4 weeks today!

Can't believe it 4 whole weeks of not smoking, I'm feeling really good today, still flippin craving but had my brother and a friend round for food last night, they both smoke, told them they must carry on as normal, and I was ok, we went to the pub afterwards and I was fine when they smoked I used the inhalator, have just dropped friend off at airport and let him smoke in the car and I was ok. This is good because I don't want to alienate my friends and family because they do smoke nor do I want them to feel uncomfortable. I feel this is my business not theirs so feeling quite strong today despite everything. Well done to those of you who had a bad day yesterday and kept on trucking despite everything. Some great people on here. :)

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  • That's really good and I know what u mean about not wanting to be one of those smug ex smokers who are always preaching BUT, second hand smoke is really bad for you especially in a confined space like a car.

  • I know but is is a one off he has gone back to Ireland now. Probably wouldn't ordinarily but was scared of flying, oh damn just realised that if I flew that would be huge trigger because I am terrified and used to get through about ten cigarettes outside the airport. Grrrr sometimes seems there is no end to this flippin addiction. Hee hee after writing that earlier I have just had to physically drag myself out of the Coop to stop myself buying any!

  • Aww, it does make a difference though now they've put them behind closed doors. Other times when I've stopped smoking I would walk past the cig counter gazing longingly but now there's nothing to see so that helps.

  • :) True.

  • Hi Friez, 4 weeks is just brilliant, well done, you are a star. :)


    I totally agree that there's nothing worse than a "holier-than-thou" ex-smoker and I will never be one of those. My smoking friends go outside automatically when they come here now. One of my friends did smoke in the early days and I found that it stank here for ages after. Makes me think what was it like for other people when I smoked in their places. :o Keep up the good work. :)

  • Thanks Andi. :)

  • I only ever smoked in our yard as hubby has never smoked. It wasn't'till I stopped that I realised how much our back bedroom really smelled as the smoke must have drifted up.I agree, nothing worse than a holier than thou I hope I'll never be like that but you have to agree that the smell of stale smoke is pretty horrible.HUGE congrats Frieze on 4weeks, you've come too far to go back now.The government now officially class you as a non smoker!! How cool is that.

  • Hi Yellowsnowdrop thanks for that, yes I've had my coats on the washing line at every opportunity as I now realise how much they smell, I always knew they did but never experienced it if you know what I mean. I really needed these comments today the government might have a category for me but I don't think I'm fitting in the box yet, still thinking and feeling like a smoker at present, I'm hoping this will change with time. Two changes I have noticed this week, I am now taking my early morning cuppa up to bed with me rather than sitting at the back door having my early morning 3 cigarettes! (Shame) also Aldi sell some uber strong mints in little boxes not a million miles away from the Niquitin minis, I have managed to fob myself off a couple of times by putting these in my mouth first thing rather than the Niquitins. All very experimental right now but will see how that progresses. Thanks xx

  • Well done Friez on completing 4 weeks! You must be feeling amazing with your improved health, lung capacity and lots of energy! WOW that's great. I'm only 4 days in and I can't wait to be 4 weeks in! Fantastic that you abstained whilst your brother and friend smoked and also whilst you were down the pub. Doesn't matter that you might have been tempted to buy some after but fact is you resisted, you didn't and you are still a non smoker, you should be proud of yourself.

    Andi I agree with you. I hope I don't become one of those berating ex smokers as I used to hate them when I smoked. My boyfriend still smokes but that's his choice. We all know the damage it does to us and he is no different. I guess he will stop when he feels ready to. For me I have wanted to stop for a long time and it's fine if I quit on my own. I've got a lot of support from other people including this website which is just fantastic!

    Also I have found I'm starting to go off the smell of it. My boyfriend was smoking and came to kiss me afterwards and I found it very off putting. It also made me think of how I used to smell when I smoked....

  • you are a courageous warrior--I commend you--keep going---fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

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