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Feeling very down

Hi everyone, I'm now on one month tomorrow and feeling pleased with myself, but I am also feeling very down especially in the mornings, I do suffer with depression and am on medication for that, as everyone nos on here I've just started a new job and sadly having to put my elderly dog to sleep on Friday, but I feel like all I want to do is cry and stay in bed right now, I'm missing my son who is staying with his dad in Scotland but I have my 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren, I'm really struggling to not call in sick today and just have a day of crying xx

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hi Sharon, sorry to hear that you are feeling a little down today. You sure have had a tough time recently, however,do try and focus on the positives. You have a new job :) :) :) you have got through your first month as a non-smoker :) :) :).

You have proved how strong you are :) :) :) as we all know quitting is not easy. I do hope your day improves for you :) :)

stay strong


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Hey Sharon, what a trouper you are - you have everything going on for you at the moment and are still marching on towards staying smokefree for a whole month - you certainly have determination firmly planted within :-)

Unfortunately, whether you choose to smoke or not won't change some of these things for you - what will change is the way you feel about yourself :-)

How you are feeling this moment is quite normal for somebody who is stopping smoking. Lets see how we can help you to work with and move through each moment at a time :-)

Living with depression is something that can be managed, by continuing to smoke will only add to the heaviness of it :o You will feel your anxieties more manageable once the fog of stopping smoking has lifted. Many folks (especially those living with depression) have said that smoking doesn't change anything for them but stopping smoking does :-)

Try and think about things in little pieces rather than great chunks, sometimes we can have 'a moment' and before we know it that 'moment' swirls around into a bad morning which then has a danger of turning into a bad day :o If you have taken yourself off into work - this will help to keep you occupied and focussed - if not, let us know and we'll be around to help you through ;-)

When is your son due back home? Get it on your calendar and plan something nice that you can do with him, maybe go for lunch / tea together when he gets back and have a good catch up :-) I bet those Grandchildren of yours will have no trouble keeping you smiling, never a dull moment :-)

We'll all be around for you on Friday, there are many of us who love our pets here and really do understand what you may be going through xx

Staying stopped will give you more power, mentally and physically - it will help you to feel much better about yourself as well as saving you a fair few pennies too :-)

You can do this Sharon, and we are with you 100% :-)

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Thank you so much, emjay I pulled myself together and went into work, as new job and can do without ago there! Thank u so much so much for your support briar and emjay you are right to break it into bits, a ciggie is not going to change a thing only make me feel a total disappointment to myself and Ive felt so much better since quitting, think I've just got to many things going on right now but with your help I will get thru them, thank you for listening to me xx


Thank you glolin xxx


Good for you Sharon, as I said earlier - all is normal and this is part of the process - the more you ride it through, the easier it will become ;-)

Just remember, you have everything to gain here, money and health :-)

I'll pop you a cheeky little cuppa round the door ;-)


Hi Sharon, you really are going through it aren't you and my heart goes out to you. Suffering from depression is never easy to deal with but you are doing a fabulous job managing a difficult time all while not smoking which long term will make you feel even stronger. Although it probably seems really difficult right now eventually the feelings of depression that are linked to not smoking will ease. I personally had a terrible bout of low mood and anxiety during the first few months of my quit but everyone on here and at home was amazing and helped me through. If you are feeling low please just make sure you talk to someone, even if it's just to rant about nothing in particular. It really does help :)

Well done for your excellent achievement, you're doing brilliantly and remember you are not alone :) x

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Hi Sharon. Sorry to hear you are feeling down at the mo. But you are really doing well in your quit. I felt down the other day I know how you feel. I have ups and downs at the mo. Keep having go at my hubby as well and I know I should not be having a go at him. But sometimes I can't help my self. Like there say you all ways hurt the ones you love. I just wish I did not have go at him sometimes. He has stop smoking as well so it as be hard for him. I do say I am sorry to him all the time. But once I have said sorry I have other go at him. I just wish I did not. Keep you chin up hun. We are all here for you 100% :D xxx

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I'm sooooo proud of you Sharon and you should be very proud too :)

You made yourself go to work and you have a lot of hard things to deal with at the moment, well done hun :)

It's never easy to quit the cigs and you are doing really well :)

We are here for you always, so you just remember you're not alone in any of this :)

Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way :) :) x

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Hi ya Sharon, I take my hat off to you gal, I do :) and I cant wait to go and catch a new 1 month Winners badge for you :) :)

I can see your a fighter and you will get through this hard time, you just hold your head up high gal and be proud of yourself :) :) xx


I read all your comments and replies when I got home from work and burst into tears again! But this time with relief that I'm not going mad or going to fall into a pit of dark depression forever, it's feels so good to know I'm not alone with these feelings and just knowing I have support from you guys, I haven't small family, lost my dad a year ago now only me my 3 children and my grandchildren, my mum has nothing to do with us since my dad died and we have been through alot and I do miss having a partner or other half to moan at, thank you so much again, this morning I was in a bad place but thanks to all of you all your kind words have made me put everything into prospective and all it does is keep confirming that quitting is the best thing I've done and all it does is contribute to my worries such as health and money worries I'm going to need you all on Friday but just knowing you guys are here has helped me already, I'm am so glad I found this place, I couldn't have got to one month without u all xxx


Hey, Sharon, if you want a good old moan, then am ya man to moan at, you just give it to me gal and I will take it like a man :o well, either that or I'll scarper :D :D

Most of us on here have had a moan and groan sometime :o it helps to let it out :) plus a problem shared is a problem halved :) Dont bottle it up gal, you let it out :) xx


Thanks Monky, I'm looking forward to receiving my 1 month badge xxx


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