Good Beautiful Sunday Everybody!

Well after all that partying last night I'm still up with the larks this morning and what a beautiful morning it is! The sun has finally arrived in Sheffield :) It's an exciting day for Sheffield actually as Sheffield Utd and their fans head to Wembley for the semi-final of the FA Cup against Hull City so COME ON YOU BLADES!!! :)

It's also a fantastic day for watching thousands of inspirational people take to the streets for the London Marathon, most of them for charity. It's those runners in the costumes who get me, how can they run for 26 miles when they are dressed as a gorilla? it's just amazing! I wonder if I'll feel less breathless today when I'm watching that!:)

Finally, it's a great day to be a non-smoker! Actually every day is a great day to be a non-smoker :) To all you newbies who are just thinking about or have even taken the first steps on this journey I promise you that today I woke up feeling absolutely fantastic -it really is worth going through the start of the journey to get to feel like this and I'm only on day 21! Yes there have been good days before, but today is not just about happiness and excitement - it's really about contentment. The stress of being a smoker has gone, the stress of giving up smoking has gone, I actually feel at peace with it all and that is a wonderful place to be. I am convinced I can now handle this and I know there will be more challenges to come, but I've got this now. I'm saying this now, because this is exactly what I wanted to know when I started out on this journey. So don't hesitate, make your plan, set your quit date and just do it, it really is worth it! And if I can do it, everyone can!

Have a truly fabulous day

Love Chrissie xxx

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  • One happy lady today thought you may have a bit of a thick head but no! Enjoy the day Chrissie you sound full of it today, lovely to hear, speak later off for my swim x

  • Hi Kaprin, enjoy your swim gal :) :)

  • Hi Kaprin - I can't deny I do feel good today and just getting ready to go to the shops (when they open) to sort out my daughter's birthday tomorrow, and I also need some cheese! ha ha ha. Was craving cheese yesterday and I haven't got any - although I'm not actually craving any today but I must get some anyway.

    hey enjoy your swim, I keep promising to do that but haven't actually got around to it yet! and enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

  • These coincidences keep popping up, my birthday is 8th November, you asked me last night but I didn't see it til today. Also..........was my daughters birthday on Friday just gone! She is 28 though.

  • Hey Sinfree, just looooooooove the new badge gal :) :)

  • :) :) hehe, thank you.

  • Hi sinfree, just noticed the 1 Year Winner badge. Oh that's brilliant and fantastic and amazing, a whole year! Do you ever get cravings at this stage or is all that in the past? We'll done x x

  • Hi Briarwood, thanks. I was 1 year quit in January this year, but I did have a blip in April last year when I succumbed to 18 cigarettes over 4 days, but then stopped again, so it's actually coming up to the anniversary of that this coming Saturday.

    I'm probably not the best ambassador to stopping smoking as I've struggled along and am still very addicted to nicotine, but I must admit I rarely think about smoking an actual cigarette now and I doubt very much I would ever go back to it, mainly because I could never put myself through the quit process ever again so if I started smoking that would be it, for good. But my fight with nicotine goes on. I tried going without my e-cig about 4 weeks ago and lasted 4 days but I couldn't stand it any longer.

  • I think you're a great ambassador and your struggles have made you even stronger. So keep on keeping on and yes I think you're BRILLIANT x

  • Aww, thank you :) Is the stray cat still sleeping on your chair in the shed?

  • Oh yeah, he saw sucker written across my forehead from a mile away. He has his feet well under the table now. He's a lovely grey cat and loves his grub. So I guess it's permanent now x

  • Aww, my mum and dad have had a few cats over many years and every one of them has been a stray that's just turned up from nowhere. Haha, I bet he's not a stray really, they show no loyalty cats do they, just abandon one home for another. :D

  • Yeah, dogs have masters and cats have slaves!

  • Hi Sin! So close, my birthday is 2 November! We could be twins!!!! :D :D :D

  • Hi Sinfree you must be chuffed with your new badge. 1 whole year Yeah!

  • :) Yes, it's nice to have it back. EmJay must have sneaked on here cos I haven't seen her around today.;)

  • Good afternoon Chrissie :)

    Hey, is it really 3 flippin weeks already :o wow, thats just flew by gal :) :) Masses of big well done huggs heading your way gal :)

    If you get to the pub, you stay focused and positive on your quit eh :)

    See's ya soon, Pete :)

  • Good Afternoon DJ Pete! (don't you think that makes you sound "cool" ?)

    I know, can you flipping believe it! 3 weeks today - WEY HEY!!! :)

    Thank you for the huggy luggs too - much appreciated :)

    Now as it happens I'm not going to the pub today so after doing all my errands I'm now back home with BBC Radio Sheffield on from Wembley (I love the "build-up" bit!) and then I think I will go back outside where it has strangely become very windy this afternoon, to clean the inside of my car! Sorry, should I have warned you first, I didn't meant to make you fall over in shock!!!

    Oh my goodness, just received a text from Danielle asking if I fancied going to the pub to watch the match! ha ha ha ha ha :)

    Did I mention that my girls are blades?

    I hope you are having a lovely afternoon and we'll catch up later xx

  • Oh well, commiserations, they lost, never mind still got to the semi final and to Wembley where at least they saw the sunshine.

  • Hi Sin - I've just got back - the pub was packed to the rafters and not all of them blades - there were a few owls tweeting! :) It's a shame about the result but the consensus is Sheffield can be proud and look forward to next season. It was fabulous when they scored though - the pub just erupted! ha ha ha xx

  • Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  • Massive congrats Chrissie, 3 weeks - that's brilliant, well done. It's a great achievement and I'm so happy for ya x x

  • Hey chris site you are on a roll well done so chuffed for you x x x

  • Sound well and truly drunk don't I but not just can't type tonight properly well done chrissie x

  • Thank you Kaprin (and very funny by the way!! ha ha ha ) and thank you Briarwood - I still find it hard to believe you know - 3 weeks and I've not had nor wanted one cigarette - it's just amazing really. It's this site - everybody is just so fantastic and supportive and funny and lovely, and it just makes it so easy to succeed - I love it! :) :) :)

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