9 weeks today

I can't believe i have been smoke free for 9 whole weeks ! i am so proud, i really really want to do this now (considering I did'nt want to initially) i've recently invested in an e-cig and it's fabulous (blueberry flavour) I use it when I really feel the urge to smoke IT'S FANTASTIC, putting that something back, in the something I was missing if you get my point. Hope others keep free of the evil weed - today i'm a happy 9 week non-smoker :-) ps last visit to non-smoking nurse tomorrow

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  • Very BIG well done. 9wks is fantastic. You should be proud of yourself .


  • Thanks jilly - i really can't believe it and those that know me can't believe it either x :-) thanks

  • That is brilliant news :-) Well done to you!

    Can you remember what your carbon monoxide reading was when you first visited your stop smoking advisor? Ask if you can have your reading taken tomorrow and I'll be you that it is below 6 :-)

    Keep up the good efforts but be sure to be ready for those sneaky little cravings waiting to pounce when they think you are least expecting them!

    You're a true winner :-)

  • Thank you :-) my first ever reading was 42 (carbon monoxide), which surprised me (although high) I thought it would be much higher. Honestly I smoked like a trouper never had one out of my hand!! and if one wasnt in my hand I was thinking about one! however every week since not smoking my levels have read 2 - I saw the non smoking nurse for the last time yesterday - I feel positive but am well aware of the evil weed trying to coax me back - but i've told him OUR RELATIONSHIP IS OVER!! lol - thanks for your kind words of support and all the other lovely people on here (really helps) :-) x

  • Marion,You star :-) :-) that is excellent :-) :-) :D :D :-) :-) Woo Hoo you go girl:-) :-) :-) :-) So very happy for you :-) :-)

    Sue xx

  • Thank you :-)

  • Well done to you. Great achievement.

  • thank you :-)

  • Your a week and a bit ahead of me so I'm going to use you as my bench mark. Well done

  • Now i'm definately going to have to stay quit ! lol good luck and thank you for your comment :-)

  • Well done you :0)

  • thank you :-)

  • Well done, keep it up. I am at 4 months now. Sitting here chewing on a lolly stick (the lollypop went ages ago)

  • Wow 4 months fantastic hopefully I will soon be saying that :-)

  • Aup Marion :)

    A massive well done to you gal, whoopy flippin doopy :) :) :)

    You hold your head up high gal, and feel proud of yourself :) cos I tell you, we are all proud of you :) :)

    You stay positive and keep focused eh, cos your getting nearer and nearer to becoming an '' ex smoker '' :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Big thank you :-)

  • Crikey 9 weeks! That's brilliant, I am just at the start, but 9 weeks is not so far away really. I hope to be posting the same thing soon. :)

  • Extra good wishes you can do it ! :-)

  • Fantastic, well done.

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