I feel awful

I slipped up and smoked a cigarette. I've smoked 1-2 a day. I feel really guilty except that I'm not smoking a pack n a half to two packs. I buckle under stress. Even though I've smoked a couple a day I'm still totally tired with headaches and I'm just walking through a fog. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel really bad about not succeeding like I thought I would. Has anyone else slipped up? Any ideas?

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  • Hi Rachel 👋

    Tell me.... are you using any NRT? If not, this could be the problem. You were a heavy smoker so fitting down to 1-2a day is good.... now let's get you Smokefree 👍

    Karen xx

  • A NRT ? Like the patch? I was using the patch. Then thought I didn't need the the nicotine anymore in my system. Then I smoked a day later.

  • Hi Rachel

    It seems to me that you need something..... have you considered gum, lozenges, vaping?

    There are lots of options out there for you.

    Have a browse around the pinned posts, there's load of info in there.


  • I thought the patch would be helpful. I can't chew gum but I can try the lozenges. Thanks

  • Hi am the queen of slip ups, don't feel bad the support on here is great, the physical side affects can make us want to put a fag in our mouths to relieve them, it doesn't work it just makes them worse, Use some NRT if u can, keep going u can do it, the first couple of weeks require extra TLC. Treat ur self with kindness good luck. X

  • Thank you

  • I would say most people who try to quit slip up,it's just a case of learning the triggers and how to cope without mr Nic . So get back on the quit train,you can succeed it's not always going to be easy but if your determined you will succeed 🙂 Good luck & everyone here will support you x

  • Thanks. I'm starting over today

  • You'll succeed,I've had many failed attempts in the past but I kept trying & here I am 6 months smokefree,positive thoughts & determination will help you get there. Good luck 😉

  • I'm starting over today!

  • Rachel...... I had to give up for medical reasons, I didn't think twice, just stopped buying cigarettes.......August 13th this year was my 10th year smoke free anniversary, and I'm not proud to admit I smoked 40 a day for over 40years..... I'm 73 now and breathing easy and living life to the full xx 🌺🌸


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