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3 weeks today

3 weeks today

I managed to stop smoking tobacco for 3 weeks now. I started the process by using Champix which does work but did create a lot! of side effects such as really intense dreams, feeling a bit spaced out and an upset tummy. Not nauseous but not working properly.

I stopped taking Champix about 3 days ago as I do not want to endure these effects any longer and feel my habits have already started to change. I am very very grateful to Champix as it DOES work to put you off. I still have cravings every now and again but they are short-lived and vanish after a couple of seconds. It helps to listen to a prerecorded hypnotherapy session in my sleep as it enforces the thoughts of being a NON-SMOKER in my waking life.

Wishing everyone on here and out there lots of willpower and luck. I did NOT think it was possible for a very long time but am soo happy that the horrid smell and taste of tobacco is not part of me anymore. And that my body can heal from all the pain that I have created by inhaling this poison for more than 25 years.

Thanks for listening.

:) Steph

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Hi Steph, congratulations on reaching 3 weeks :) that's brill :)

You sound really positive, which is great, I think that's half the battle,I'm glad Champix worked for you and got you on your smoke free journey :)

Good luck for the rest of the journey :)

Susan :)


Hey Steph, well done to you :-)

Champix is a great non-nicotine based therapy and has fantastic results. Some people find that they can be a bit strong and after speaking with their stop smoking advisor or GP, they have to lower the dose slightly. It may take a little time before it is completely out of your system.

You are doing the right thing in remaining positive and it sounds as though your hypnotherapy nightly sessions are working a treat :-)

If you find that you are beginning to struggle in anyway, let us know and I'm sure we'll come up with a few hints or tips for you, but it sounds as though you have all angles covered :-)

You're doing fab! :D


Hi Steph and very well done for getting part 3 weeks now. :)

It sounds like the Champix was the right choice for you apart from the side effects. Just be aware when you're around other smokers to not give in to the temptation - especially as your resolve may be lowered if you've had a couple of drinks at this time of year.

I say this because a friend of mine who gave up with Champix is now smoking again because she was working with a load of smokers and eventually it was "if you can't beat them, join them". I'm sure she'll try again next year cos she did have a persistent cough which cleared up once she'd quit but which has now returned.

Good luck and don't forget to let us know how you're doing cos I haven't heard of anybody using hypnotherapy's long term results. :)

Ps It would be good if you could add a tag to your blog for hypnotherapy and Champix for future reference, thanks. :)


Hi Steph well done with getting to 3 weeks :) this quit for me has been 5 weeks which I am very chuffed, don't be fooled into thinking one puff won't hurt like I did :( after 7 years quit I took a couple of drags from a friends ciggy, even said that it smelt and tasted disgusting but it just kept me wanting more after and eventually I bought a pack :( and that was it a smoker again, started we 2 or 3 a day and within no time I was smoking 20 a day :( You sound very motivated so good luck for the future :)


Aup Steph, great to see you on here pal :) :)

I think the gals have said most of it, but a massive well done to you for getting to 3 weeks quit, thats just great pal :) :)

I've never tried champix, i'm using the patches amd a mouth spray for the hard times :)

You keep strong and motivated now eh and good luck on your quit Steph :) :)

Pete :)


3 weeks is a triumph, you should be feeling a sense of freedom. Well Done. Really pleased for you.

Keep motivated and listening to hypnotherapy sounds a great idea, I read a self help book by Allen Carr and it worked for me back in February.

Pat on the back to you and enjoy being free from the fags :)


Thank you all. So much kindness on here.

It does feel good to think that I have managed 3 weeks without Tobacco.

Luckily I stopped (binge) drinking as well a few months prior so I won't be tempted by low will power due to booze consumption.

Alan Carr didn't work for me, though he makes perfect sense.

I was told that I am too mind-strong to be hypnotised or influenced in that way.

NRT didn't work for me either as it just prolongs the addiction to nicotine.

The hypno session I am using is downloaded from the internet and it's a general one. Not personalised and 38 minutes long. Just to hammer into my mind that I am a NONSMOKER at any given chance. I have listened to it so often by now that I can nearly speak every word of it by heart.

I do feel like life isn't as much fun as it was with drinking and smoking.

I have enjoyed smoking a lot plus it brought me emotionally closer to my dead father and my dead friend. Neither of them died of smoking related diseases but with both of them smoking and talking, was a great pleasure. So I have to remember other values within the relationship I had with them. Tricky psychological traps that my mind created over years and years... I have had sufficient counselling over the last year and all this has been discussed within my sessions. Grief has been with me for a long time and it made me disrespect myself, and that included smoking away without ever thinking about the consequences.

It has taken 11 years to work through the feelings of loss and self-hatred, and this year I have finally come through to the other side into a place where I actually WANT to live healthy and for as long as possible. I want to experience more of this wonderful life and not just escape into a cloud of smoke. Smoking is a choice of slow self-inflicted damage to one's health.....and I had enough.

I know, now, I have a much better chance to be around in better health for my 13 year-old son's future and will hopefully slow down the wrinklyness of my face as I can't recognise myself when looking in the mirror.

So I will keep it up and live forever... ;)

Sorry if my honesty is too much but truth is the only way forward for me.

Lots of love to everyone.

And thanks again for your motivational comments.


ps: I don't mind if you call me grumpy flump... :D


Hi Steph, not sure what you mean by "grumpy flump". :o It's great that you can be so honest on here. I'm sure it helps you if you can see it on the screen and sometimes things can pour out of you once you start writing. Now, about that wrinkly face ........ that was one of my reasons for giving up - I'm hoping they don't get too much worse but no way would I go under the knife and end up looking like those plastic people we see all the time on the tv. I think it's much better to look like me, warts (and wrinkles) and all! :| :D


Hi Steph,

I agree with Andi, you don't sound like a grumpy flump though I do like that name :) you are just being honest and saying how you feel.

It sounds like you have gone through a pretty tough time but you are sounding very positive now. I know what you mean when you say life doesn't seem as much fun now you have given up smoking and drinking. I feel the same about giving up smoking but I think it's just a matter of time until our minds get used to this big change in our lives, our bodies and minds need time to adapt and they will as long as we persevere and we are all here to help you do that.

It's good that you have found the hypnosis works for you and not only for smoking but I'm sure it gives you a time in the day when you can let everything go and just relax for a while which has to be good.

You are doing brilliantly, not smoking for 3 weeks and with your great attitude you will continue doing brilliantly.

And if you are feeling like a grumpy flump then you come and chat with us, I don't think you will feel grumpy for long :) Team Smoke Free to the rescue =============> that's us :)

xxx :)


Hey Steph,

you are now into your 4th week which is absolutely brilliant :D

With regards to feeling like life isn't as much fun as it was with drinking and smoking, this will 'right' itself soon enough. See this feeling as another way that those cravings are trying to slyly sneak their way in and get you back onto smoking again.

You are doing absolutely fantastic, keep up the good efforts and stay strong :D


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