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5 weeks today!

Hello everyone, so what I am learning from you more advanced non smokers is to be aware of the rarer triggers. I swear at first I had more triggers than I ever smoked, now they are reducing but getting more specialised. One of my GP's who is a lovely chap used to smoke and he said for him it was in three's 3 days 3 weeks 3 months, for some of you it seems to be 8. So I guess whatever the numbers I need to be careful still. The initial euphoria is wearing off and now it is becoming more critical, how to stay stopped. At present having an evil chest infection is helping but and a big but, I think maybe I need to do a bit of life laundry to see why I have been so happy smoking away all of these years and what I am ignoring. Oh dear sorry folks a bit too deep even for me, just ignore me I'm pondering. x

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Hi Friezfriend, Keep strong, it doesnt matter how long it takes or how if you stay focused you will win. Have you checked your chest infection out with the doc.? Its that time of year again , flu etc. You take care of yourself. :)


Hey Friezfriiend, not too deep at all - 'tis good to ponder :-)

I've heard about the 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months example before, and if you think about it these key periods are all within the main times for those nicotine receptors to be kicking up a right fuss. Everyone is different and may notice these as different times.

The thing is to recognise that whilst at the beginning of your quit attempt, the feelings (of cravings) are more often and a lot more intense - maybe this feels more intense because you haven't yet adjusted to them. Then, just as you think they begin to subside and disappear, they show their ugly faces in a last bid attempt to succumb you to their evil ways and hook you back in.

However, (as you are a winner) you will carry on pondering and be at the ready for them. Welcoming any of their last visits in through the front door, let them have a sniff around and see that there is nothing of interest to them, then show 'em where the back door is. In the end, they'll stop knocking and those that do creep in will soon know where the back door is themselves ;-) :D


You can do this!


Hi Jilly, thanks, yes I'm on antibiotics. Emjay yes you are right all of us seem to be very different in our responses. it's just that I am becoming very aware that it is oh too easy to slip back into the net if something major crops up. I'm trying to get myself prepared . My last quit attempt went quite well, 2005 six months after my dad died, then a friend went missing in South America, she was a nurse and very anti smoking, one of the loveliest (is that a word) people I have known, I kept saying don't don't she really wouldn't want you to smoke again but I did. It's life stuff that is horrible and floors you that catches you out or rather me. In a slightly bizarre way I'm trying to prepare myself because now the novelty is wearing off and it becomes more normal not to be smoking I don't want to be caught out again. I also know that now I can look for a relationship (even at my age!) because I always knew I didn't want to be with a smoker and of course it would only be smokers who would tolerate me. So there is all sorts of stuff rearing it's head. Like Beel who wants to be smokefree for the next phases of her life so do I, certainly if my daughter ever gets round to it I don't want to be the smelly Nan! Enough of this dark stuff I think it is me being unwell that's doing it, with hindsight it's probably why I was so angry last week. :(


Love the quote Emjay, by the way I can only do happy or sad faces how do you lot do the other emotions on your keyboard?


If you are on a PC, you can just hover your curser over the smilies and it will show you what they are made up of. However, if you are using a mousefree gadget such as a ipad, laptop or your phone even then try the following;

: ) without a space in between gives you :)

: p without a space in between gives you :p

8 - ) without a space in between gives you 8-)

: D without a space in between gives you :D

; ) without a space in between gives you ;)

: - / without a space in between gives you :-/

I hope all the above works...


Some of them need a - for the nose to make them work! :-/


Brilliant! I learn something new every day! Thanks


Hi Friezfriend, I go through dark stuff every week :D Sorry you've not been feeling too good this last week. I love the life laundry thinking. I was thinking the same thing myself yesterday as I don't feel I'm getting anywhere. I may have stopped smoking but I used it all my life as an emotional crutch and now I'm still struggling getting about without. I browsed Amazon last night and found a free e-book. It's a very short book, so I've read it now but I found it really helpful:

How to be Happy (no fairy dust or moonbeams required) by Cara Stein


I'll try that thanks.


I think what has helped me in a perverse kind of way is knowing that I absolutely HAVE to give up because of my upcoming back surgery.It seems that a graft may have to be taken from my hip to put into my back and in smokers the success rate of the graft taking is,at least 30% less than in non smokers, maybe I'm lucky because the choice was simple.I told my practice nurse this morning (carbon monoxide reading was 2ppm!!!) she agreed that having that choice/decision made for you made life a lot easier.My cravings in my 3rd week are NOWHERE near as bad as in week 1and seem to diminish each and every day.I absolutely know what my triggers are (stressful situations) & worry that as hospital time looms closer I'll desperately need just 'one puff I promise' but I'll plan my strategy for that asap.Any hints,tips & advice very gratefully received.


Hi Yell, you just keep coming on here and ramble away as much as you like. It really helps to get it out in the open sometimes and someone on here may be able to help or just give you some support. I still sometimes get a whiff when I'm out and about and like it but have to tell myself that I have chosen not to smoke any more. Don't forget Jonathan's fave saying - NOPE (Not One Puff Ever). Also, think about the freedom you now have, do you want to keep it? :)


Aup H, :)

Dont you even think about having a puff or 2 :o ok your going to have surgery on your back, Rite, I have had a number of opps, mostly when I had 2 wheels, cos erm, just kept falling off em :o :D :D My latest opp, was for a detached retiner, which I had a local an---- tic for, and I tell you now, they put some drops into my eye, then they injected my eye and I actually saw the hole in the end off the needle go into my eye :o BUT I did not feel a thing :) I even nodded off in the theatre, cos the nurse had to wake me up :o hmmm a nice young bit of stuff if I remember rite :) :)

Docs know what there doing now days gal, so the only worry you got when you go for the opp is, you might fancy 1 or 2 of em eh :) :)

Stick with it H, cos your doing so so flippin well gal :) :)

See ya soon, Pete :)


I'm sure you wont you are strong! I take great heart from what you say, is your surgery soon? I had a shocking moment last night, I forgot to use NRT and didn't think about smoking for a whole two hours it hit me about 10 o clock and I just thought blimey! Twas quite a shock not to be obsessing!


Aup Friezfriend :)

A flippin massive well done to you gal for getting to 5 weeks quit :) :) Just ace gal, cant fault you !!

Hmmmmm, you say the novelty of quitting smoking is wearing off abit, you also say that you would like to look for another relationship !! Rite young Lady, your inner body is now cleaning itself, cos its getting fresh air to your lungs etc, sooooo now you have to erm, clean the outside of your body :) as in, wash all your clothes and use a lovely fabric conditioner tooooo, so they smell really lovely :) then, then, go treat yourself to some new outfit with the money you have saved :) ermmm something that will catch a mans eye eh ;) :) just like this little number !!


Plus, if you find that you dont like him, you can just give him the chop eh :D :D :D

Rite I think its time I was somewhere els, and pretty smartish tooooo, before I get the flippin chop :o

Speak soon, Pete :)



Firstly, well done on the 5 weeks :0) The stress cravings DO get better and easier - i promise. These days i tend to think 'tsk, it is times like these i would have had a cig' as opposed to 'WHERE'S ME FAGS????' Be even easier if there was no stress (we wish)

Treat yourself to something new and love yourself before letting someone else x


U lot are great, thanks so much for the advice and observations, just had a shower and on my way to stop smoking advisor. Monky! If only I ever looked like that! Hee hee. :)


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