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Week 5 - Day 1 :)

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Hi Everybody, and Happy Easter Monday to You!

It's a big day as I cut down my e-liquid from 1.8 mg to 1.2 mg - today I have the practice day! I need to practice because I need to know that I will be okay at work tomorrow with less nicotine. So, it's going to be interesting. I know one thing though - If I struggle I do have some 1.8 mg liquids left so I will go back - I do not want to be tempted to buy cigarettes so I'll do what I have to to get through.

NOT HAVING COME THIS FAR - oh yes, it's the PIPPS 4 week anniversary today and I am so happy we have reached this point!!!

Thank you everybody for your massive support, advice, inspiration and motivation and let's face it, many laughs over the past few weeks - I simply wouldn't have done it without you, you have been absolutely amazing.

The journey continues but it is such a relief to reach the first milestone, although I know I will never give up giving up, I just absolutely love being a non-smoker.

Big Hugs to everybody and thank you

Love Chrissie xxx :) :) :)

12 Replies
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Love the badge. xx

Well done Chrissie - look at you all sparkly

Have a lovely day everyone xx

Congratulations on your achievement and your unique badge. A unique badge for a unique lady :) A true ambassador of both quitting smoking and staying happy at the same time. Good luck with your drop in nicotine, tho am sure you'll take to it like ummm...........a swan to water :)

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Thank you so much everybody - I am feeling completely sparkly and very very happy now - wow it's gorgeous! :D :D :D

Sin thank you so much, you are one of life's treasures, you are funny even when you are not being funny! :D

The calamine tea story lives on in my heart and I've lost count of the number of times you've made me laugh out loud - you are amazing!

And I hope you are looking after those swan!:) :) :)


in reply to ChrissieG

Aww thanks, I've never been called a treasure before, that's lovely. Yup I feed those swans huge shrimps every day.

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Hi Chrissie

How are you getting on with reducing the nicotine? I am struggling with it for some reason, but not sure if it is just my brain playing tricks with me. x

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ChrissieG in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hi Pinkie

Well as usual you never cease to amaze me - well done for you resisting hon, and I absolutely mean that. I honestly can't say what I would have done in that situation - I hope I would talk myself out of it like you did but I just don't know. I know I would be absolutely furious with myself if I did, especially after all the hard work but moments like that can really ruin everything, I would be devastated and you would have too.

Re reducing the nicotine - well if I'm honest, I find the difference in the flavour disappointing - it's like you say I'm just not getting the hit like I used to - it's a bit like puffing fresh air! Although I remember that this company have a stronger version of the same flavour - so I think I might invest in some of that just to see if it's true and if I still get that hit with the lower strength in nicotine. Once I've had a few puffs though I do feel better, just like I did with the stronger version - so I think I'm getting nicotine so I will carry on in the meantime (I won't get back to my little shop until the weekend) and just see how it goes but if I don't feel great I will go back up!

I'm feeling fed up for a couple of reasons today so I'm trying not to blame it on the drop in nicotine (yet!)

Anyway, Paris sounded amazing - you are so so lucky, I wish I could have done something like that this weekend!

xxx :)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to ChrissieG

Aup Chrissie :) a massive big well done to you gal for getting to where you are today and reducing your nicotine intake :) :) I too have dropped to patch 2 now, and have found it a bit harder today :( but wey flippin hey :D I've munched on a few more lozengers, but will cut them down during the week, hopefully :o

As for you being fed up gal, sooooooo am I, its been a long flippin Monday on a Tuesday eh :D :D

See's ya soon :) xx

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ChrissieG in reply to monky

Hey Monky I'm here! But not for long I'm afraid ;)

I couldn't get online earlier, Danielle pinched my laptop to take it into the kitchen to make some cookies for her boyfriend! Actually it's been nice, I've had a lovely soak in the bath followed by a bit of tv so nice and relaxing:) :) :)

And yes, it's been a long day :) But never mind, a good night's sleep will make it better xx :) :)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to ChrissieG

I cant fault you one little bit Chrissie, you enjoyyyyyyyy your sleep gal :) :) xx

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to ChrissieG

Hi Chrissie thanks for the reply, and the advice further down, I am just going straight back on the full strength nicotine for now, as feel I may end up back on the smokes if I dont! I am a bit annoyed but I cant return to fags again, so this has to be a better option. Just makes me worry that I am never going to get of the nicotine :( x

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ChrissieG in reply to Pinkiezoom

ps I forgot to say, if you still have the higher nic liquid fill your e-cig up with the lower one and then just top it up with the higher one - so you are not going right back to the higher one. It should at least improve the flavour and give you a bit of a hit but you are still on reduced nicotine. xx )

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