3 years smoke free

So today is my 3rd anniversary as a non smoker (yay me). Never thought i would say that, never thought i could get through a day without smoking never mind three years. Its been a hard fought battle, the cravings the anxiety the arguing (with myself) and the tears, but i won. I can now take a deep breath and not choke on my cough, i can spend more time inside shops instead of standing outside, frantically smoking, hoping to get in before my friends come out. I can enjoy a meal out without having to leave the table and stand outside in the cold (usually alone). The list of "I can" is endless but the biggest is, I can say to my family I Did It. So as you continue with your battle,embrace the daily obstacles that your brain places before you. Remember cravings last minutes, stressful things ARE easier to deal with without a cigarette and the joy of saying " i don't smoke" has such a great feeling compared to the guilt of "one wont hurt" . What i remember most about my journey is my lungs coming back to life.(I didn't know certain parts of smokers lungs are paralyzed and after only a few days of stopping they repair themselves). I remember the cough that taste of tar and the burning sensation at the bottom of my lungs that kept me awake at night. As horrible as it was i kept telling myself its all good i am getting my lungs back. And so three years on i have regained my body and taken control of my brain. Yes there is still the odd tiny craving but i just laugh at it. Here's to the next three years.

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  • That is fantastic Diane. well done. You must be really chuffed with yourself. I am now on my 17th month so I can imagine 3 years must feel brilliant.

    Thanks for posting this message as I am sure it encourages other to stop. Take care. xx


  • Hi ya Diane, thats just super gal :) a massive well done to you, and you hold your head up high now and feel proud of yourself :) :)

    I've got a bit to go yet to catch you up Diane, but am a coming slowly :o :)

    Take care now, Pete :)

  • Very well done Diane. I have a way to go too and it does help to know of others such as yourself who have continued not to smoke and reap the benefits.

    Sally... :)

  • Brilliant achievement well done, its great that you have posted on here, gives me hope!. Day 6 today, not to wish my life away but can't wait for the day I can say three years on nonsmoking!

  • Hear, Hear, richtea :) :)

  • Thanks for sharing your story Diane, it gives hope to many others that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Some people see smoking as a place for a social gathering when really (as you have already pointed out) it takes you away from people too - Having to stand outside whilst everyone is still sitting and chatting in the restaurant, having to wait outside whilst having a quickly rushed smoke before you can go into into shops (with a stinky breath) and then breath all over your friends saying "this is a nice top / dress" with your not so nice breath!

    You've done really, really well and although there may have been a few challenges along the way, you've got through it and the gains are priceless :D :D

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words, there may be times when it seems too hard but believe me it does get easier and life as a non smoker is great xxxx

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