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Depression / feeling low

Well, got to over 2 months and had terrible flu which actually helped compound my feelings about smoking. NOPE

Stopped all the patches and gum, then I began to feel very miserable, very low. Full of negative thoughts.

I then actually went back to having a 2mg gum in the mornings and it just seems to "correct" my thought patterns.

Its a very delicate and fine balance, I can mentally feel myself being lifted from sad to ok to happy

There is some research on smoking (chemicals in them) and dopamine and serotonin levels.

I wonder what the groups thoughts or experiences are.

I don't miss smoking and I'm really happy that this time I wont slip back

Love you all by the way


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Hi Jim,

I think you will find that quitting is an emotional roller coaster of many people. For me, I quit cold turkey and do remember feeling very low ebbed and also very teary. I felt really down and out. On a positive note, i was aware that this was a common for a lot of people, so just rode it out till it passed :) :)

I breathed a sigh of relief when my old self returned as i do have a bit of trouble with anxiety that i have always managed myself, at times i felt i was losing the battle so had to fight harder :) :)

It truly is amazing the impacts of smoking has on your body, hence why its not so easy to quit ....so glad i did and I too will never go back..NOPE xx


Aup Jim, sorry to hear that your getting depressed :(

Glolin has said it all I think, you just have to get stuck in and try to ride it out for a few days :o try to drink plenty of water and exercise cos this perks me up :)

I'm sorry i cant help you more, but am still on my e-cig with nicotine in it, sooo, I have this to come I expect :o

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Thanks guys. It can be a struggle, but , as its commonly stated on here, these moods are very short lived.

The fact that we are no longer smokers is more important than any little blips of cravings we have.

Thank you all.


Jim, I've had a nosey around and found one of our lovely Jillygirls Posts, it just may help you :)

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If you look at my past posts I was hit with a wall of depression at 3 months. I think you may find it helpful to have a read. I had so much good advice and it did get better.

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Again Thanks guys. All good reference material, that emphasises the facts that this is a normal part of the process, rather than an established long term thing.




Hiya Jim, you've got loads of good advice already so I'll just say if the gum helps in the morning then that's fine coz no point in rushing things 😊

You're doing really well, so keep going and be proud you're a non smoker 👍 x

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Thanks guys.

I think I'm being to eager. Just wanting to be shot of the whole filthy thing. Worried about my health.

Its funny how you become supersensitive to your body when you stop.

6 months ago , never gave it a thought.


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