1 week

Hiya everyone☺. 1 week done but still feeling this uneasy feeling on my chest . what i do is breathing in as deep as I can to get similar "satisfaction". Often I cannot get the "satisfaction" meaning it can get quite uncomfortable. Specially in the afternoon . When i deep breath i feel 100% oxygen it's feel great .

This also happened at some point within the past year maybe it is my dmd . Well i personally feel it's just anxiety because when i don't think about it i don't get much of the uneasy fe .beside that like i said I've smoke less than 150 cig my entire life it's much and i dont cough . Or my lung is full of ta?r :( . What do suggest me to do ?. Is it serious?.

Sorry for asking lot of questions. Am always like that get paranoid on all small thing. Hope you reply me soon so that my mind can a little rest:)

Beside that every is fine. Am doing good i've stop going with my friend that smoke . i feel a lot better today i think because am staying at my gf place today. And tomorrow am going to see my dr.

T.y all for you support . will update 2 you all soon :) god bless you all

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  • Hiya Hashim, congratulations on making it through your first week, well done👍🏼😊

    Glad you're feeling a lot better today and im sure your lungs will clean themselves very well now you've quit. Try not to worry and enjoy your new smokefree future😊x

  • Hashim, massive BIG congratulations to you for reaching 1 Week quit :) :)

    As our lovely Briarwood has said, your lungs are on the road to recovery now, they are cleaning themselves out :) BUT, it dosnt happen over night :o it will take a while Hashim :o soooo, please be patient and you will see :) :)

    Hashim, please just try to calm down a bit eh :) Take nice BIG deep breaths, just slow down a bit :) :) You are doing just flippin fantastic pal :) :)

    Hashim, you are very young and your symptoms are very common for the early stages of quitting :o so please give it time :) :)

    Take care now :)

  • hi hashim and well done on getting through week 1 :) :)

    its good you are going to your GP as this will put your mind at rest....with being so young and not having smoked many cigarettes....your lungs will clear themselves out

    :) :)

    Try not to worry..and just enjoy being smoke free now :) :)

  • T.y for these kind words

  • Well done that's brilliant

  • That's brilliant

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