Symptoms unbearable and not getting better nearly three weeks

Hello my names Amy

I'd like to share my experience as I'm really struggling at the moment and do not know what to do and I'm also worried I contracted some dreaded illness in the process of quitting not just nicotine but marijuana also and going completely cold turkey since 8th April 2016.

The last ten years of my life I have smoked and also smoked Marijuana heavily at times. I decided after other numerous attempts to kick it to really put both habits to bed a couple weeks back and have not looked back since to be honest I'm so pissed off with what both have done to my life I've not had one single craving or thought about doing either, not ONCE!

Now since quitting I'd like to talk about what seems to be the withdrawals and why are the physical withdrawls not subsiding? During the few days i felt OK but on the fourth day i experienced sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches and other bizarre symptoms which are similar to flu but without the fever and so on. This gradually got better and i actually started to feel great. I was out running and so on and apart from the insomnia, weird dreams and night sweats that were i felt in a good place.

That was until a few days ago when i used a shower directly after someone else in the household who i believe may have health issues and possibly Hepatitis from all the drug activities they have participated in over the past few years. Three to four hours after using the shower i began to get cracked lips, sores inside my mouth which is bizarre i never have had sores before. I also started getting muscle pains and deep aches in my limbs especially my calf's and legs which i just did not have prior to this event and also began to get back ache and pain around liver and stomach area with intense body wide itching all over. The person who used the shower before also has been experiencing backache and fatigue for a long time now which just adds to my worry and messes with me trying to give up my additions. Its not getting any better either, in fact worse and my guts are completely out of wack. Today ive had diarrhoea when i normally have healthy stools. Im confused which is now making me anxious about this whole event and i dont know whether is from withdrawals or something else.

I would like some help on this and its very concerning it feels like i was taking great steps forward and now im taking 1,000 steps backwards i just dont know what to do.

I feel i also need to point out i still have dry cracked lips today which ive had since this incident on Tuesday and these deep muscle aches and weakness which dont get any better and backache which I've never had. I'm also still itching at times in different areas of my body.

Is this withdrawals or something else. I'm not experiencing any fever so what the hell is going on I'm going out my mind here and its not helping me quit smoking in all honesty i don't know what to do.

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  • Hello, I have been smoke free for 3 months now. Everyday I think I feel worse than the day before. I am so short of breath I can barely walk from one room to the other, showering gives me out, I can't sleep at night, it's not getting better! I smoked for 39 years over 2 packs a day. My doctors say my lungs do not sound like a " smokers" lungs. But yet I can't breath and I'm wheezing. Is this  normal? Has anyone else been thru this?

  • The shortness of breath has been experienced by many in the support group. Some are at the five month mark and still get that way. Don't let this scare lungs are healing and bringing all that yuk up. I haven't experienced that because I have an inhaler and take symbocort   Along with singular so I don't get the shortness of breath. If you can talk to your doctor about it maybe he can prescribe an inhaler for relief. Take care. 

  • Yes, me. I was finally diagnosed as asthmatic (news to me) and the proper inhaler's working wonders.

  • Hi Dee_H, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to our quit support community :)  and a big WAYYYY HAYYYYYY 3 flippin months quit now then, just ACE gal, just ACE :) :) I hope your very PROUD of yourself :) 

    I see you've had lots of great replys from some of our lovely members  :) :) Dee, when we quit smoking, our bodies and minds go through a vast change !! and we are all different and therefore, it takes some of us longer to reap the benefits of quitting smoking :) But you will, please, please just be patient eh :) and you see, it will start to get better for you soon :) :) 

    I will go and sort you a 3 months Winner badge out :) But please if you would, let me know your quit date, cos then I can keep your Winners badge upto date :) 

    Pete :) xx

  • The flu like symptoms are form not smoking the sores in your mouth are the healing process....your body is just recovering and it takes time. Drink as much juice and water as you can to get the toxins out of your body. Hang in I am just now gettinmouth sores and the flu like symptoms with sore throat silly me went to the doctor scared ☹

  • Hi Amy, well done on quitting, you are in the early weeks and sounds like they are all common symtons of withdrawal . The flue like symptons and muscle aches I had for at least 4 weeks. Also the mouth sores.  You sound like you may be anxious also which us a very comon symton. If you are really worried go and see your GP. You have done Fantastic. You are dealing with 2 lots of withdrawel symtons , not sure what the withdrawel symptons would be with coming off marjarna , but sure the some your experiencing are Also connected from that. Stay strong, 3 weeks is great. It's a tough road quitting both physical and emotional, but you can do it. Stay close to this site for support, drink lots of fluids as Kimberly say to flush toxins out. We here for you xx

  • Amy love sounds like you are very worried and scared. I belivevthat alot of what you are going through is physical symptoms fuelled by anxiety. It is highly unlikely that you would have caught Hep B or C from using a shower that a carrier has just used - you need to be in direct contact with blood or bodily fluids. Your best option is to go to your doctor and explain your symptoms and concerns and have some blood tests. 

    In the meantime drink lots of water about 250mls every hour use vaseline on your lips and get a good mukti vit inside of you. Warm baths and massages help with the muscle pains. Gentke exercise like waljing or swimming in the first few weeks of stopping is better than going at it like a bull in a China shop. Deep breathing  helps too. For the itching I suggest lots of nourishing body lotion like vitamin E oil. If you are ok to take it try an anti histamine and see if that alleviates the problem. Good luck. Remember to go to your doctor if you don't see any improvement. Let me know how you get on. Am right behind you xx

  • I agree with 4 cats Amy.

  • Me too!  Deep breathing and breathing exercises has helped me to calm anxiety, I've had asthma since a teen (I know, I know  yes I had asthma before I started smoking) perhaps an inhaler will help with breath shortness, and agree to see a gp just to make sure all is well!  Good luck we are all rooting for you Amy!!!

  • Sorry bout my spelling!!! Wrote that reply minus glasses!!!! 

  • Good morning Amy 🇨🇦3:30am

    All your symptoms sound normal ... I doubt you contracted hepatitis from the shower because the symptoms of hepatitis would lay dormant for months before you would notice anything from what I've heard... The withdrawal symptoms from quitting cigarettes can be intense plus you are quitting weed at the same time.... That's asking a lot of yourself.... Stay close to our quit family and we will help you along your journey... You are very motivated 👍🏻❤️🇨🇦

  • What you are experiencing is very typical of quitting smoking. To catch hepatitis - it must be blood on blood contact and is actually quite hard to catch. SHaring needles is probably the biggest risk.

    Can you let us know your quit date so we can add you to our wall,of winners😀😀

    If you have any concerns about your health, please see your GP as this will give you peace of mind 😀👍👍

    Do take a read of the pinned posts as you will see,lots,of info on the symptoms of recovery 👍👍

    All the very best on your quit journey 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Hi Amy

    You have done so well on quitting.

    Now what your experiencing is anxiety. If you were still smoking , what would you say if you had cracked lips,? you'd probably think oh well must be dehydrated, If you were tired , you'd probably put it down to "one of those things" or "im always tired".

    As soon as people give up smoking they being to beat themselves up over the damage they could have done and then, a few days down the line, worry that the damage has actually happened and now all the symptoms are coming out. This is what is happening to you.


    Look after yourself better and these symptoms will go.

    love Jim

  • Hi Amy, 

    Well your a brave one quitting the cigs and the weed together, the flu like symptoms sound like the nicotine withdrawal , and you can't catch hepatitis after using a shower after someone, that's usually through bodily fluids, if I were you I would make an appointment with your doctor and get a full medical, because if you have came straight off the marijuana you may be experiencing strong withdrawal effects from that too. Your doing great by giving up both and remember the support is here when you need it x

  • Hi Amy well done on kicking not one but two habits 😊

    The symptoms from stopping both these are very similar.... Flu like symptoms, vivid dreams, sore throat, sore mouth, insomnia, gastric issues, back pain & muscle aches.... Sound familiar?? You might be getting double whammy 😟

    Stick with it hun and start saving your cig money and marijuana money. Think about a treat for yourself when you feel a bit better😊

    Good luck with your quit NOPE... Not One Puff Ever 🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀

  • :) Really appreciate all the help and support guys its been intense that's for sure I've been suffering mad/distressing symptoms since quitting and at the moment the muscle aches still persist as does stomach issues but with your help and guidance as with family and friends I'm sure I can get through this and most importantly i myself want to no matter how bad it is. I agree with 4catsandcounting a lot of anxiety is fuelling some of these symptoms if not most. glolin I quit on the 8th April I believe if you want to update records that would be great :) Im going to ride some of these symptoms out for another month before making a visit to my doctor and if symptoms persist ill speak with my GP as advised. Ill do my best to keep you all updated of my progress over next two weeks :) thanks everyone.

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