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Woo Hoo 1 Year Smoke-free

Hello all

Well just done my first year. Has it been easy..... Not on your Nelly!!!! I have had one of the most horrendous years and still stayed smoke free. This is my first attempt to quit. I have wanted to for years and never thought I would have the will power. Just goes to show how wrong I was and wish I had tried sooner.

For those who are thinking about it, just try.....for those who have begun their battle....stay strong you can and are doing it.

Have a great day


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Hi Sue, it's lovely to meet you! :)

WOW AND MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS - That is absolutely amazing and I am so so HAPPY for you! :D :D :D

You must feel so so proud of yourself and quite rightly so - it's an amazing achievement.

Please please tell me, how do you feel after stopping smoking for all this time? Do you feel physically better? I love to know these things, it gives me inspiration to carry on!!! :)

I think we all need to do a Happy Dance for you this evening. Enjoy this very happy moment Sue, you absolutely deserve it xxxxx :) :)


Thanks Chrissie. I can actually take a deep breath and not cough and feel like I am getting a full lung full. The money is great as my partner and I are saving for a narrow boat which we will live and travel England on. I love the fact that my clothes, hair and house do not smell and have decorated throughout. It was tough in the beginning but it is so nice now. I still get the odd craving but will never have just one as I know that it never is. Thank you for my happy dance I shall be doing one too. xx


Oh Sue that sounds fantastic, I am so glad you are feeling so much fitter now and enjoying all the benefits of stopping smoking! I'm still in the "tough" zone at the moment, but when I hear such positive comments as yours, it really does motivate me to carry on, it's like "I want to feel like that" - but I know I just have to get through this stage to get to the next stage but at the end of it all it'll be fantastic!

I actually knew a couple a long time ago who had sold their house and were living on a narrow boat permanently. I was absolutely intrigued by this but they absolutely loved it. They still worked full time but they would toodle off for a weekend in it, or go a bit further when they had time off work, I really thought how lovely that sounded. It's a lovely dream.

Have a wonderful happy day and good luck with your dream, it sounds like it won't be long before it's a reality! :) :)



Hi Sue Well done on reaching 1 year, thats brilliant. Doesn`t seem 2 minutes ago you were just starting your quit journey. Take care and lovely to hear from you. xx


Hey Sue, that's just suuuuuuuuuper news gal :) :) 1 flippin Whole Year quit, I just cant believe it, its gone sooooo quick gal :)

You ENJOY and take care eh :) Pete :) xxxxxx


BunnySue! How lovely to hear from you. Congratulations on reaching your one year quit status :-)

You've done really well and it's great to hear that you are still following your dream of narrow boat living. So, keep putting those pennies away :-)


Hi Sue congratulations on your 1 year quit. Well done you. Coincidentally to you mentioning living on a narrow boat, I'm reading a book at the moment called Narrow Margins by Marie Browne. She tells the true story of how her and her husband bought a barge to live on after her husband lost his job at a car plant in Birmingham. It's a brilliant tale, really funny so I can thoroughly recommend it to give you a taster of life to come on your little boat on the canals and rivers of Britain. I hope your dream comes true because it sounds real fun.


Massive congratulations, I hope to follow your terrific example and be here in a years time.


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