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Day 2 here and not feeling great!

Yes, I've reached day 2 (having smoked previously and heavily for 30 years).

Very low in mood, light-headed and difficulty concentrating - It seems it's all I can think about!

Using the latest drug regime here to help stop - Not sure I can mention it? So will just say it starts with C and ends with X!

It has to get easier and soon...surely???

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Ahhhh, you using Champix then John :) I've used that pal and very good too it is :) BUT a word of warning, carry on the recommended dose to the full, cos I got cocky, and cut it short, hence am still here trying to quit :o

How long have you been taking it for ?


Yes it's Champix Pete, just on week 2 of it now and will indeed finish the dose/course, thanks.

I've also found that drinking plain water here can help off-set cravings, so topping up my glass as we speak!

Many thanks again.


Yeah, it was about 2 weeks, when I went down from 40 a day, to 9 :) then I NEW it was working :) Sooo that was the day I quit :)

Erm, I've heard of some bad side affects, but all I got really, was, it made me very sleepy :D I had a right job getting up in the morning, I tell ya :D

I can remember having a stomach upset to start with, but that's the norm when quitting :o also I had heartburn for a short while, but that soon went :)

Yes water does help a lot :) I exercise regular too, cos that helps me :)


John, although Champix is very good, don't just riley on that, erm, maybe write a list out on a piece of paper, WHY you want to quit ! and keep it with you, soo when you get them cravings, just get that out and read it :) Well it does help me :)


Hi JPBBirmingham,

welcome to our happy place, a place where at the times when you may feel like you are all by your oneself - you can bob on here and somebody will let you know that they are feeling more or less the same way :-)

Champix (Chantix / Varenicline) is a fantastic product providing it is used properly and as Pete says, it really is important that you use it for the full course.

Once you have reached your quit date (for you, 2days ago) it is important that you make every effort to stay stopped. The sooner you stop the better the Champix will work for you.

If for any reason you feel nauseous, it is recommended that you have some food beforehand.

Feeling the way you do is all part and parcel of the stopping smoking process. Champix increases the chance of staying stopped by reducing cravings, withdrawal symptoms and smoking satisfaction. However, it is not a miracle pill which means that it can't take all the credit for you stopping smoking - It is you who works the pill :-)

The longer that you are on it, the more you will be likely to overcome any side effects of the tablet.

Pete has given some really good advice to you and it's worth remembering that in order to change a few things in your life, you need to be willing to make a few changes in your life. This includes recognising certain 'triggers' that may lead you on to believing that you may want to smoke - so for example, if you usually smoke straight after a meal - the Champix will initially stop you from 'feeling' that you want one, but your mind will remember that this is a time where you would usually smoke and so may lead you into that thought process of 'wanting' smoke. I hope that makes sense :-/

Take each hour as it comes and know that just by saying 'no' to that one cigarette will mean that you won't have to have the next one :-)



I (we) know how you are feeling,when I stopped I couldn't smoke for about 5 days due to chest infection,so this helped,but believe me my head was all over the place :( but I chose to continue not to smoke,and now.....well I haven't felt so healthy for years.Also as with so many smokers,my chest was so weazy at night I struggled to sleep,weird I know,anyway I can sleep without any problem now.

If you wright down the reasons why you quit and look at it,it will help you,it did for me.Also put the money your saving through not smoking in a pot.....look at that build up,now this is so motivational :)

Apparently the light headed bit is to do with oxygen getting to the brain quicker,I think I read somewhere on here about that...........I said this to my wife,I won't repeat what she said :) :) :) but look at this as being positive.

I'm into my 9th week and I carry an e-cig with me,as my comfort,haven't had any in 2 weeks,so I am also nicotine free now.Your cravings will go I promise.

Just come on here and scream and shout and we will listen and help.

Speak soon Nick


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