1 Week Smoke free

hi ...i have given up for a week today..it has been the hardest thing i have ever done...sounds mad i know as i have only done a week but i have such a sense of achievement...my goodness it has been a struggle but im finding ways and using tips ive read to help me through tricky moment ! I have been reading through posts from people on here who are at different levels quitting and see that cravings can get really strong again later down the line .. i feel better today than i have felt from day one and was so hopeful that i am over the worst, am i then being very unrealistic? can anyone please advise on what i can expect as i want to be prepared..knowledge is power and all that jazz (waves jazz hands).thanks in advance :-) x

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  • Hiya Lunar, congratulations on your 1 week quit and YES it's a brilliant achievement and you should be very proud👍🏼😊

    I feel the first week is the hardest and I'm not saying things will be easy coz they won't but each day and each week smokefree becomes easier to manage. There will be ups and downs on this quit journey but best to focus on each day as it happens coz no two quits are the same and you might worry about something that won't even happen to you. having said that lots of great reading in the Symptoms of recovery on the right hand side will give you food for thought. Well done and keep up the good work👏🏼😊x

  • Thanks so much Briarwood...i will have a look at the post ..one day at a time it is then :) x

  • Well done lunar and welcome to this fandabidosie quit support family (waves my jazz hands right back at you) ...😀😀

    Have a good mozie around the site and if you need anything just holler 😀😀

  • Hi Lunar... 1 WEEK....that is an awesome achievement as we all know how tough that week can be :) :)

    you are doing brilliantly :) :)

    thats is the first week done with many many more as a non-smoker..we are with you every step of your journey :) :)

  • Wayyyyyy Hayyyyyy Lunar thats flippin GREAT to hear, you hold your head up high and be PROUD of your success :) :)

    As the girls have said, I think your through the toughest bit of your journey :) but saying that, you can still get tough times, cos I tell you, that flippin mr nic works in mysterious ways :o


    Now you go and treat yourself :)

  • Brilliant keep going

  • Thankyou :) :) x

  • I'm beginning week 6 and I eat loads of jolly rancher candy,my cravings still come but they don't last as long,my taste has returned as has my sense of smell,i don't wheez anymore and I can do things I couldn't do when smoking,the biggest thing that I wasn't prepared for is the coughing up the junk from years of smoking but as my dr.and most everyone on here has said it's normal just aggrevating,I use the patch and I'm fixing to move to step 2,i was a 2 pack a day smoker and there is no way I could have gone this long without the patch,good luck with your being a non smoker

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