incentive was moving as my prior home was an ash tray! I have had to start from scratch as everything stank and ended up at the tip! I am now proud of my home and that keeps me strong not to smoke again also if i had known what smoking would do to my health but the ignorance of youth!

  • Hi proxy moronic during my quitting smoking I joined the c25k group and completed this great app in conjunction with stopping smoking, I have since completed over 15 5ks, 8 1 mile runs & 3 half marathons...there is no way I would have been able to finish c25k & the other runs....the beauty of c25k is that you complete the course in your own time & your own pace, I would recommend c25k to anybody who is thinking of & has stopped smoking....give it a go...believe me it's well worth it.

  • I quit smoking on New Year's Day and then decided to do c25k, I will start week 9, the final week, this week and it's been brilliant, I couldn't have run if I was still smoking, I love the feeling of freedom when I'm running through the countryside or through the town, it's really helped me, I'm sure I will never go back to smoking and I had smoked for 30 years!! X

  • Hi Lozzi23, a big warm welcome to our quit support family :) and Wayyyyy Hayyyyyyy 9 weeks quit now :) :)

    I'm soo glad that the running is helping you and your enjoying it :) :) cos when I quit, I used to jump on my rowing machine and that helped me tremendously :) :) and that feeling of freedom is just fantastic isnt it :) :)

    Lozzi, if you need any help, you know where we are, you just come a flippin shouting cos there's usually somebody about :) :)

    Your going great guns gal and am just loving it :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Yayyyy cheers Pete!!!!!!! xxxx

  • Hi Pete,

    Wish I had a rowing machine .... My gym has one🏋⛹🏊 At home , I have a treadmill and free weights.... I'm just starting to get back to working out slowly The first 5 months of quitting were exhausting I lost my motivation to work out.... I guess my body was in shock .... Happy Sunday to YOU🌹🌺🌷

  • Aup Arizona :) that rowing machine helped me tremendously I tell you :) sooo, please if your getting your motivation back now, then please try to exercise again if you can :) :)

    You dont need a rowing machine :o you just exercise the way you want to Arizona :) get that heart a pumping and get them lungs FULL of Oxygen :) :)

    I expect your in the land of nodd at the moment, sooo, sending ya sweet dreaming huggs to help you get a good nights sleep :) :) xx

  • Well done lozzi23 feels great doesn't and yes you right with regards to nearly (not long to go!!) Finishing c25k....beware you will be infected!!!! I bet that you have brought loads of running gear& can't wait for that next run!!! Well done you will soon have your c25k graduates badge....keep up the great work!!!🚭

  • Welcome to quit support proxy😊

    The very best thing for your health is to stop smoking so have a look at the post making a quit plan and write down all the reasons why you need to stop. You can do this and we are here to help. NOPE not one puff ever🚭 Good luck🍀

  • Aup Proxymoronic, a great name by the way :) a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :)

    No matter whether you smoke just 2 or 3 a day or 40 a day, those 4000 toxins are still being absorbed by your body :o and thats not good :( :(

    I highly recommend you to read the Pinned Posts to the right of your post and to make a quit plan :) as in, this week, make a diary of when you smoke :) write down the times you need to light up :o where are you at this time :o what are you doing :o etc, etc, then we can perhaps help you to get over these times and get you smokefree :) :)

    Proxy, please keep in touch cos I know we can help you and we will do :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Appreciate everyone's comments and support! Cheers! Won't smoke, one day at a time! :)

  • I always see stopping smoking to be a big achievement...but it is best if one takes a holistic approach. Get support from your local stop smoking service :o and get a tailored support. They should have a look at the factors that encourage your smoking and give you an effective stop smoking aid alongside behavioural support which would help you to stay quit. Stopping smoking is a life changer and indeed you will be fitter, healthier and fresher. Best of luck :-)

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