Three Weeks Today

Today would actually make three weeks I have not smoked. For some reason I am a little excited about it. I still have cravings but I been reading the posts on this site and decided to laugh at the little urges. I work around a lot of smokers, who are really insensitive. Today this very day they are still offering me a cigarette and I tell them I will smoke again on February 31st. Anyway Guys and Gals remember Team N.O.P.E. Stay Quit and laugh at those urges.

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  • woohoo!!!!!!!!...Well done Islandboy, you are doing very well with your quit.

    Stay strong and keep that NOPE firmly planted in your head and keep on having a laugh at the urges :) :)

    maybe when your colleagues see how well you are doing, a few of them may make the decision to quit too :) :)

    Keep up the greatquit :) :)

  • Well done islandboy your true friends will help your quit.....some maybe thinking if he can do it so can I......keep up the good work.....:-)

  • Huge congrats on your 3 week quit islandboy 👍 you should be very proud of your achievement 😃 keep laughing at those fellow smokers coz you are FREE from the monster so well done to you 😃 x

  • Well done on the quit, I'm at month 3 and coming out the other side. One day your colleagues will want to quit, one day they will ask the question you did " why did I start". They will welcome your support. Point them on here.

    Of course I've met the odd person who will always smoke. But from my own personal experience most people, whether they publicly admit it or not , want to quit.



  • I love it island boy :) 3 weeks is brilliant, huge congratulations!

    and you're right. Laughing is the best :D

  • Congrats Island boy on your 3 weeks quit. :-) Remember you will have the last laugh on your friends.

    Here's to a Happy Healthier future. :-)

  • Great achievement especially when your colleagues are tempting you.

    Stay excited and enjoy being a non smoker.

    Unfortunately for me the cravings haven't stopped particularly at stressful times but I'm learning to ignore them. After a few hours they are gone.

    Stay strong



  • Next time you're offered a cigarette ask them to picture a burning building. You've just escaped the inferno, your friends are still inside. Would they really feel better about being incinerated if they could only lure you back inside. Ridiculous????? Yet a fairly close analogy. Or......every time they offer you one, take it, say nothing, & go & flush it down the toilet. See how long they are prepared to sacrifice their precious cigarettes to a watery grave.

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