6 months and counting!

Hey peeps how is everyone? I do hope your all still smoke free! :-) I thought you would like to know I'm six months smoke free today! Yay for me.

I still would like a ciggy to be honest although I know how much damage this will cause me. I'm also still coughing up tar, not as much as I have been but it still comes up once or twice a week. But my breathing has definitely improved. I went skating for the first time in donkey years and I didn't get out of breath once.

I still also have days when I struggle with my anxiety but I'm getting much better at controlling it.

I'm now going to have a butchers though the forum and see what I've missed...


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  • BIG BIG well done on reaching 6 months , fantastic. xx

  • Thanks Jillygirl. How are you? X

  • Hi morriemoo, I am doing fine now thank you. still plodding on. It will be 2 years for me on 5th April, thats the good news, bad news is its my birthday so 65 old codger age. :D :D We have a lot of new members here and hearing from you can only encourage them. Take care. xx

  • 65!! Your still a spring chick girl :-) a massive well done for you to. Two years thsts awesome x

  • Awe thank you. :)

  • AUP Ian, ( erm I think :o ) cos look pal, ave still only got 1 brain cell see :o :D :D

    6 flippin months quit, that is just flippin awesome pal :) :) Ermmmm, hold on a minute, I 've just got to make a phone call :|

    Ring, ring, ring, EMJAY, flippin wakies wakies gal, morriemoo needs a 6Month winners badge please, look gal, I know you like to put your feet up on a Sunday afternoon, mind you, you like to put your flippin feet up any time of the day eh, :P :P :D :D :D

    Just before I zooooooooom off to find a hiding place, which has to be a rite gooden, cos I know Emjay has got loads more brain cells than I have, so if anybody can think of a gooden, then please come back to me QUICK eh :o :) :) THANK YOU soooooo much for coming back and letting us all know how well your doing :)

    Pete :) x, PS you only get one x, cos your a bloke see :o :D :D

  • Hahaha Pete... you can put as many xxxx on there as you like!! I don't mind..Or just maybe a big man hug :-)

  • YAY, 6 months Morrie,That's a HUGE achievement.WELL DONE.Personally I don't think that the 'wanting' a cigarette thing will ever leave but after a,while you decide that you've gone long enough to not go back.The craving thing for me has nearly all gone but the missing my cigs ...... Still there sadly.I think I'll possibly always miss my cigs but like you realise just how much damage they were doing me.You're a total superstar for going 6 months aim high now and go for the year.Hugs H x

  • Hey girl,

    Thanks. Yeah agreed. I think this is something I or we will just have tl live with.. x

  • Well done congratulations my friend really pleased for you. I say this from sunny Tenerife, a holiday paid for with cigarette money arrived last night but just checking in that everyone is ok keep going x

  • Hey Bev, thanks. Enjoying the sun, sea and emmmm....haha. Hope your doing ok and getting pently of rest. Chilling, relaxing and a little drinking :-)

    You definitely deserve it :-) have a wonderful time.. x

  • Not tried to sea yet my friend x

  • Ben,

    HOW good are you checking in from Tenerife.Have the BEST time ever,you deserve it.Come back tanned and well.Hugs Hel x

  • Should say Bev,NOT Ben,Kindle making stuff up again.

  • I knew what you meant Helen, weather lovely during the day but cold at night but I suppose it is only March, had a few drinkers last night when we got here Helen, bad news massive craving but over it now just water and the odd cup,of tea today , keeping in with what's happening , told you before you are all my buddies now we are all I. This together x

  • God this IPAD is making words up too x x

  • It's doubly hard when you've had a drink on hol, I think some of my happiest times were having a,glass of wine and a cig on a balcony somewhere warm.Still, I guess the not smoking money paid for the hol so all is good.Just to make you feel good,it's bloomin freezing here !!! :-)

  • Since giving up I still haven't had a drink. I'm not really missing it to be honest. And when I do I reckon two pints and I will be complety hammered lol

  • O BTW awesome. I've just gained an extra month smoke free. Thanks Emjay :-) xx

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